Sri Lankan Buddhists In Their Zeal To Denigrate All Other Religions Will Say The Cutest Things.

by Anura Guruge

I got this in an e-mail this morning.


Click to ENLARGE and have a chuckle over.

Made my day.

Yes, yes, yes. Of course we had the World’s worst elected Female Prime Minister (my Aunty Bandaranaike). But this was classic.

The IRONY of “Pope Joan” would be lost on this writer — who, if you hadn’t guessed, is a female.

I guess she has NO IDEA, though 6% of the population is actually Catholic (and we do have a genuine, under-80 Cardinal), that the Catholic Church has no female ministers.

Of late I have started to blame my now deceased adopted father for much of this. No wonder he was so anxious to pluck me out, from the education system he advocated, to get a ‘better’ education in the West. Another irony.

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by Anura Guruge

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