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Sigmund Freud, Who Gave Us ‘Freudian’, Died This Day 78-Years Ago, In London — On September 23, 1939.

by Anura Guruge

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By today’s standard’s pretty dramatic and catholic statement to make.

As some of YOU may recall it was Sigmund’s birthday on May 6 and I did a post to commemorate that. I covered many of the salient ‘facts’ there — the most personal of those being that I went to school with his grandson, that having been in London, which is where Freud did die.

So, this is essentially to mark the date. 78-years ago.

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by Anura Guruge

Appears That Some Buddhists In Sri Lanka Are Eager To Emulate What Happened In Myanmar (Née Burma).

by Anura Guruge

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From “Green LeftClick for original.

From Facebook.

From Facebook.

I have been warning you about this for years. One examples (and click image to access the post on this blog):

I really HOPE I am dead wrong on this!

I am just going by what little I have seen on Facebook over the last 72-hours (and all of it has been in Sinhalese) and my general knowledge of where so many Sri Lankan Buddhists stand on this.

This would be a grave humanitarian crisis and another blot in Sri Lanka’s copybook.

What would really make a refugee crisis dire is that Sri Lanka — unlike Myanmar — is an Island. The only way to flee the country is across water. Thinks small boats …

Not good.

The intolerance by the Buddhists makes me sad. Growing up in Ceylon (the prior name of Sri Lanka) we prided ourselves of being a extremely tolerant multireligious, multiethnic society. Not so any more.

So, I am hoping that my fears will be unfounded.

So, I have given some of YOU a heads up. Of course I will keep you posted.

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by Anura Guruge

The Dalai Lama Should Go On A Hunger Strike To End Refugee Crisis In Myanmar (Née Burma).

by Anura Guruge

Click to access BBC coverage from today.

Click to access “Huff Post” coverage from yesterday.

Click to access CNN coverage from yesterday.

‘We’ all know that this crisis was architected and engineered by Burma’s hardline Buddhists. This has been coming to a head for years.

I have been warning you about this for years. Just two examples (and click image to access the post on this blog):

** ** ** ** **

Well it is time for the Dalai Lama to ACT. Words, especially from him, are cheap and mundane.

Mahatma Gandhi would have gone on a hunger strikes, without hesitation, demanding a STOP to the violence. And it would work.

It is about time the Dalai Lama stopped raking in his celebrity money and did something constructive to shape/help Buddhism — given that he has the Western World hoodwinked that he represents Buddhists. So, come on Dalai Lama. Be a MAN.

[Yes, there is a very good reason he would NOT dare go on a hunger strike for this cause or any other. He is NO Mahatma Gandhi. ‘They’ would just let him die!]

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by Anura Guruge

Errors In ‘The Next Pope’ by Peter Hebblethwaite.

by Anura Guruge

<<  <<  Transferring over from my “Popes and Papacy” Website  >> >>

‘The Next Pope’ by Peter Hebblethwaite

(revised and edited by Margaret Hebblethwaite)
 ISBN: 0-06-063777-3, 2000

Page 4: “Moreover, conclaves did not happen in the Sistine Chapel until after the collapse of the Papal States in 1870.”

Ah! I have tried to parse that statements all which ways until Christmas to see if I was missing something here. But, I am sure it says what it says!

Yes, the 1846, 1831, 1829 & 1823 conclaves were held at the Quirinal Palace and the 1800 conclave in Venice.  But the prior 38 conclaves, going back to 1484, were centered around the Sistine. During the first twelve of these, 1484 to 1559, all the cardinals were even billeted inside the Sistine. Thus, in my opinion, that statement is dead wrong.

Page 27: “In the first millennium, popes did not emerge from the college of cardinals, since the cardinals in the modern sense did not exist.”

Ah! Well YOU could play games with the caveat ‘modern sense,’ and say that the ‘College’ didn’t come to be until 1148-1150. But even with that, the spirit of this sentence is SO WRONG. Let us just refer to the 769 Roman Synod convened by Stephen III (IV) and its stipulation that popes must be elected from among cardinal priests and cardinal deacons.

Page 165: “… William Wakefield Baum …, he is the only U.S. cardinal to have ever voted in a conclave — in fact two — having become a cardinal in 1976.”

That ‘ever’ in front of ‘voted’ makes this statement false as it stands. If the caveat ‘living’ is added after the ‘only’ this would work (given that this book was published in 2000). The way it reads is misleading and wrong. James Gibbons voted in the 1903 conclave. John Murphy Farley voted in the 1914 conclave etc. Eight US cardinals participated in the August 1978 conclave and nine in the October 1978 conclave. This should have been caught by an editor. But maybe this book was not edited. That would explain all these fundamental errors.

Page 139: “And after all, the pope lives in Italy …”

This is is post-1929. The pope lives in the sovereign city-state of Vatican City — with even Castel Gandolfo falling within the extraterritorial bounds of the Vatican City. This was obviously meant to be a ‘cute’ statement, but it is inappropriate, misleading and worst of all, wrong.

Page 57: Talking about the voting process says “… the whole process is repeated …”

Not so. The second ballot of each morning and afternoon session is different from the first. For a start there is no need to elect new Scrutineers, Infirmarii and Revisers, or to take a new oath.

Page 32: There is a poem here by the Polish poet Juliusz Slowacki, prefaced by a claim that it forecasts that there would be a Slavic pope [i.e., John Paul II] in the 20th century.

I think it is more than a stretch to make that claim. It sure says, in the first line “… will not — Italian-like — take fright.” Yes, the poet was Polish. But that doesn’t mean that any non-Italian has to be Slavic. This one is not as grave as the prior two, but it still gave me pause. 

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by Anura Guruge

Following Cardinal Caffarra’s Death Today, Cardinal Electors Down To The Legit 120.

by Anura Guruge

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Click to access the original at the “National Catholic Reporter” (NCR).

Following Pope Francis’ very unusual cardinal creating consistory of June 28, 2017, where he created 5 new Cardinal Electors, there were 121 Cardinal Electors.

That was one more that the 120 Cardinal Electors currently permitted by Papal Decree from participating in a conclave.

I have always been against pope’s exceeding this 121 limit for a very good reason. It would create an unprecedented situation if a conclave had to be held unexpectedly (following a sudden death) and before the deceased pope got around to doing something about increasing the 120 limit.

What was real strange about this 121 figure was that there were NO upcoming 80th birthdays until February 3, 2018. That meant we would have gone for an unprecedented (again) 220 days (i.e., 7 months) with the cardinal elector level above 120 — UNLESS a cardinal, under 80-years of age, were to die. And I am always careful to specify that — i.e., barring deaths. I had wondered if there were any under-80 cardinals who were known to be on their last legs. There appeared not to be any.

And then, 70-days after the consistory, 79-year old Italian Cardinal, Carlo Caffarra dies. All the reports say SUDDENLY — but they also add that “after a long illness“. So, what is the story. Did Francis know that Caffarra would die within 90-days? The pope, in theory, does have some very good contacts high up.

Ironically, Caffarra was one of 4 of his MOST ARDENT critics. But another died in July 2017 and now Caffarra. So, 2 of the 4 have died! Coincidence? {Smile}

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by Anura Guruge

Fats In Diet Is GOOD, Carbs Are Bad — YES, YES, YES, Per ‘The Lancet’ No Less!

by Anura Guruge

Click above image to ENLARGE and read here.

Click here to access the original August 29, 2017 “The Lancet” article.

Click here to read the original U.K. “Daily Mail” article that says it all in LAY terms.

Yes, yes, yes. This is MY DIET of the last 4.5 years. Low carb, HIGH in fat. Yes, of course, I am going to die but I will die in style.

Makes sense to me. I knew that fats had protective properties.

So, take note.

“The Lancet” can’t be scoffed at. Probably still THE premier medical journal in the World.

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by Anura Guruge

Buddhist Monks Behaving Badly — So Funny.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Click image to access the U.K. “Daily Mail” original with VIDEO. Must watch.

Totally cracked me up when I saw this this morning during my daily, religious scan through the online version of the U.K. “Daily Mail“, my favorite newspaper all my adult life.

You have to watch the video. It will crack you up.

It, to be honest, is CUTE.

They are KIDS. Just because they wear robes doesn’t mean that they are any different to other boys their age.

I actually had to check to see whether they were violating any of the 10 Daily Precepts that Buddhist monks are supposed to observe. I guess fighting gets covered by precept #9 that deals with harboring ill will.

Growing up in Ceylon, I knew a LOT of young Buddhist monks who were only a few years older than me. A few of these renounced their robes when they got older and couldn’t resist female temptation.

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by Anura Guruge

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