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Making Elephants Worship The Buddha Is So Very Juvenile — And So Very Sri Lankan!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. Saw it on my Facebook timeline today. It makes me very angry and sad.

Click to access my earlier post.

This upsets me, greatly. Elephants do NOT worship the Buddha, any other gods or anybody for that matter. Elephants do NOT worship.

Do NOT foist religion on elephants or any other animal.

Dogs do not go to heaven, and elephants have NO notion of religion.

Yes, Sri Lankan Buddhists think this is so special and noble. They are too shallow to appreciate that it makes them look … Well, how can I say it politely.

Elephants deserve better.

To be FAIR, Sri Lankan elephants are, by and large, well treated. They are taught to kneel. So, they will kneel.

This is so juvenile. I wish they would grow up.

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by Anura Guruge


It Will Be DECADES Before Pope Francis’ Updated “Lord’s Prayer” Makes It Into English.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the U.K. ‘The Sun’ original.

The U.K. Catholic Church is NOT defying the pope or Rome. They would never do that. To much to lose, especially in ‘Church of England‘ U.K.

They are just exploiting a VALID technicality.

The official prayers for all languages are contained in a Vatican-approved, language-specific missal.

The NEW Lord’s Prayer, as yet, will ONLY appear in the Italian missal. That, obviously, is not what is used in the U.K.

It takes years, if not decades, for the vernacular versions to be translated (from the Latin) and approved by the Vatican. Hence, why there will be a long, long delay before English speaking Catholics will have to re-learn the Lord’s Prayer.

But, rest assured, the pope has the right & authority to change the Lord’s Prayer.

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by Anura Guruge

Pope Francis Gives INTO Temptation And Changes The “Lord’s Prayer”!

by Anura Guruge

Click for U.K. “Express” original.

I wrote about this in December 2018.


Click to ENLARGE and read. From:

HUGE change, but it will not be instantaneous.

It will first appear in the Italian Missal — which has yet to be published.

It will then take years before it percolates into the other Missals — especially English.

What is bothering many is that the Pope’s change will ONLY apply to the Catholic version. So, we will now have two versions of the Lord’s Prayer; the Catholic version and the non-Catholic version.

What fun.

However, as I said in my December 2018 post, I do AGREE with the pope (for a rare change).

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by Anura Guruge

Jailed Cardinal George Pell’s Appeal Re. Child Abuse Is Taking Place In Australia Right NOW.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access Australia with video updates.

Click image to access this post.

George Pell (b. 1941, 77-years old) was convicted of ‘sodomy’
in December 2018.

He was given a 6-year prison sentence.

He has been serving that sentence since at least February 2019 (if not earlier).

This was an APPEAL, for having conviction completely overturned, that was filed earlier this year.

If he wins this appeal he will be released from prison.

If he loses he will have to finish his 6-year sentence. He will not be asking for it to be reduced.

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by Anura Guruge

“Twin Reincarnation” In 1950s England Has Me Intrigued As To Buddhist Explanation.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. In May 2019 issue of “Reader’s Digest”.

Click to ENLARGE.

Click image to access posts.

Reincarnation is one of my favorite and enduring hobby-horses. That is mainly because reincarnation defined my early life. I was accidentally adopted by an extremely devout and activist Buddhist family. My early life revolved, endlessly, around Buddhism. There would not be a day in my life when I could escape Buddhism or active interaction with Buddhist monks. I would be at a Buddhist temple most days of the week. Reincarnation was the end-all and be-all of the Buddhism I was inculcated in. Buddhism was reincarnation. We lived to be reincarnated.

Then I left Ceylon. Was sent off to boarding school and then university by my adoptive parents. I finally got space and time to do my own thing. I started thinking about religions, Buddhism and reincarnation — much of it through a heady haze of unbridled sexual liberation.

I realized that, despite having seen, first hand, so called irrefutable proofs of reincarnation, I could not reconcile the science of reincarnation. I had too many questions that had no logical answers. See this post … for a start.

I eventually realized that I could NOT believe in reincarnation.

Then, since my Buddhism was all reincarnation I realized that I could also no longer be a Buddhist. This was in my early 20s.

Buddhism had been my religion.

When I stopped being a Buddhist I stopped believing in ALL religions.

But, the belief in reincarnation still intrigues I.

So, this article about ‘Twin Reincarnations‘ in England, in the May 2019 of “Reader’s Digest” had me transfixed.

Got me thinking, which is not hard to do.

What would be the Buddhist explanation to a Twin Reincarnation.

Statistics dictates that twins even triplets (and more) must be born to Buddhists — even identical twins and triplets.

Even if identical twins would not have the same fate ahead of them — we could even call it Karma. Though identical twins they would have separate lives — each contingent on the merits they acquired in their previous lives. So, why have twins in Buddhist families?

The HUGELY MAGICAL ‘system’ that implements Buddhist reincarnation doesn’t need to deal in twins. Twins are not important to Buddhist reincarnation. So, why have them.

Something to think about.

This “Unsolved Mysteries” article in RD, commissioned by RD, is pretty excellent. I was only familiar with one case — the airline hijacker that vanished. If you can try and get your hands on this article.

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by Anura Guruge

1559 Sede Vacante Coin Recently Acquired By My Friend ‘Mark T.’

by Anura Guruge

Those that are familiar with my papal posts no doubt remember ‘Mark T.‘ (from the Mason-Dixon line vicinity) — a Federal Employee who is both an expert on matters papal and an avid collector of papal coins. Over the years I have published quite a few pictures of his amazing and beautiful coins.
This is one of his recent acquisitions and I have not dared ask how much it cost.
It is from 1559 — and it is a sede vacante (vacant see (in this case the Apostolic See of Rome)) coin. Such coins are issued by the Camerlengo (acting chief executive of the church in the absence of a pope) during the gap (i.e., vacancy) between the end of one papacy and the start of the next.
The 1559 sede vacante was between the papacies of Paul IV (#224, elected 1555) and his successor Pius IV. It was a relatively lengthy 4-month vacancy from August 18 to December 25, 1559. Yes, Pius IV was elected on Christmas.
The Camerlengo at this sede vacante was Guido Ascanio Cardinal Sforza (1518 — 1564) — the grandson of Paul III (#221, elected 1534). He was created a cardinal, aged 16, by his grandfather — as was normal for the time. He was appointed Camerlengo, yet again by his grandfather, in 1537 — when he was but 19-years old! He would go onto preside over four sede vacantes, 1559 his last.
The obverse side of this coin shows his coat of arms (per his prerogative as the Camerlengo) along with the notation SEDE VACANTE 1559.
The reverse side shows St. Peter standing with his keys keys along with the notation: S•PETRVS•©•ALMA•ROMA — where ‘Alma Roma’ refers to the ‘New Rome’ (under Christianity).This coin was minted in Rome.

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by Anura Guruge

Pope Francis May Be Guilty Of Heresy, But Who On Earth Is Going To Depose Him?

by Anura Guruge

Click image for the ‘Daily Caller’ article. Google ‘Francis heresy’ for more coverage.

How Donald Trump must wish he was the Pope. No Congress to hound him or a special counsel to bug him. Total and utter autocratic power on Earth.

So, Pope Francis may have committed heresy, a papal equivalent of ‘obstructing justice’, but who on Earth is going to depose the pope? And he, as headstrong as any dumb Argentinian bull will only resign when he wants to — not because there was a public outcry.

Yes, way back a number of popes (and quite a few anti-popes) were deposed, legitimately or otherwise; e.g. John XII in 964 and Gregory VII in 1080. But, both those deposings were conducted by a powerful Emperor in cahoots with a synod. These days we don’t have such powerful European emperors or synods capable of doing anything without papal approval.

So, we can forget Pope Francis getting deposed.

So, he can continue indulging in heresy.

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by Anura Guruge

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