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February 2016 — with a Panasonic in my hands.

It might just be easier and quicker to check out my main Webpage: It is not as rambling as this and has more pictures.

In this the penultimate chapter of my life, possibly even my last, I, having turned 60 on September 4, 2013, am in essence a full-time, totally driven, writer-at-will — and have been so since around 2010. I can’t claim to be retired because the time I spend in front of a computer, to the continued chagrin of the wife, Deanna, has not changed from when I used to work like a ‘crazy person’. The difference is I don’t do as much work for hire as I used to. That is not to say that I don’t, it just means that I am even more selective and touchy than I ever was — and I was always fussy. I prefer to write about what I want, and pay the bills ‘playing’ the stock market (and my SSA pension as of 2015) — compulsive option trading my other addiction next to that of compulsive writing.

In addition to this, which I consider my Primary Blog, I have (at least) 35 more! You can see some of them on the sidebar (or if you on a mobile at the bottom of this page). Nearly all of them are now quiesced though I will occasionally update the papam (College of Cardinal), orgasms and camera blogs. Quite a few of these blogs, ‘Popes and Papacy‘ in particular and the Windows 7 (which I haven’t touched in 6 years), continue to get lots of traffic — as does, of course, the orgasms blog. Hence, every day, without fail, on average, I get over 1,500 views across all my blogs — some days much more, this blog alone capable of attracting thousand or more hits in a day IF I pick the right topic to blog.

After nearly 40 years in high-tech I now prefer to dabble in other fields though I still keep an eye on IBM. So, at last, my book output has picked up, though the publishing of nine books in 2013 was unexpected. Since 2008 the books have been mainly about popes or astronomy but that is due to change. The book about orgasms was a lot of fun and I am so glad I wrote it. I, however, start most days, after my run, with a couple hours of blogging — and doing so about anything and everything under the sun that catches my fancy. Since mid-2015 I have started to again, after an intentional 25 year hiatus because I knew it would take up too much of my time, take a lot of photographs, on a daily basis, and become camera crazy — albeit for very specific mirrorless cameras. Also as of 2015 British cars have entered my life.

My biggest problem in life is that I have too many interests that I want to actively research and write about: popes, astronomy, the brain, time, calendars, orgasms (yes you read that right) and Buddhism. In addition I also have a keen interest in: cricket, classic British cars, standup paddle boards, politics, mirrorless cameras, the stock market, Golden Retrievers, Indian elephants and big cats. What I say on the back cover of my latest books is: “He has a Master’s in computer science, three daughters, one son, one Golden, one Harrier and three ol’ British cars”. I might as well include the rest of what appeared on the back cover of my last book. It went: Anura Gurugé was born in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in 1953. He, however, came of age in Britain, after yearlong stays in Buffalo (U.S.) and Paris. Though he has lived in the U.S., the second time around since 1985, mainly in New Hampshire, he is very much a ‘Brit’ at heart, cricket an abiding passion. He started computer programming in 1969, and went to work for IBM when he was twenty. Over the years he also worked for the likes of ITT, Wang and BBN, and was, for two decades, a leading authority on IBM networking. Writing, however, has been a consuming pastime since the early 1980s. His first book was published in 1984. Four further books on technology as well as over 350 technical publications followed. Around 2006, with IBM networking an oxymoron, he turned his attention to papal history, art and astronomy”.

If you are really curious, you can check out my Web site: or do a ‘Google’ on my name. I was ‘Mr. SNA‘, ‘SNA’ a now defunct IBM networking technology, for two decades and dabbled in the workings of IBM mainframes at the bit and byte level. I was also Mr. Next Pope, especially in 2013, having correctly identified in print, in my ‘The Next Pope 2011‘, the new pope, Pope Francis (albeit by his pre-pope name, viz. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, by name). The only person to have done so in print — 2 years ahead of the conclave.

I am the author of 24 books (4 just in Kindle ebook form): 10 on popes (3 of them Kindle editions), 5 on technology, 6 on astronomy one on orgasms and 2 children’s books. My name appears on the cover of a few more as a joint author or editor. I am working on my 25th, a ‘self help book’ and have two more, already started, in the wings.

You can contact me at:

Thank you.

All his books are available from Amazon
[U.S., U.K., Canada, Italy et. al.]

Look Inside available on all.


All books (bar 4) are available in paperback and eBook form,
with the exception of “Popes and the Tales of Their Names” which is only available as a paperback.

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