“Brain Meditation”: The Purest Form Of Meditation — My Latest Initiative.

by Anura Guruge

If you are even vaguely familiar with whom I am you may know that over the years I have, at various times, been an acknowledged expert on IBM networking, popes, comets and orgasms. I have also written books on all those topics (as well as about dwarf planets and asteroids). That I was able to master these diverse topics, without undue difficulty, had to do with a technique I started to practice over 40 years ago.

It all has to do with the relationship I have with my brain — rather than anything to do with ‘intelligence’. I do not consider myself an intellect. I have dealt with, worked with and lived with folks that were so much cleverer than I that I know the difference. So this technique is about cleverness. It is about getting the best of the IQ you already have. It is about getting the best from your brain. It is about creating a ONENESS between you and your brain.

About 3 years ago my son, the entrepreneur, suggested that I should document my technique. At that juncture I used to call it “Befriending Your Brain“. It is actually a VERY EASY technique to master and practice (which is why I was so successful with it). You do not have to devote any dedicated time in order to “do it”. It is all done, on-the-fly, in “timeshare” mode — while you do other things, like brushing your teeth, driving to work, ‘relieving yourself’, taking a walk.

Anywho, when I started writing the book — which is now finished — I realized that what I actually have is a meditation technique, a very powerful one at that. Brain Meditation. So let me please give you an initial preview.

Click on the images below to ENLARGE and stare at here.





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by Anura Guruge

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One response to ““Brain Meditation”: The Purest Form Of Meditation — My Latest Initiative.”

  1. constance lowery says :

    Will give it much thought.

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