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WATCH HBO ‘McMillions’ (2020) Miniseries — Very Compelling, Extremely Well Produced.

by Anura Guruge

Click for Amazon Prime listing.

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Watch the trailer on YouTube.


I can’t tell you how well this has been put together. Bloody brilliant. I am in awe.

Brand new. This has to set the bar for future documentaries of this genre. Not sure how they got all these people to talk.

Did NOT know this ‘story’. Quite the story.

Very watchable. I have really enjoyed it. They had me hooked 5-minutes into it.

Yes, I recommend it — highly.

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by Anura Guruge


WATCH HBO ‘Chernobyl’ (2019) Miniseries — To Recognize The Dangers Of A ‘State’ That Lies.

by Anura Guruge

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Watch the trailer on YouTube.

I, of course, had heard it was good. But, I had no idea that it was this good. A trusted friend told me to watch it last week. I listen to him. He is very smart. I am glad I did.


Of course, I knew the basic parameters of the story. Like many of you, I too lived through it — but from afar.

Interesting miniseries.

Though couched as a drama, which, of course, it is — what it really is, is a MORAL TALE.

It sets out to show the dangers of a State (in this case the Soviet Union) that lies.

It has some GREAT lines about the true cost of lying.

One of them, paraphrase because I didn’t get it all is along the lines of: ‘Every lie incurs a debt of truth, and that debt has to be repaid some day‘! WOW.

Great story for NOW — with the COVID-19 upon us.

I watched all 5 episodes in 2.5-days — it is that good (and it isn’t like I spend much time watching TV). What this, however, means is that you can watch it all, easily, on a 7-day HBO FREE trial. SMILE. I did so via Amazon Prime.

But, please try and watch it.

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by Anura Guruge


My ‘Google Pixel 4’ Now Has The ‘Android 10’, March 5, 2020 Update — Two-Days Early.

by Anura Guruge

Kind of cool to have a ‘March 5’ update already installed on March 3rd.

But, I do have a Google Pixel 4 and I am led to believe that Pixel 4 owners get first dibs — as it SHOULD be. SMILE.

I had read about the March ‘feature drop’ for Pixel 4s as of the weekend. I didn’t need any of the new features, BUT I like having the latest update, if nothing else for all the bug fixes and behind the scene refinements.

I checked for the update yesterday; Monday, March 2nd. Nada.

Checked this afternoon around 4pm. Bingo.

Haven’t used the phone (really) since the update. So, I can’t tell if everything is still copacetic. I assume and hope so.

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by Anura Guruge

IRS ‘Free File Fillable Forms’ For 2020 (2019 Tax Year) Has A (Small) Error In ‘Schedule D’.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE images.

Do NOT panic.

It is NOT a showstopper.

It does not mess you up.

It prints OK.

So, the issue is that YOU put in $3000 and it AUTOMATICALLY puts the MINUS in front, though it is a field in ‘parenthesis’, i.e., already negative. So, we have a DOUBLE negative.

But, this error isn’t carried over to the 1040. That is good.

Also prints OK.

So do NOT panic.

Enjoy. Happy 2019 Taxes. Smile.

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by Anura Guruge

‘Brewster Academy’ Performance Of ‘Mama Mia!’ Was Stupendously Brilliant — A True Tour de Force.

by Anura Guruge

Click pictures to ENLARGE.

Attribution WILL be enforced.

Guinevere Hilton (Director) & Andy Campbell (Musical Director)

What an absolutely brilliant, stupendous show & performance. These gifted & dedicated kids didn’t just hit it out of the park — they hot it well across the ‘Bay’ (and for that know the geography, they hit it all the way across to Alton).

Wow. The perfect tonic for a very cold, mid-February night. Thank YOU, Brewster Academy. You again confirmed that you folks rock. That Brewster has the Midas touch.

We had been to Brewster’s production of ‘Fiddler on the Roof‘ in 2016 & ‘Grease‘ in 2015. That was brilliant too and I raved about it (as was only due). So, we went with high expectations and this performance way, way exceeded expectations.

Made my week. Thank YOU.

It was created by the hugely talented husband-and-wife team of Guinevere Hilton & Andy Campbell. They never put a foot wrong. I have known Andy Campbell since 2012 when Devanee (then 12) started signing for ‘Clearlakes Chorale‘ where Andy (again) is the Musical Director. Since I attended the weekly rehersals I got to see Andy, at work, at close quarters. Andy creates magic. Hugely talented. So, with Andy & Guinevere together the kids had a great head start. Nonetheless, the kids did so exceptionally well.

The two female leads, Alison Ansorg (as Sophie) and Mary James (as Donna) were mind-blowingly good. To be fair, they were all good, but these two young ladies had a lot of songs to lead and they did a great job.

I have seen so many Broadway (& London) shows that I can’t (in my old age) remember whether I have seen ‘Mama Mia!’ on Broadway. We know that we have met ONE genuine member of Abba. Yep. At ‘Meadowbrook’ — in the days when we had contacts there and they arranged it when they heard that Deanna was a huge fan. That, actually is beside, the point. These kids (and some adults) are not professionals and they are not Abba. That mattered nowt. They did great.

I was SO happy. It was wonderful.


Thank you Brewster. I just wish more folks had braved the chilling weather to attend. It was a fair crowd (for the 7pm show) but it wasn’t totally full — and it should have been.

Thank YOU, Guinevere & Andy. You two are the BEST.

Thank YOU, Abba. I had forgotten how great you were. SMILE.

Click to access my post.

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by Anura Guruge


‘Preferred Warranties Inc’ (PWI) Delivered, In Full, On Their Promise To Pay For Car Repairs. I Am Delighted.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and savor. Their Website:

Click here to access the PWI Website @ 

Click to ENLARGE. The check.

They paid, per their promise — less the $100 deductible.

The check came within ‘the week’ of us filing in the paperwork.

They provided towing, as promised.

That is all I was expecting. And they lived up to my expectations.

When I bought the 2008 Ford Taurus from Heath England (the proprietor) at ‘Autofinders‘ (in Laconia, NH) it came with 3-months of ‘Preferred Warranties Inc‘ (PWI) coverage. Heath, from what I know, typically includes that with most of his cars. I liked Heath and I got talking to him while my 18-year old daughter test drove the Taurus — though the car wasn’t for her.

Heath assured me that PWI actually delivers. I, a professional cynic, was skeptical. But, he was adamant. Said that it was one of the few warranties that truly worked. I asked him to give me some local garages that accept PWI. He wrote down two names. I asked him IF I could get additional coverage — beyond 3-months. He said ‘Of course, but it will cost ya‘. Well, I was born a long time ago. I ended up agreeing on a 2-year warranty and Heath nominally deducted the 3-months that was previously included. It was NOT cheap. It cost me over $800.

But, I believe in insurance. I understand insurance. I know how insurance works. You buy insurance for the peace of mind. To cover costs in EXCESS of what you are willing to tackle.

[All that said above, I do NOT have life insurance on myself or anybody else. Never bought a life policy. Never will. SMILE. But, car/property/health insurance is different.]

Well, I (and to an extent Heath) lucked out on that Taurus. One full year with NO issues — though it has to be noted that we put a grand total of “3,800” miles on it!

Then pretty close to its one-year anniversary the brakes went. We were just on our way to Maine, though we were only taking the Taurus as far as the kennels where we board the dogs.

When we got back we took the Taurus to a new mechanic in Rochester — that came recommended from the dog kennels.

But, prior to taking it in we called and filed a CLAIM. They immediately stepped up with towing. That was nice. We didn’t need it. We pay top dollar for AAA ‘Premier’. Remember, I said I believe in insurance. But, we used their towing — which was prompt and good enough. [We wanted to give AAA a break. They have their hands full towing my Jags. SMILE.]

The mechanic did call PWI and give them his costs etc. But, he wasn’t willing to deal with them. He wanted to be paid by us, in full, by check. We kind of suspected that too.

We paid. Got the bill, from the mechanic, stating that we paid and then sent that to PWI via e-mail.

I called a few days later to check on the status. They said the check had already been cut!

The check came today. I am delighted.

Now there are those that will argue that I am still $500 in the hole. I do NOT see it like that.

For a start there is still 11-months left on the warranty. We might need other work. Plus, this ‘job’ could have been more expensive. That is why I have insurance.

So, Heath England was right. PWI does deliver and for the record so does Heath. SMILE. You can call him at 603-527-0055.

Bottom line here. I am telling you that PWI delivered — at least in this instance.

Click to ENLARGE. Their paperwork.

Click to access my original ‘Autofinders’ post from a year ago.

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by Anura Guruge

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