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Eversource, Metrocast & TDS Did ‘Good’ After The Storm — Do NOT Ask For Reimbursement.

by Anura Guruge

This is what they had to contend with.

This is how they fixed it.

Yes, they had crews and trucks from South Carolina!
Check number plates.
They had 12 at that junction alone.

We were without power & internet for 70-hours. Yes, 2-hours short of 3 whole days & nights.

So, we understand. We know. We lived through it.

But, in the overall scheme of things OUR Eversource, Metrocast & TDS folks did good.

This storm has cost them plenty — and yes, they put aside monies for emergencies like this.

But, it would be cheap and churlish to ask for a reimbursement for the service interruption.

Yes, in case you are wondering, they are giving reimbursements, in the $19 range, no questions asked.

But, come on. Play the white man!

In some instances Metrocast & TDS were down because power was down. IF we had power our TDS Internet would have worked.

Usually I am the first to criticize these companies. But, with this storm you have to be reasonable.


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by Anura Guruge

Pictures Of Best Buy “Geek Squad” Delivering Large Refrigerator/Freezers Using Just Shoulder Harnesses.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Attribution WILL be enforced.

I had never seen this been done, or even heard about it, until we had our accursed Samsung 25.4 cu. ft. fridge/freezer delivered in April 2017. Click here for those pictures.

I was in awe. That Samsung was 289 pounds (131 kilos). Two people — with no real training. I am surprised it meets U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Act standards. But, it is Best Buy and you would assume that know what they are doing.

Pretty damn impressive.

Well, got to see it again today, when we had the damn Samsung replaced with a (much more expensive) Whirlpool.

Not easy to get good pictures BECAUSE you do NOT want to get in their way or impede them in any way.

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by Anura Guruge

After 4 Long Months, Finally, FINALLY Was Able To Return Samsung 25.4 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator To Best Buy.

by Anura Guruge

Good Riddance Of Very Bad Korean Rubbish!

Best Buy ‘Geek Squad’ FINALLY
taking the bloody piece of junk away — in the pouring rain.

Click to access September 21, 2017, post.

It stopped making ice towards the end of July 2017 — 4-months after we bought it, new, from Best Buy.

It took us till September 8, 2017 to get a technician! We spent all of August trying to get that to happen.

The technician ordered a new ice maker. Appears that Samsung ice makers are FAMOUS for failing after a few months! Best Buy knows that though they promote Samsung refrigerators in a BIG way (because they get promotional bonuses from Samsung).

The following week we discovered that Samsung closed the Trouble Ticket so the order got cancelled!

More calls. Lots of calls. Hours on the phone.

Then finally on September 19, 2017 they sent us, via e-mail, a supposed Return Authorization (RMA) — for Best Buy.

Called Best Buy with it. They wanted us to come in. So we made the 40-minute trek, one-way. The RMA was NOT on their system.

Best Buy said it could take up to 2-weeks for it to get loaded by Samsung into their system.

More calls. More online chats. I filed BBB complaint.

Then FINALLY last Friday Best Buy was able to honor the RMA.

We did not get a Samsung. We bought a Whirlpool.

It appears that Samsung ONLY loaded the RMA into the Best Buy system on October 11, 2017. 22-days after they sent us the RMA. 3 weeks.

Luckily this was only the ice-maker not working.

What would have happened IF it was the entire refrigerator?

Best Buy, by the way, were EXCELLENT! Outstanding. Did everything they could to help. Kudos & Thank YOU.

DO NOT BUY, Samsung.

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by Anura Guruge

“North American Power” 9.29cent/kWh Rate For 2-Years, In New Hampshire.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access ‘North American Power’ Website.

The 8.59¢/kWh rate I was lucky enough to get in October 2016, i.e., a year ago, ALAS, came to an end.

9.29¢/kWh was the best that I could get, as of October 2017 — BUT I managed to get it for 2 years, i.e., until October 2019.

I think I am cool with that. That is exactly the rate I signed-up for in 2015. So, I am not a stranger to it. Obviously better than any of the other rates offered by North American Power. So that is good.

I did some research. I am happy with that rate (I think). {Smile}

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by Anura Guruge

NWEA, The K-12 Student Assessment Company Used By New Hampshire Schools, CANNOT Handle Non-English Names!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Their Website.

This is crazy. We have put up with this for 10-years!

It isn’t as if we have a really, really strange name. We are just talking “Gurugé“.

“é” — as used in French and Spanish.

Last time I looked we do have folks with French and Spanish names in the U.S.

This is a bloody travesty.

Got the LATEST testing results, with the two ‘question marks’ today. I had enough.

I contacted the Principal and Assistant Principal — who happens to be on French descent, with a name LaFreniere.

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by Anura Guruge

Wolfeboro Adult Education — Another Proposed Spring 2018 Class, “Laziness Should Know No Bounds”.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

As with “Quick & Easy Meditation“, I, in my old age, am going about sharing some of my innermost secrets and ‘skills’ with you. Nobody better qualified to teach a class on ‘Being MORE Lazy’ than I. If the truth be known my middle name, all my life, should have been ‘lazy’ — Anura ‘lazy’ Guruge.

My adoptive father, always, maintained, with nary an exception, that I was lazy. He was, of course, as always, right. I have been lazy all my life. I think it is genetic (my REAL father supposed to have been a GAMBLER) though I have spent a lot of time and effort improving on my laziness so I can be even more lazy.

So, now I will share my secrets on how YOU TOO can be more lazy. Laziness knows NO bounds.

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by Anura Guruge

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