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‘Prospect Mountain High School’ (Alton, NH) Robotics Team Is Going To ‘The Globals’ And Needs Your Support.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and read here. The image below has link to “Go Fund Me” page. Thanks.

Click image to access the “Go Fund Me” page. Thanks.

So, they are going to ‘The Globals‘ in Detroit, Michigan, in April 2018. They were a ‘wild card’ favorite.

Going to ‘The Globals‘ is an expensive proposition and they need to raise a fair amount of money. So, if you can help, that would be much appreciated.

Go visit the page and look around. The video is fun.

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by Anura Guruge

A Name At Odds With Your Trade — A Metal Trader Named Stone.

by Anura Guruge

Click pictures to ENLARGE.

a white snowy New Hampshire landscape Anura Guruge Google Pixel 2

You know I have a thing about names as you would expect from one who has written a fairly successful book on names.

So, you couldn’t expect me to not notice this.

The ‘business’, viz., Vic Stone’s Metal Trading, is on one of my running routes. The name gets me each time. So, today I made a point of going back, in the car, to get this picture.

This is New Hampshire, so I am not sure whether he actually has ever thought about the irony or even whether anybody, prior to this, has even commented on it.

Occurred to I that he should have used ‘Excalibur‘ as his logo. Get it?

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by Anura Guruge

Why Are Teachers In New Hampshire Immune From Random Drug Testing?

by Anura Guruge

Click to access original.

Well, to be fair, it is NOT just New Hampshire. Most tests do NOT permit drug testing of teachers.

That is crazy.

Teachers (and administrators) are human and have their foibles — and I talk as one whose adoptive mother as well as two aunties were teachers.

There are times, especially of late, when I can ONLY reconcile what I see and hear about teachers in New Hampshire by thinking that they must be doing drugs!

Be honest. Has that thought ever crossed YOUR mind.

Do you honestly think that ALL of our teachers and administrators are saints?

Why the double-standards?

We go after kids, QUITE RIGHTLY, for drugs. Why don’t we set an example by also checking the teachers and administrators?

I HOPE I am wrong. But, my druthers is that random drug testing of teachers, in New Hampshire, could tell us much.

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by Anura Guruge

A Heart Made Of Snow.

by Anura Guruge

NO post-processing whatsoever.

Click pictures to ENLARGE.

Attribution WILL be enforced.

snow sculpture New Hampshire Anura Guruge Sony a7 II

It was 60°+F yesterday, and this afternoon we had a few inches of fluffy snow. I was not expecting it. Wasn’t that much, though I went out and shoveled. Supposed to get a mix tomorrow. Hhhmm.

I caught this. It was cute. A week too late for Valentine’s day.

Check out some other pictures of the snow.

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by Anura Guruge

What “A Sense Of Accomplishment” Looks Like.

by Anura Guruge

Woke up on Sunday, February 18, 2018, to much more snow than had been forecast for the supposedly ‘mainly Southern’ Winter Storm “Noah”.

There was about 6″ to 7″ on the ground and over a 1″ by the mailbox where the town plow piles it up.

So, around 10:05am Teischan and I set out to shovel. Devanee had parked her van at the top of the drive so that she could get out to work, at 7am, without having to shovel much …

So, here is what we did.

Yes, I wear a Fitbit Ionic on my wrist that tells me steps, floors etc., BUT trust me when I tell you that there is no sense of accomplishment to that of clearing a drive by hand and knowing that YOU did it. It is very satisfying. No, not as good as sex, but up there. So …

Click pictures to ENLARGE.

General lay of the land before we started shoveling.

20 minutes of shoveling.

1.5 HP — Human Power (HP), Teischan & I.

That was satisfying.

Clearing the mailbox. Much deeper snow.

Just 1 HP — Just I.

About 25 minutes, non-stop.

Dig, Pick-up, Throw. Great upper body exercise. 

After the mailbox.

About 35-minutes of pushing snow with a snow-pusher.

Very satisfying to see what you have achieved. Not sure about others. But, my body feels good …

This is why I resist getting a snowblower. We have a cleaner drive than those with snowblowers and I do NOT have to breath in exhaust fumes or listen to the racket of the engine. Mine is all fresh, clean air and either the sound of silence or birds chirping.

I will continue to shovel by hand until I finally can’t. Doubt whether I will ever keel over shoveling. Heart and other muscles much too used to the tempo of shoveling.

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by Anura Guruge

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