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Our Stair Jumping Gymnastic Hamster — A Must See YouTube Video. Such Strength, Such Agility.

by Anura Guruge

This is Teischan’s hamster #2, Treble, that we got in May 2017. (The short-lived #1 was Rebel.)

We discovered, that she can climb stairs, with aplomb, and do so, over and over again, the first time she escaped from a cage. We weren’t at home and she decided to go up the stairs to my study — which is where she slept at night so as her nocturnal activities would not disturb Teischan.

She had escaped while we were not in the house.

We came home to discover that your burglar alarm had gone off — for the very first time in 10-years! A motion detector in my study had gone off! That confounded all of us since a person would have had to have negotiated multiple other sensors before tripping that one which on the 4th-level of this 4-story house.

We did not know, at that juncture, that Treble was missing.

As soon as I was told that Treble was missing I knew where she was and we found her in SECONDS!

But, she had to have climbed a set of stairs to get to my study.

So, we put her on the stairs to see what she did.

She did this.

Cracked us up.

AMAZING strength. That is a standing vertical jump above her head.

We get to see this most nights. It is so entertaining. So, I wanted to share. ENJOY.

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by Anura Guruge

Energy North Propane, Concord, NH — Thank You & Kudos.

by Anura Guruge

We ran out of propane Friday night while cooking dinner. That was Friday, December 29, 2017.

It took us a few minutes to work out what had happened, i.e., that we had run out of propane (rather than a malfunction of the stove or the gas line).

We only use propane for cooking — i.e., for the kitchen stove. We heat with oil and everything else is electric.

The person who had this house built in 2006 — 2007 had gone with propane — from Amerigas in Laconia. There was big ‘200’ gallon tank to begin with. But, since we only use propane for cooking we don’t use much. So much so that Amerigas got mad with us and started charging us a rental fee for the tank!

I have never liked Amerigas. They are not an easy company to like …

Eventually, in 2015 they took away the ‘200’ gallon tank, that was beginning to rust dangerously, and installed two small tanks in its place. Today, we learned that they are ’25’ gallon tanks — giving us a capacity of just under 50 gallons (48 I think).

The gas tanks do NOT have a meter! That is Amerigas for you. So, we can’t tell how full they are.

That is why we ran out.

Not the end of the world. Between the microwave, toaster oven, slow cookers, electric cookers and the outside grill we could get by. Plus we were eating out on Monday — New Year’s Day. So we were not that concerned.

We called Amerigas on Saturday. They were closed.

Called Amerigas on Tuesday. After 4 calls, spanning 2 hours, we got through. We were informed that our account had been transferred to “Energy North Propane”, in Concord. Apparently Amerigas had bought Energy North.

Called them. After a number of attempts got through.

They said a possible 5 to 10 days before they could deliver BUT that they would TRY.

And TRY they did.

They delivered today, 24-hours after we called.

We are IMPRESSED and pleased.

Amerigas would NEVER had done that.

I couldn’t believe it when the dogs started barking. I looked out. Energy North truck backing into our drive.

Thank YOU Energy North Propane.

Kudos Energy North Propane.

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by Anura Guruge

For The 1st Time In 3 Years Metrocast Does NOT Bump Up Its High-Speed Internet Speed; Stays At 150Mbps.

by Anura Guruge

I started using Metrocast’s high-speed Internet service in January 2015 when they started offering 75Mbps downloads. I could NOT resist. I had been using TWO (2) TDS Fiber lines to the house, each at its maximum 15Mbps speed, to get a total of 30Mbps. So, by going to Metrocast I got 2.5 x MORE. [I ended up keeping one of the TDS 15Mbps to give me redundancy (i.e., backup).]

In January 2016, WITHOUT a price increase, or even notifying me, they bumped up the speed to 105/110Mbps. I ecstatic. Wow. From 30Mbps –> 110Mbps in 12 months.

Then in January 2017, I saw 160Mbps. Again WITHOUT a price hike. Just Metrocast increasing speeds to keep up with TDS competition.

Over the Summer the 160Mbps dropped to 150Mbps and it has stayed FIRM since then. I can’t complain. I wasn’t paying for 160Mbps.

So, given this track record I expected a further bump NOW — January 2018.

NOPE. Nada. Nothing.

Solid at 150Mbps.

I am a bit disappointed. But, I have been planning to upgrade to TDS’ 1 Gigabit service — albeit keeping Metrocast, at a lower speed, for redundancy.

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by Anura Guruge

We Cleared The Christmas Day Snow, By Hand, In 75-Minutes.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

It was quite the storm. It was coming down thick & furious for a good 6 hours, till about 1pm. Then it stopped — cold turkey.

Very light and fluffy. Not wet, heavy of sticky. That was good. We didn’t lose power. That, to I, was a Christmas miracle. I was all set. We went and got 10 gallons of gas for the generators.

All 4 of us went out to shovel. That does NOT happen very often anymore. It was good to all be out. Devanee, at 17, can shovel well, given the years of practice she has had. Teischan is not very keen and in the main goes through the motions. I used the pusher most of the time — partly because we were out of shovels, or at least the shovels I like to use.

But, it went fast. In 75-minutes we were down to the blacktop. Could get both vans out. That meant Devanee could go out and get some Chinese takeout. And that is exactly what she did.\

So, it all worked out.

Still have to shovel the mailbox and deck on Tuesday. But that will be my exercise for tomorrow. I will again be on my own. Christmas is over!

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by Anura Guruge

TDS Internet Down In Alton/Barnstead — AGAIN — December 14 – 15, 2017.

by Anura Guruge

Since I have both Metrocast and TDS internet I did not notice that TDS was down till around 10:10pm on Thursday, December 14, 2017.

Spent a few minutes double, triple checking my network at home.

Then called TDS. Got the infamous “hello manJamaica Call Center! After 30 minutes he grudgingly admitted we had an outage in the area.

Since then I have seen on — Twitter and Facebook — that I am not alone.

There is no “ETA” for when it will be fixed. It could be the COLD. I kid you not. Most likely one of the computers at a Central Office (CO) froze because TDS is pretty cheap about keeping their buildings heated.

So, a heads up.

I will keep you posted though I am going to bed soon. {Smile}

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by Anura Guruge

“Organized Chaos”, THE Teen Rock Band With Potential Galore, Now Has A Website & YouTube Video.

by Anura Guruge

On vocals and lead guitar, above, is our Alton local, Luciano (‘Luc’) Monzione, who I have known since he was about 10. From the very first day I met him, when he joined a  “Destination Imagination” (DI) team I was coaching, I could immediately tell that Luc was going to go far. And he is living up to my high expectations — though these are but the first steps. What is amazing is that his talents are not restricted to music. One of the smartest of people I have ever met — with intelligence way ‘up there’. So, I am very happy and proud to see Luc and his friends on the road towards what we all hope is untrammelled success. Hence, why I am alway promoting Luc (independent of my friendship with his parents}.

So …

Click either image to access the
Organized Chaos” Website.

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by Anura Guruge

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