Topless Skydiving ‘Fleggaard’ Supermarket Commercial — Way Too Racy For American TV.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE to get an eyeful. YouTube video below.

If YOU want better quality try this version.

Click image to access the version.

Very clever & obviously irresistibly compelling to most of us lucky men who are, of course, genetically programmed to respond to such visual titillation.

As far as marketing goes it is absolutely brilliant.

It is to sell € 269 (i.e., US $305) Siemens washing machines!

These washing machines are being sold in Denmark by a small (Costco-owned) supermarket chain named ‘Fleggaard’. You see that name come up at the end.

Though Siemens is German these washing machines are cheaper at Fleggaard’s (in Denmark) than they are in Germany – and Fleggaard has supermarkets right on the border (albeit on the Danish side).

Hence the message at the end: ‘Lige over grænsen’ (Just over the border). And since both countries are in the European Union there are no customs or taxes. Just like buying a washing machine from another State and hauling it back.

Very clever.

Well, I being who I am wanted to know how the commercial was made. I knew that the girls did NOT skydive topless. ‘They’ would have FROZE. Simple as that. So, I went looking. Found how it was made. Pretty close to what I thought. Enjoy.

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by Anura Guruge


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