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The Blue State That Trump Has To Flip Most Likely Will Be New Hampshire!

by Anura Guruge



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Oh, I am NOT happy about this. I am, however, trying to be realistic and ahead of the game.

I predicted that New Hampshire will go ‘Red‘ 6 weeks ago! Here … check my post.

I always suspected that there was a deep-seated, HIDDEN Trump vote that the polls were not picking up.

And if anything things have polarized quite a bit in the last 4 days — since James Comey’semailGATE“!

It wasn’t as if Obama won by a huge margin in 2012. This is, alas, not Massachusetts.

So be careful.

The media pundits are talking about the ONE Blue State that Trump has to flip and the ONE electoral vote he has to get from Maine.

Well my dear New Hampshire could be the Blue State that gives the nuclear codes to Trump.

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by Anura Guruge

Clinton Server: They Found 650,000 e-Mails On Weiner & Huma Abedin Shared Laptop! 650,000 e-mails.

by Anura Guruge

Click here for the October 31, 2016, U.K. “Daily Mail” original.


650,000 is a BIG number.

Mind boggling when it refers to e-mails downloaded and stored on a shared laptop.


That number, I noticed, is not being quoted in the U.S. media (or at least not as yet).


IF even 1,000 of these belong to Huma Abedin she is toast.

Hillary Clinton, alas, will be history.

650,000 e-mails.

That is mind boggling. How many e-mails can a person REALISTICALLY deal with in a day? I know that corporate executives get around 200/day and that is about their realistic limit. Did Weiner have a LOT of short e-mails?

650,000! Yikes.

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by Anura Guruge

Think – Today: Does The Word “Suffragette” Have Anything To Do With “Suffering”?

by Anura Guruge

annie_kenney_and_christabel_pankhurstWhere does the word “Suffragette” come from? It sounds like it has something to do with “suffering”. Does it?

Think first, then research, then THINK again. Think for the pleasure of thinking.

Yesterday’s ‘Think’: “Point Blank” comes from the French “pointé à blanc — where ‘blanc’ is French for white. It referred to pointing (straight) at the WHITE circle that appeared in the middle of shooting targets. Meant you were close enough to the target to point straight the the middle (blanc) without having to worry about the trajectory path of the shot/bullet.

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by Anura Guruge

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