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Nikon Mirrorless Lenses For 2019 Excites Me None.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. From ‘’.

I am a bit of a contradiction when it comes to full-frame. I like the SIZE of the full-frame sensor and the BIGGER picture I get with it — BUT, at the same time I have never been that fond of wide-angle shooting! The irony here being that the largeness of a full-frame sensor is such that you are already into wide-angle even before you start. Hence, the contradiction.

I like to shoot tight. Thus, I prefer zoom lenses and ideally all in one zooms that give me say AT LEAST 24 – 240mm (which is what I currently have with my Sony a7 II).

Appears that I am in the minority.

Yes, I can get non-Z Nikon lenses that cover this range, BUT I would like native mirrorless glass.

So, that is my problem.

I am definitely, of course, getting the 24-70mm — the only native zoom. I was thinking of getting the 50mm. MAYBE I might think about the new 14-30mm — and experiment with ultra-wide-angle (at least for I).

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by Anura Guruge


In Praise Of Kneeling Chairs.

by Anura Guruge

This 25(+)-year kneeling chair may not have saved my life,
but, it sure saved my back.

Without it I would have been a bent over, drug-popping cripple by now.

Today I finally put it out of its misery and got a new kneeling chair! 

I have been using kneeling chairs for nearly 30-years. I am sure glad I got hooked on them that far back. IF NOT for them my back would be spaghetti by now. But, thanks to my kneeling chairs I have pretty decent back muscles, back strength and posture.

That is the beauty of kneeling chairs. It forces you to brace yourself, while seated, using your back muscles. Nothing else. The only thing that keeps you upright or semi-upright are your back muscles.

I was lucky, I started young (or at least before it was too late). Can’t deny it; I did not discover kneeling chairs until I was in my 30s. But, in my 30s I was super fit! So, using a kneeling chair was no issue. I had a lot of muscles in very good working order.

I have been wracking my brain to remember how I stumbled upon kneeling chairs. I think (but I can’t be sure) that I saw someone (and it might have been the legendary Lyman Chapin of ISO OSI fame) using one at Data General (where I worked briefly in the late 1980s). I immediately saw the benefits. I got one shortly afterwards.

The one I retired today, I have had (and used ‘daily’) for over 25-years!

At a minimum I have written 20 books, 200 published articles and 20,000 blog posts while seated on it!

Yes, I have spent a LOT of time seated on it and it bears the scars — as do I! Yes, I have calluses on my legs from kneeling on this chair. Yes, that is duct-tape! I hated to get rid of it. It and I had quite literally bonded together. But, it was beginning to hurt.

So, today I got a new one with cushions 3x as thick! It feels different, but it is sure comfortable.

The real point of this post was to tell YOU to consider using a kneeling chair. It is so, so, so good for your back.

Think about it. They don’t have to be expensive. The one that I bought, from Amazon, was $60.

My new $60 kneeling chair from Amazon.

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by Anura Guruge

All Of The TV ‘Government Shutdown’ Clocks Are ONE DAY OFF — i.e., Day Short; ’12’ When It Should Be ’13’.

by Anura Guruge

CNN. Go to and check.

MSNBC — TV channel. Photo of TV.


Because they are counting the DIFFERENCE.

It needs to be INCLUSIVE.

People do it all the time when they are doing dates.

They take the DIFFERENCE between the two days. For some applications that is ‘OK’, BUT not when you are counting something like a SHUTDOWN.

You have to INCLUDE Day 1, in this case, Saturday, December 22, 2018.

My calendar above shows it clearly.

But, try a simple example. Shutdown started Dec. 22. So, how many days shutdown at the end of Dec. 24. It is 3-days, NOT 2.

I actually saw Anderson Cooper talking about the shutdown being in its 13th day, above the CNN clock that said ’12’!


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by Anura Guruge

Two Things You Probably Did NOT Know About Robert Mueller III, Special Counsel.

by Anura Guruge

His middle name is ‘Swan‘. Yes, his full name is Robert Swan Mueller III (b. August 7, 1944). That is quite the middle name. I am surprised that I, a confirmed news junkie, had not heard that before.

He went to school in New Hampshire. At the very prestigious (but recently scandal-prone) St. Paul’s in Concord. Wow. I am impressed. I had no idea that he had any New Hampshire roots.

So, two things I learnt today.

Did YOU know these two facts. If so, good on you. How come you didn’t share with me?

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by Anura Guruge

I Took 27,000 Pictures (i.e., Photographs) In 2018!

by Anura Guruge


On January 1st of each year (of late), I create a folder with that year’s name for ALL the pictures I am going to take that year.

So, a year ago I created a ‘2018’ folder on my Drobo RAID storage unit.

Today, I created the ‘2019’ folder. But, before doing that I checked the ‘2018’ folder.

26,625 STORED pictures (i.e., individual files) in 96 folders. I create a folder for each month BY CAMERA! So, in the image above you will see a7 (i.e., Sony a7 II), a6500 (i.e., Sony a6500) and Pixel 2 (my Google Pixel 2 phone).

I took more pictures that this. These are but the ones I kept. I deleted a few hundred more. Just yesterday, after the fireworks, I deleted about 30 that did not make the cut.

So, this comes to 74 pictures a day. That makes sense. Most days I shoot between 25 — 35, but there are days I shoot upwards of 900!

Remember that I also post at least 7 pictures EVERY DAY and I did NOT miss a single day in 2018. That means I have posted, on this blog, at least 2,555 pictures in 2018! Since I invariably post more than 7, most days, the number, in reality, is probably over 3,000 pictures! That is a lot — but it also means I have 23,625 pictures I have NOT share with YOU! That is sobering.


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by Anura Guruge

I Am Willing To Wait Till April 2019 For A Canon EOS R With In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS).

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. From PetaPixel — today.

It was lack of IBIS that was the deal killer for I.

Way back in August — September 2018 I genuinely thought I was going to get the Canon EOS R. I initially did NOT believe that it was NOT going to have IBIS. Well, when that was confirmed, I totally lost interest. I like and rely upon IBIS. I tend to shoot at low shutter speeds and IBIS in my Sony A7 II indulges I.

I was then all set to get a Nikon Z6. But, I had said all along that I would not buy it ahead of the Holidays and wait until the new year. Recently, with winter upon us, I decided to push that back to at least March — possibly April. No point getting a fancy, brand new camera when the light isn’t great and it is freezing outside. I am just going to be dissapointed with picture quality.

So, if I am willing to wait until March — April …

If the announced a Canon EOS R with IBIS early in the year with April availability I will definitely wait to see what it is like. I like the Canon FF mirrorless lenses and their adapters. Kind of exciting. CHOICE. The only problem might be that Canon makes it a high resolution camera, i.e., more than 35 MP.

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by Anura Guruge

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