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Some Heartwarming & Very Cutesy “Mother’s Day” Cakes For Sri Lanka by ‘’.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and savor.

Click to access ‘’.

The “Valentine’s Day” cakes in February.

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The ‘New Year 2019’ cakes from December.

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Any regular reader of this blog will by now know about the seriously impressive cakes, available in Sri Lanka (and just in Sri Lanka), for any and all holidays, irrespective of whether they are actually celebrated in Sri Lanka or NOT, by enterprising and ever-expanding ‘‘.

Just in the last few months you have seen the Christmas, Jan. 1 New Year, April 14 Sinhala New Year, Valentine’s Day & Thai Pongal.

Now, of course, it is Mother’s Day. Just feast your eyes and marvel. Yes, Sri Lankan’s are famous for their cake making. My adoptive mother was among the best.

In case you are wondering I am nothing but a customer when it comes to Kapruka. Though I give them huge amount of publicity I get nothing from them. That is OK. They have never asked me to do these posts. I do them for YOU.

Click image to access post.

‘Thai Pongal’ 2019 cakes from a couple of months ago.

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by Anura Guruge


A Sri Lankan Great Becomes The First Non-British President Of The Iconic Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC).

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the BBC original.

This is quite the honor and he was quite the cricketer and man. So, it is a win-win allround. I am pleased.

The MCC is the symbolic Temple of cricket — the guardian of the SPIRIT of cricket and nominally also its laws. Prior to the formation of the International Cricket Council (ICC) it was the ultimate authority and arbitrator of all matters cricket.

Quite the Club — with its world famous Lord’s Cricket Ground. I have visited the MCC many, many, many times. For nearly 10-years, until I left the U.K. in 1985, I was on their waiting-list for membership — which in those days was around 20-years for non-playing members, and, alas, I was not good enough to be considered as a playing member.

But, hats off to Kumar Sangakkara. Great honor. He is a lawyer by training and qualification. He will be a GREAT president.

So, some good news for Sri Lanka.

My beloved Lord’s Cricket Ground — home of the MCC.


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by Anura Guruge

Best Thing For Sri Lanka, Right Now, Would Be For China To Take It Over & Manage It! {Smile}

by Anura Guruge

Weekend article in ‘The New York Times’ highlighting Sri Lanka’s never ending woes.

It is unlikely to ever happen, BUT it is worth a thought.

Most, bar India, are unlikely to care, but India is now too big for even China to want to mess around.

There is, of course, a basis for my provocative thought. China is said to be slowly gobbling up whatever bits of Sri Lanka it can — starting with the strategic harbor in Galle. So, China sure has an incentive, though even they may decide that Sri Lankan people are a lost cause.

The political situation in Sri Lanka is untenable. It has been neverending intrigue and infighting for 30-years. The people are fickle too. They vote in a party and within 6-months start to hate the party they just put in power. They really are like kids. I hate to say this but we haven’t acted like adults in the last few decades.

Hence, the need for colonization AGAIN!

Yes, 200-years of continuous colonization appears to have left a mark. We seem to require discipline instilled by a foreign power.

You can just see Sri Lanka under Chinese rule! They will stop all this nonsense. They will the economy back on track. Make it safe for tourist.

Yes, I know it is unlikely to happen, but it is something to dream about. A placid Sri Lanka with no infighting.

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by Anura Guruge

Sri Lanka’s Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith Appears To Forget The Christian Notion Of Mercy …

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. Link to original below.

Click here for the original article in the ‘Boston Globe’.

It was, indubitably, a dastardly crime and one fully understands the cardinals sorrow, anger and frustration.

But, he is also a prelate, a Cardinal to boot.

I doubt whether even loose-lipped, loose-cannon Pope Francis would have blurted out ‘mercilessly’. He, actually, is BIG on mercy. Kind of a trademark. See below.

Enough said.

As a papal historian I have to, alas, capture and record these moments. Come the next sede vacante folks, yet again, will be clamoring that Ranjith is papabile. I need documentation.

Pope Francis on MERCY.

Click to ENLARGE. Link to original below.

Click for the Vatican original in English.

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by Anura Guruge

Media Speculation As To Whether The Shameful Sri Lanka Bombing Could Have Been Stopped — PLEASE Forgive Me For Smiling.

by Anura Guruge

This from CNN. Click to access. Google for plenty more.

I know that this is NOT a smiling matter, BUT PLEASE forgive me for doing so.

IF ONLY you knew of the machiavellian machinations of Sri Lanka politics and how devious, corrupt and unscrupulous they can be.

Sri Lanka politics is like the proverbial iceberg. You only see the TIP of it. 90% is cloak-and-dagger.

There is always more to Sri Lanka politics than outsiders will EVER be able to discern or dissect.

So, if you haven’t already read it, PLEASE read my first post on this subject. There is MORE to this than we will EVER KNOW. Do not jump to conclusions.

Click to access my post from April 21, 2019 — THE DAY.

So, this is the MAIN Intelligence document — that was NOT acted upon.

Lots of OLD fashioned date stamps and endorsements by pen.

Just like the documents and files my father, a civil servant, dealt with 50-years ago!

No e-mails?

This is how things get delayed, not acted upon.

Not good.

The red tape of the Sri Lankan government can choke an elephant.

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by Anura Guruge

Sri Lanka, Alas, Got Its 15-Minutes Of Media Fame In The U.S. Today — 1st Time Many Would Have Heard The Name.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. This from CNN. All media outlets featured the story.

Yes, yes, yes. There was the 2004 ‘Christmas’ tsunami — but, Sri Lanka had to share that tragic news with, at a minimum with Thailand & Indonesia.

Not so with the Easter 2019 atrocity. Sri Lanka on its own. TV news started with the Sri Lanka story. This was BIG.

I can assure you that this would have been the first time millions of Americans ever heard of ‘Sri Lanka’. I know that they don’t know.. I live with it every day.

As of now some will remember — alas with the ‘terrorist’ connotation.

Well, I guess we can’t have it all.

Click to access my post from April 21, 2019 — THE DAY.

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by Anura Guruge

Shameful Easter Bombings In Sri Lanka — BUT I Will Not Jump To Conclusions.

by Anura Guruge

From the U.K. “Daily Mail”. Click to ENLARGE and read here. Link to original below. Google for plenty more.

Click to access the original U.K. “Daily Mail” article.

Click to ENLARGE. From the “Daily Mail’ article above.

Just a FEW of my adoptive father’s 55+ books.

Google ‘Ananda Guruge‘ if you want to check out his Buddhist bona fides.

I have been railing against religious violence in Sri Lanka for YEARS.

Click to images to access original post.

To say that this Easter bombing saddens & distresses I does not even come close to genuinely capturing my disapprobation.

This is SO anathema to the happy multi-ethnic & multi-religious Ceylon (Sri Lanka only as of the 1970s) that I grew up in, 1953 to 1967.

My adoptive family was as Buddhist as you could get. Check out some of my father’s Buddhist books shown above and Google him. He was a Buddhist scholar, ACTIVIST and, alas, also one of the original architects of the ‘Buddhism First‘ precept for Ceylon. But, he was as open-minded when it came to religion as one could be. My SURROGATE FATHER, my adoptive mother’s brother-in-law, with whom I spent nearly as much time as with my family — and who influenced me more than any other man — was a practicing Baptist. My ‘father’ never had any issues with that. We celebrated Easter and Christmas, at my surrogate father’s rather fancy house with abandon replete with all the best goodies that money could get in Ceylon — imported ham, lamb, cakes etc. My surrogate father, who was a lawyer, and his wife, who as the Assistant Principal at Royal College (Sri Lanka’s premier boys school) were rich — and had no kids, bar I.

In addition, we had more Christians on my “mother’s” side; she one of 9. One of her brother’s was married to a Catholic as had one of her sisters. We were a CLOSE family — multi-religious. Nobody cared about who was who. We all mucked into to each other’s holidays.

My “Father’s” best friend, who he met with near daily, was a prominent muslim. Never an issue. Our neighbors, that my “mother” genuinely treated as part of her family, were Tamil Catholics. They were at our house, without fail, every day.

So, I grew up in an environment where religion had no ‘color’ or ‘race’. It was just like a name. Made no difference.

This is why this religious violence disturbs me so.

All that said, I refuse to jump to conclusions as to who perpetrated this horrendous series of crimes. The last TWO bombings, which were of private houses, puzzles me.

Though I am NO LONGER a Sri Lankan (in terms of citizenship or affinity) I do know, alas, the mentality of my brethren. We can be a devilishly devious, unscrupulous, ruthless bunch of bastards.

These bombings, I hate to say it as such, were ‘genius’. It has created the PERFECT TSUNAMI.

We now can have a circular firing squad, consisting of Buddhists, Christians and Muslims, each taking pot shots at the other. READ BETWEEN THE LINES.

This was geared to cause political, social and ECONOMIC upheaval. It will, of course, decimate the burgeoning tourist trade. That will have far reaching knock-on effects.

Not good.

But, please do NOT jump to conclusions.

It is not always the usual suspects.

Sri Lankan politicians are ruthless to a level that others will never comprehend.

Read Between The Line!

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by Anura Guruge

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