Gobe Filter Kit 72mm For My Sony a7 II E-Mount FE 24-240mm Zoom Lens.

by Anura Guruge

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During my camera saga of the last 3-years the two things that I did not bother with too much were filters and flash units. Consequently I did not have any proper filters for my a7 II zoom. Over the last year of so I have stopped using UV filters on my lenses! I did a lot of research on the subject and RELUCTANTLY had to admit that putting a ‘cheap’ filter, even at $70, in front of an expensive lens made little sense. And, yes, I realize that I do not have the protection of having a filter in front of my lens. That does bother me.

Anywho … I needed a polarization filter for shooting fall foliage. Despite my commitment for shooting pictures without any post-processing, I do NOT feel that using a polarization filter is cheating — partly because I see the daylight world through my sunglasses (which I wear incessantly).

I was looking around for a decent polarization filter, with 72mm thread, when I came across this Gobe stack of ten filters.

Reminded me immediately of Cokin filters when they first came out in the late 1970s. I was hooked on Cokin from the time I saw their first print ad in a British photography magazine. I trespassed around Paris shortly afterwards trying to buy a kit. I soon had most of the early set of filters for my then Canon A1.

There is something about Gobe that resonates. Love the packaging. That they CLAIM that they will plan 5 trees for each stack purchased is neat. I like that.

I haven’t really tried out these filters as yet. Not sure how their optics will be. I am hoping for the best. I have never used Neutral Density filters and looking forward to playing with some.

I will keep you posted. For now just wanted to show you the cute stack packaging.

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by Anura Guruge

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