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The Haunting History Of ‘Canyon de Chelly’ — The Famous ‘White House’ Ruins.

by Anura Guruge

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Continuing my series on the historic aspect of Canyon de Chelly as opposed to its majestic grandeur.

I have already talked quite a bit about this ‘White House‘, the best known and most visited of the ruins, as well as posted this video on the hike to the ‘White House’ ruins. Just wanted to share this picture.

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by Anura Guruge

The Government Has To STOP Persecuting The Navajos At Canyon de Chelly!

by Anura Guruge


2015: Navajos permitted to sell on the pavement &
sell art featuring the local stone from the Canyon.

One of the paintings on stone shown above —
which we bought.

Notice the thickness of the stone.

Other example of paintings on stone.

The persecution of the Navajo at Canyon de Chelly by U.S. government authorities, now in the form of the National Park Service, is still happening — on an accelerating basis.

They are getting pushed around. The Navajo Nation is not doing much to protect them. They do not have the skills, experience & the resources to take on the Park Service. Plus, they are petrified of harassment at the personal-level. Being barred from access to the Canyon — chief among them.

It is true that they are no longer being shot, made to undergo ‘Long Walks’ or have their children forcefully send to Christian boarding schools. But, nonetheless, the persecution is cruel and hurtful.

Between our visit in April 2015 and our recent trip at the end of July, THREE very specific attacks have take place.

  1. Navajos can no longer display their wares for sale to the tourists on the ground or on tables. Their displayed good have to be on a parked vehicle. So, if they have a truck they can use the tailgate. Many do NOT have trucks. So, they put towels on the hood and trunk of their cars and display their wares that way.
  2. Navajos can no longer sell any art featuring stone from the Canyon. They have to use purchased slate.
  3. The Park Service is threatening to stop them living in the National Monument part of the Canyon.

This persecution in inane and very distressing.

In the end this is THEIR land. What is left of all the land that used to be theirs by right.

Having them sell their art and jewelry from the ground or tables did NO harm. They did NOT get in the way. This is not the Grand Canyon or Yosemite. The car parks are rarely packed. Plus the Navajos provide a VALUABLE service — since you will never find or see a Park Ranger on the Rims. The Navajos acts as FREE guides and narrators.

As for the stone … What can you say. Yes, I agree that nobody should be allowed to chisel any new stone from the Canyon. But, there are tons of stone lying around. And here is where it gets crazy and very frustrating. There are NO such restrictions re. stone at ‘Monument Valley‘ and that is Navajo land too. Difference, NO Park Service.

They say they want to build a pavilion in which the Navajo can sell their wares. They have one of those at ‘Monument Valley’. It is EMPTY!

Monument Valley. The EMPTY shops in the ‘pavillion’.


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by Anura Guruge

Impressive Solar Energy Project At ‘Inter-Lakes’ High School, Meredith, N.H.

by Anura Guruge

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I Googled.
Found this on ‘The Laconia Daily Sun‘.

Click to ENLARGE and read here. Use link above to access the original.

I had not been to ‘Inter-Lakes‘ in quite a few years and I no longer read the local paper on a daily basis. So, I had not heard about or seen this 960-panel solar farm. Saw it yesterday when we went to see ‘Newsies‘. It is hard to miss, but I was a bit nostalgic since we (i.e., my son Matthew, I and the two Goldens we then had) used to sled down that slope when we lived in Meredith, 1997 — 1999. I actually permanently damaged my right arm biceps on the slope. That is another story.

I was so impressed and happy to see this solar project. Another instance of Meredith rising ABOVE the other towns in New Hampshire.

Of course, it wasn’t going to be cheap, and it must have taken quite a bit of clever footwork to get it approved by the Town Voters. But, over the long haul it will pay dividends and the newspaper article I show claims that.

But, even MORE IMPORTANTLY it is such a great, everyday REMINDER to the kids on the beauty of solar energy. Having the big monitor in the foyer showing the status of the system is MAGIC.

Bravo & Kudos.

Meredith you are such a shining example to THE WORLD. I am in awe. I regret that I ever moved away.

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by Anura Guruge

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