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American Airlines (AA) Boeing 737s — No Window In Row 10 (Left Hand Side).

by Anura Guruge

American Airline Boeing 737 No Window Row 10

A Google search CONFIRMED that this was a known issue.

The top pictures says it ALL. AA seats 10 A, B & C on Boeing 737s now do NOT have windows. 10 D, E & F does have a window. Go figure.

We encountered this on all four of our flights to Canyon de Chelly last week. I had booked my tickets directly via AA months ago. As a 1-Million mile ‘prefered’ passenger they recommended the best seats for us. These were the ones closest to the front. I took them on all four segments. Never told me that there was no window.

As it transpired this was no big deal. Teischan seats by the ‘window’ but she isn’t that fussed about looking out. She slept much of the way too — which is good. So, we didn’t even bother trying to switch.

But, just a HEADS UP.

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by Anura Guruge

Canyon de Chelly: 4-Hour 6-Wheeler (Jeep) Tour With “Thunderbird Lodge Tours”.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE the Pictures & Map.

In reality this is the ONLY way to see and get to know Canyon de Chelly. Going into the Canyon on horseback is fun (and we have done it twice) but you can’t cover as much ground and, from our experience, the guides that do horseback are not as ‘proficient’ as those on the ‘jeeps’. (But, there could be exceptions and we LUCKED out in that we got ‘Daniel Draper’ who has been doing jeep tours for 29-years). Yes, you can hike down to the ‘White House‘ (which we have also done twice) but you don’t get to see any of the key ‘pictographs‘ (painted) or ‘petroglyphs‘ (carved).

This was the second time I had done a ‘Thunderbird Lodge Tour‘ — albeit 19-years apart. The first time, in 1999, was in the BIGGER Korean-war era Army vehicles they used to have. But, then there was the infamous 2012 roll-over that (eventually) killed two. Everything changed after that — including the ownership of the iconic & historic ‘Thunderbird Lodge’. The 6-wheelers they use now are smaller and newer.

We lucked out — as was invariably the case during this entire 4-day trip to the Canyon (my 4th). Very few people. Most of the time, wherever we would be the only ones there. That is nice and highlights the trademark serenity of the Canyon (which is my favorite part).

We did not book a private tour. We just booked (in the morning) the 4-hour, 4pm (sunset) tour. We were told be there 20-minutes early.

Well it was just the two us, Teischan & I, and that was special. I, with extensive experience with Navajo, soon established a good rapport with Daniel — and I think he enjoyed it too, in that I was not a total novice when it came to the Canyon or the Navajo. We had such a good time that I invited Daniel and his two daughters for dinner with us (at ‘The Junction‘) and they accepted. We had a great time and the two, extremely talented daughters, regaled us with songs after the dinner.

The tour was good. We learnt a lot.

Totally recommend it. Yes, there are other tours. From what I can see they are roughly the same price, i.e., ~$70/person for 3-4 hours. But, I liked the tour we took.

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by Anura Guruge

Canyon de Chelly: Where To Eat In Chinle, Arizona.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE Images.

Mutton sandwich in Fried Bread at ‘The Junction’.

I am no stranger to Canyon de Chelly & Chinle, AZ. I have been there a total of four times, spanning 33-years.

33 years ago there was really ONLY one place to eat ‘Thunderbird Lodge Cafeteria‘ — and it WAS GOOD.

19 years ago you had the option of eating at the ‘Holiday Inn’ restaurant as well — BUT, the ‘Thunderbird Lodge Cafeteria’ was still the best.

3 years ago ‘Thunderbird Lodge Cafeteria’ (then called ‘The Sacred Lodge Cafeteria’) still rocked.

Not anymore. The ‘Thunderbird Lodge Cafeteria’, under new management (as of 18-months ago), SUCKS and sucks badly. The quality of food as plummeted.

Luckily there is the NEW ‘The Junction‘ attached to the ‘Best Western’ Hotel. ‘The Junction’ is GOOD. Very good and furthermore offers everything on the menu at the ‘Thunderbird’ and more. Yes, the common items between the two menus are typically $3 more expensive at ‘The Junction’, but that is well worth it since the quality and service is so much better. Plus ‘The Junction’ is full-service.

There is also a new “Denny’s” and a “Burger King” — the latter offering the ONLY reliable Wi-Fi in town.

“Denny’s” was OK. We had breakfast their once. Service was a tad slow but the food was OK.

We ate three nights in a row at ‘The Junction’ and even took some new Navajo friends there for dinner. They told us that they go there too — rather than the ‘Thunderbird’.

So, DEFINITELY recommend ‘The Junction’.

I personally also like “Church’s Chicken” and we have eaten there twice. It is fun and good.

Also do NOT forget the outstanding ‘Bashas’ supermarket with their deli that has an extensive range of hot food — including LOTS of great mutton. Their pot roast is very good.

So, my recommendations (at least for 2018): ‘The Junction’, “Church’s Chicken”, ‘Bashas’ supermarket, “Denny’s” & “Burger King”.

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by Anura Guruge

The ‘Radiance A3 Frontier’ Is An INSANELY DISCOUNTED Samsung S3 Frontier — For $50!

by Anura Guruge

Click to access this page. Google it. It appears you can get it from MULTIPLE sites.

Amazon listing from a few minutes ago.

** ** ** UPDATE ** ** **

It appears that this is a SCAM.

Too good to be true. Well glad I didn’t order one (though I was going to do so via PayPal (given their ‘guarantee’)).

You might have seen these Ads too — on Facebook and Instagram. When I first saw it I was immediately struck by its resemblance to the Samsung S3 — given that I owned one for nearly 6-months. I did some research. It has to be a S3 — either deeply discounted by Samsung or being copies.

That the Samsung S3 is still being sold at Amazon for $298 is ALSO CRAZY. It was ~$240 last Christmas when I bought mine. Yes, I had seen the price creep up, BUT now we know that the S4 is due soon.

I can’t find anybody who has bought a Radiance S3. I am tempted to order one. For $50 how can you go wrong? Will make a great Christmas or birthday present.

The Samsung S3 on MY wrist.

My Garmin Fenix 5.

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by Anura Guruge

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