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IF You Are Interested In The Different Types Of Orgasms — Check Out My ‘Orgasms’ Book.

by Anura Guruge

From the U.K. “Daily Mail“, July 31, 2018.
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An earlier post, albeit from 2018.

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Yes, today, July 31 is “National Orgasm Day”.

Well this was the “Daily Mail’s” obligatory ‘National Orgasm Day’ we-have-to-write-something-about-orgasms article.

I was actually aware of all of them. But, then again I kind of keep track of orgasms.

Well, all I wanted to convey to you was pretty straightforward. I have a fair amount of detail in my book, PLUS you should also do a search on ‘orgasmson this blog because I have done quite a few posts on this subject, dear to my heart.  

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by Anura Guruge

Selfie At ‘Canyon de Chelly’ Horseback Riding (Without Getting Photobombed).

by Anura Guruge

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Second time we have gone horseback riding in ‘Canyon de Chelly‘ with a Navajo guide — after getting the necessary permit to enter the Canyon. This was a 3-hour ride to the Canyon ‘Junction’ and back. I took this picture towards the end. This is the home stretch. The end of the Canyon was in sight.

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by Anura Guruge

U.S. Theodore McCarrick — First Cardinal To Truly Resign In 90-Years!

by Anura Guruge

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This is HUGE!

First real resignation of a Catholic Cardinal in 90-years.

The FIRST Cardinal to resign in the now 20-year(+) Sex Abuse scandal.

A major turning point for the Catholic Church.  A coming of age so to speak. The Church and a pope finally taking some meaningful action against pedophile priests.

For a cardinal to resign (from the ‘College of Cardinals’) a pope must accept the resignation.

Popes are reluctant to do so because it makes Cardinals appear human! Popes want to convey the image that Cardinals, like Popes, are beyond reproach and cannot be judged on Earth. Well, this has, AT LAST (at last) broken the pattern. For that we need to thank Pope Francis. For once he has played the ‘White Man’ after he looked a fool in the way he handled O’Brien.

Pope John Paul II, Benedict XVI & Francis allowed two prior scumbags Bernard (bloody) Law (the Outlaw) and Keith “I Lied” O’Brien to remain as cardinals despite their blatant abuse — O’Brien, like McCarrick accused of having his own way with young men. Disgusting.

This is good. A real turning point.

McCarrick will never stand trial. He is 89 and they will let him die … That is their way.

But, this is a good day. Rejoice.

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by Anura Guruge

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