“Buckey’s Restaurant & Tavern”, Moultonborough, NH — A Delightful & Outstanding Find.

by Anura Guruge

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It was a serendipitous discovery, on Saturday, September 9, 2017, and we are delighted. BEST restaurant we have eaten at over the last few weeks and we have eaten out quite a bit of late. It happened to be the 7th time we were eating out over the last 9 days.

The plan was to eat the restaurant at “Castle in the Clouds” after we meandered about. We had had lunch there in July and had really liked it. We got to the restaurant at 4pm to find that it was CLOSED and that it is only open till 3:30pm — even on weekends in the Summer. Poor show and I have e-mailed the Castle to express my dissatisfaction.

I remembered that there was a restaurant on Rte 109, on the left, not far from ‘the junction’. That is how we ended up at “Buckey’s“.

Initial reaction was a bit ‘mixed’. Deanna, who is not a big meat eater (as I am), was not impressed with their slogan “Where good friends Meat!” They really might want to rethink that given that they have a pretty varied menu. The stuffed Bobcat on the wall did not go down well at all, at all, with Teischan and I. Plus, there was a large table next to us that was rather loud with their inappropriate language.

But, the service and food won us over. We had a male served, Joe, of roughly the same vintage as I — which means he was no spring chicken. But, boy, was he good. Very impressed.

The quality of the food was a revelation. I tend to eat burgers, without a bun — since it fits in best with my diet. There “Big Buck Attack” with very good onion rings and huge side salad (for 50 cents) was amazing. So was the ‘Sampler’. Next time I will have to order two. It was gone in no time. Deanna had a Greek salad and had no complaints. I ordered a chocolate ‘bomb’ for Teischan and she was MOST impressed.

Very decent pricing. Wine by the glass is served in two sizes. 5oz and 8oz. I like that.

Yes, we will be going back.

Very impressed. Very happy.

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by Anura Guruge

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