Great Waters Music Festival (Wolfeboro, NH) 2014: Devanee (13) To Sing With Festival Chorus — “Evening of Broadway”

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.



by Anura Guruge

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Click to access the “Great Waters Music Festival” Website.

For the last two years, since September 2012, Devanee (then 11) has been singing with Clearlakes Chorale in Wolfeboro. Last weekend was her 4th public concert weekend with them — she also having taken part in their Christmas outreach programs.

Well as of this Summer she will also be singing with the Great Waters Festival Chorus.

We are chuffed. As with Clearlakes it will fall on me to take her to all the rehearsals but that is OK since I get to enjoy listening to some wonderful music and meeting some great people.

“Great Waters” had not been on our radar till now. There is only so much we can do — especially in the Summer.

About 6 weeks ago when I took Devanee for her weekly Clearlakes practices on a Thursday evening one of the Tenors, who we knew (as we do nearly all the Clearlakes singers), came over to talk to me with a sheaf of papers. The papers were about ‘Great Waters’. He a singer of great renown had been singing with Clearlakes, Great Waters and a Barber Shop Group for many, many years.

He said that he would like to see Devanee sing with Great Waters at the July Festival Chorus. Many at Clearlakes think that Devanee is a good soprano (for her age) and has potential. This gentleman, a very kindly soul, had greased all the skids at ‘Great Waters’ already. He had told them about her and even made sure that she would get a full ‘scholarship’ to pay for all the fees and music etc. All I had to do, if we were interested, was to fill in the forms.

We thought it was a great idea. I filled in the forms. Devanee had to write a short essay. We sent in the forms. I made a phone call. Yes, yes. It was true. They knew about Devanee. Yes, she would get a scholarship. Wow.

Today she got has acceptance letter and the book of music.

Well looks like I will be involved with “Great Waters” in much the way that I am with Clearlakes. That should be fun.

So stay tuned. Of course I will be doing posts about “Great Waters”.

They got Gordon Lightfoot playing for them on July 11, 2014. I like Gordon. My son’s middle name is Gordon — but he is named after Greenidge rather than Lightfoot. I have seen Lightfoot in concert. Long time ago. 1980. In an open air amphitheater in Phoenix, Arizona. First real concert I had attended in the U.S. It was a blast. All these planes flying overhead. Huge arena. It was June or July. It was hot. It was a great concert.

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