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Malaysian Airlines MH370: Why Is Australia’s P.M. Tony Abbott Providing Cover For The MH370 Perpetrators?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Australians themselves question the duplicity of their Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. Click to access original.

mh370more lies1a

Another report questioning INTEGRITY of the Australians … which is not surprising. Click to access original.

The good news is that Tony Abbott has NOT lost his credibility. He never had any to begin with.

He and Angus Houston set out to deceive the us, the public, from Day 1. In this case it was never ‘Houston, we have a problem’ it was always ‘Houston IS THE problem’.

Now 5 weeks later, with considerable consideration, I have finally come to the conclusion that Tony Abbott is in cahoots with those that BORROWED the MH370!

Were Australians involved?

Is MH370 in Australia?

All that the Australians did for ‘a month’ was to lead the whole World on a merry wild goose chase WHILE providing incredible cover for the perpetrators.

Was it for money, politics or some other personal gain.

Australians are now calling it a DEBACLE. [1st image]. It is more than that. It is a CRIME against humanity.

Ordered TP-Link TL-WA850RE Wi-Fi Range Extender To Replace Pathetic Linksys (Belkin) RE2000.

Cisco Linksys RE1000 -- piece of junk getting sledgehammer treatment.

Linksys RE1000 gets the treatment it deserves. I pulverize it with a heavy sledgehammer. It proved to be a piece of junk.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013. ..
... .. … .
Anura Guruge

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Click to access Amazon product page for this TP-Link Range Extender.

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To access TP-Link product page …

With a HUGE amount of help from the Office of John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, I finally, a few days ago managed to get my money back on the pitiful, pathetic Linksys RE2000. The RE2000 was a disaster from start to finish — exacerbated by the fact that I was trying to be nice to Linksys and bought it directly from Linksys rather than Amazon. I will NEVER again buy a Linksys product  and MOREOVER I will adhere, faithfully, to my usual practice of only buying electronics, cameras, optics etc. from Amazon or eBay/PayPal. IF I had bought the damn RE2000 I would have been able to return it with a single click on my mouse — with no problem. Bloody Linksys.

Anyhow I haven’t had a Range Extender for the last two weeks.

That meant I haven’t watched any cricket in two weeks! I was worried whether I would have withdrawal symptoms. Well, I managed. Rather than watching 40 minutes of cricket between 10 and 10:40 pm each and every night BEFORE I come up to start my 3rd shift of work, I have been watching documentaries. I like documentaries. So that has worked out. But, I do miss the cricket.

So last night I had no choice but to order a new Range Extender.

I had seen the TP-Link Extenders BEFORE but had discounted them because they were too CHEAP! I am a confirmed believer that you get what you pay for.

netgearapp1aI was going to get a NETGEAR Range Extender. I had even downloaded and used the NETGEAR Wi-Fi Analytics App on my Android Pad. It is cute. A bit confusing, unnecessarily but has enough data to make it useful. But, last night, serendipitously, and I am so glad, I discovered that NETGEAR Range Extenders create a NEW Wi-Fi network. I had found that the D-Link DAP-1320 did the same thing! Appears that it is technically the RIGHT way to extend a Wi-Fi signal. But it means that your devices have to connect to a DIFFERENT Wi-Fi network name — albeit in this case where the name will be the SAME as your original BUT with ‘_Ext’ added. But, I don’t want that.

From what I gather the TP-Link TL-WA850RE will not create a new network UNLESS I ask it to do so.

At $26.25 with FREE shipping the price was right. But, since it is Amazon, I decided to gamble even further. I bought a USED ONE, from Amazon directly, for $19.89 with free shipping! It is Amazon. If it doesn’t work it will go back. That is the beauty and magic of Amazon. Plus a Range Extender has no moving parts. So what can really go wrong. These could be famous last words. But, I again STRESS. Amazon. What can go wrong? They will take it back.

Of course I will keep you posted.

I just e-mailed TP-Link support. For that price, 1/3rd of that for a RE2000, I can afford to buy 3! So I want to know whether it will make sense for me to use two (2) TL-WA850REs in tandem. One of the 3rd floor and one on the 2nd. Like adding repeaters — which is how a Range Extender should function. Again, I will keep you posted.

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