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I Think I Am ‘OK’ With “Boris Johnson’s” Monumental Win In The UK — Because I So, So Badly Want ‘Brexit’.

by Anura Guruge

From the BBC. This was an historic win.

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I wanted ‘Brexit‘ way back 44-years AGO in 1975. Yes, 1975 — 44-years ago.

I proudly voted ‘NO’ in that 1st ‘Brexit’ referendum in 1975. I was among the 20% who wanted to leave at that juncture. But, WE, obviously, were RIGHT. It took the others 40-years to realize what we already knew.

I like open-borders BUT do NOT agree that being part of the EU is good for my Britain.

As such I am glad that Boris Johnson won and that he COULD now make Brexit a reality — though I am not, yet, convinced that it is a forgone conclusion. Anything could still happen.

I am infamous in the U.S., over the last 17-years as a bleeding-heart democrat. But, NOTE I was careful to say 17-years.

I was a Regan-worshipping Republican prior to that — and I used ‘worshipping’ advisedly.

Way back, before I turned 21, I was a Bernie Sanders! Yes …

But, then I started making money. SMILE.

I was accused of being to THE RIGHT of (Dear) Margaret Thatcher.

Though I became a Democrat in the U.S. (and worked like a black to get Obama elected), I have never sympathized with ‘Labor’ in the U.K.

Crazy, isn’t it.

But, the UK and US political spectrums are different. For a start the UK already has a sacrosanct single-payer medical system open to all, the NHS. So, come UK politics I have never had a major issue with the UK Conservatives.

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Boris Johnson is going to be GOOD FOR I. The UK Sterling Pound will be stronger which means that the two pensions I get from the UK will be slightly higher. It is not much so the increase will be marginal. But, better than a kick in the teeth. Boris will also be good for the stock market.

But, Boris scares I. So, I will have to keep an eye on him. Let’s start with Brexit. Lets see if he can make it happen.

Fingers crossed.

For NOW I am happy.

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by Anura Guruge

Fiona Hill’s Denigration Of Great Britain Unfair & Uncalled For.

by Anura Guruge

Yes, of course, as everyone is raving about, she was impressive and I was proud that she was British by Birth. But, I was disappointed and saddened about her comments, at the start of her public testimony, when she tried to ingratiate herself with the public, by claiming that she would not have had the opportunities that she had if she had stayed in Great Britain — because she was a miner’s daughter and had a strong working class accent. Balderdash. Tripe. Garbage.

I am 9-years older than her and ALSO grew up in Great Britain and went to University there (x2). I was even MORE disadvantaged than her — and I still have a wog accent. I was NOT white, I had no family at all in Britain. I grew up, on my own, in Great Britain from the time I was 16 — my adoptive parents a continent away.

But, I never lacked for opportunity in Great Britain. I, given my limitations, got all the opportunities I needed and MORE. I never felt that I was held back when it came to opportunity.

So, yes, you are dying to say, ‘BUT you also came over the U.S. of A.’ Yes, very true.

But, I did NOT come over looking for opportunity! There were THREE (3) reasons I came over in 1985 and by far the MAIN one was to pay less taxes on my earings! Kind of the opposite of looking for opportunity. I was in the same boat as the famous British pop stars of that era. We were getting taxed way too much. How come in my case given that I was not a famous pop star. My first book (which did very well (thank you)) and the tons of seminars I was doing — on top of holding some very nice jobs with all the perks, including company cars. I did OK in the UK. Thank you.

The other two reasons had to do with the weather (given that I had not seen the sun in three full-months) and a divorce that was never-ending. The plan, however, was to restructure my finances and go back. What happened? Two American wives (one ex-) and four American children. That is my story.

IF I am to be brutally honest, Fiona Hill hasn’t done that great! She, in reality, is a mid-level Federal employee. She could have, easily, accent or not, reached similar heights in the U.K. government.

I know plenty of folks from poor backgrounds that have done Brilliantly in the U.K.

And we all know the poverty and the homelessness in the U.S.

I don’t want to make a Federal case out of this. All I want to stress is that the U.K. is not a third-world country where opportunity is hard to come by. That is all I want to stress.

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by Anura Guruge

That The ‘Duchess of Sussex’, ‘Meghan Markle’, Is Still NOT A British Citizen Cracks Me Up. Has To Be Security Concern!

by Anura Guruge

Click to access U.K. ‘Daily Mail’ original.

Of course we know that there can be exceptions. Plus, she has connections. She is pretty closely related to the ONE person, unequivocally, that can grant British citizenship by a mere pronouncement. I would bet the Queen is not aware. She must have assumed that it was a done deal long time ago.

She just went on a Royal Visit to Africa representing the Queen. It is NOT right that she did that not as a citizen. She met with Heads of State. There was a potential for security violations.

Not right.

I think it took me about 10-months to get my British citizenship and my adoptive mother was THINKING of calling (her friend) the Queen to see if she could expedite it. In that light this is even funnier.

I might have to write another letter to MY Queen. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge

Remembrance Sunday 2019: 750,000 Red Poppies Dropped Over The Cliffs Of Dover By A WWII DC-3 ‘Dakota’.

by Anura Guruge

All images courtesy and with thanks from my favorite newspaper,
the incomparable U.K. “Daily Mail

Click to ENLARGE.

They were biodegradable — an paper poppies usually are. {Smile}.

Another outstanding tribute. I am so PROUD and happy. We do this with so much panache.

Wanted to share with YOU in case you hadn’t seen this. I saw this first thing this morning in the ‘Daily Mail‘.

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by Anura Guruge

Remembrance Sunday 2019, London Cenotaph Ceremony Videos, With My Queen Resplendent With 5 Poppies — Brushing Away A Tear.

by Anura Guruge

All images courtesy and with thanks from my favorite newspaper,
the incomparable U.K. “Daily Mail

Click to ENLARGE.

For the 3rd time, The Queen, now 93, watched from a balcony and let two generations of her male progeny lay the wreaths. This year, with time, alas, ticking away, she was more emotional than her usual calm, composed, regal self. She brushed away some tears. That was poignant. That she no longer lays the wreath herself is perfectly fine. We all understand and appreciate. She has done her duty — plenty.

This was her 68th Remembrance Sunday. Wow. See b&w image below when she attended with her dad, before she was queen.

For those unfamiliar with this holiday & tradition
please refer to my EARLIER post.
Thank YOU.

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by Anura Guruge

‘Jessica Hayllar’, Another AWESOME Female British Painter That I Discovered Today.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and admire here. From Facebook group “Female Artists in History”.

Click to ENLARGE. You can see the group name, viz. “Female Artists in History”. This was the picture they used to publicize her.

Click to ENLARGE and read. This, incredibly, is all Wikipedia has of her! No painting. Rather remiss. Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jessica_Hayllar

I have been a long-term subscriber to this Facebook page:

Click image to access.

Today’s treat was the picture shown in the 2nd image above. I was blown away. What detail. Looks like a photograph. So realistic. What talent. What patience. What dedication.

That she was female and British was a bonus.

I shared the Facebook post on my Facebook timeline and I was amazed by the folks that reacted and responded. She definitely gets attention and admiration.


Her father, James Hayllar, was also a famous painter. Here is one of his paintings.

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by Anura Guruge


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