Review Of “Jurassic World The Fallen Kingdom” By Teischan Guruge (12).

by Anura Guruge

by Teischan Guruge

The island where all the dinosaurs has a volcano on that is going to blow up. The government is trying to decide whether to save the dinosaurs or let them die.

Claire is the leader of a group who is trying to save the dinosaurs. She gets a call from a guy who wants to save the dinosaurs and he asks her to go to his mansion. She goes to his mansion and he asks her if she could convince her friend Owen to go to the island with them and try to capture Blue who is the last remaining dinosaur of her species. Claire convinces him and him, Claire, a dinosaur doctor and a computer guy go to the island. When they get there they meet a military guy who is supposed to help them. He takes them to a tank like thing and they ride around the island. They stop when they see one of the long neck dinosaurs then they keep going. They go to a shelter place that has computers and things that show where the dinosaurs are. The computer guy does stuff to unlock the shelter and they go in and the computer guy makes all the computers work and they find where Blue is. Owen and the dinosaur doctor go in the tank thing while Claire and the computer guy stay in the shelter.

Owen finds blue and blue remembers him but the military people show up and shoot blue with tranquilizer darts and then they shoot blue with a gun because he attacked someone. Then they shoot Owen with a dart and the dino doctor is forced to go with the military people because she has to get Blue to stay alive. Meanwhile Claire and the computer guy get trapped in the shelter because the volcano started erupting.

When the volcano started erupting Owen had just woken up and could barely but managed to get on a log but when he got on the log he was able to move and he ran away from the lava and met Claire and the computer guy who escaped from the shelter and told them to run. They found one of the ball things that roll and Claire and the computer guy got in but Owen was to slow and the door closed and they fell off a cliff into the ocean with all the dinosaurs. Then Claire and the computer guy got stuck in the ball and then Owen saved them.

Then they figured out the guy’s plan and had to race to the boat that was leaving with all the dinosaurs. The lava was coming fast so everyone had to run into the boat but at the last minute they got into a truck and Claire drove them into them onto the boat. On the boat they had to help the dino doctor save Blue but they needed blood that only one dinosaur on the boat had. So they went and found the dinosaur but it was a T-rex. They managed to get the blood and save Blue. When the boat arrived in California, Claire and Owen pretended to be a truck driver and almost made it to the mansion but they got caught and put in a jail cell like the dino’s.

Owen got a dinosaur to head but itself through the wall and through the jail bars so they could escape. When they got out they met Maisy who was the old guy’s granddaughter. She helped them buy telling them what they were doing. While they were talking the dinosaur auction started but then the head butting dinosaur and Owen came and started hurting people when they were showing the dangerous dinosaur. Everyone got scared and ran away while the military guy shot the dangerous dinosaur with some darts and then went in to steal a tooth from it and it ended up killing him. And he left the door open so it ended up escaping. Owen, Claire and Maisy were trying to find their friends but the dinosaur selling guy found them and told Maisy to come with him but she didn’t want to. And then he told them that she was a clone. Then the guy got attacked by a dinosaur and then they ran away and found their friends who told them there was a gas leak and the dinosaurs were dying. Claire wanted to release them but couldn’t make up her mind but then Maisy released them and they went running away and started taking over the world.

The End.


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