We Cleared The Christmas Day Snow, By Hand, In 75-Minutes.

by Anura Guruge

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It was quite the storm. It was coming down thick & furious for a good 6 hours, till about 1pm. Then it stopped — cold turkey.

Very light and fluffy. Not wet, heavy of sticky. That was good. We didn’t lose power. That, to I, was a Christmas miracle. I was all set. We went and got 10 gallons of gas for the generators.

All 4 of us went out to shovel. That does NOT happen very often anymore. It was good to all be out. Devanee, at 17, can shovel well, given the years of practice she has had. Teischan is not very keen and in the main goes through the motions. I used the pusher most of the time — partly because we were out of shovels, or at least the shovels I like to use.

But, it went fast. In 75-minutes we were down to the blacktop. Could get both vans out. That meant Devanee could go out and get some Chinese takeout. And that is exactly what she did.\

So, it all worked out.

Still have to shovel the mailbox and deck on Tuesday. But that will be my exercise for tomorrow. I will again be on my own. Christmas is over!

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by Anura Guruge


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