‘Free The Female Nipple’ Movement Comes To New Hampshire — Event Planned For Hampton Beach, August 23, 2015.

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by Anura Guruge

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 "Free the Nipple -- New Hampshire" Facebook group

Click to access “Free the Nipple — New Hampshire” Facebook group.

They quite rightly are taking this to also embrace totally liberalized,

To say I am in favor of that would be an understatement.
I am a huge proponent of breastfeeding.
Teischan was breastfed for 27 months.

So we are supporting this New Hampshire movement
full bore. No holds barred.

So stay tuned.


Pictures FROM the actual Sunday, August 23
event at Hampton Beach.

Click image to access the pictures.

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.


Kia makes it to Hampton Beach and the local newspapers.

Click here for post.


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4 responses to “‘Free The Female Nipple’ Movement Comes To New Hampshire — Event Planned For Hampton Beach, August 23, 2015.”

  1. Heidi Lilley says :

    can’t wait to see you there and meet you, I’ll be the gramma wearing the t-shirt 🙂

    • aguruge says :

      I will look for you. I am sure you will standout in the crowd. I should be EASY to spot. The guy with the BEST TAN in New Hampshire.

      • Heidi Lilley says :

        some of us are gathering at my house in Gilford this Sunday to kind of discuss the event and have a little cookout and just kind of figure this whole event out if your interested in coming over and meeting us let me know or let Kia know.

      • aguruge says :

        Thank you. I will let you know if I can. Thanks. Crazy busy. Got ANOTHER book to finish and this one has a REAL deadline.

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