His Vow Of Chastity Be Damned, Pope Francis Just Screwed The U.S. Catholics!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

This from the “Daily Beast”. Plenty more on the Web. Just Google.

I said it before …

This is unquestionable. Pope Francis has turned into a very BAD MAN. How can you, in ANY FAITH, try to keep on blocking safeguards against sex crimes against INNOCENT kids.

This pope is rapidly becoming a disgrace. Yes, of course, there have been worse popes BUT not in recent times.

I despair of the U.S. Catholics — and I have family and friends who are U.S. Catholics.

Pope Francis likes to think he is God, but he is NOT. He really isn’t. He is a very fallible, old, obese man who shuffles about with a limp. No, he does NOT levitate.

Please, please, please stand up to him. He is just like Trump. The only difference is he is too dumb to know how to use Twitter.

Do you detect that I am angry. I sure am. I am a FATHER. A real one. Not a pretend one who asks people to call them ‘Father’.

I have always railed against the SEX CRIMES by the Catholic clergy.

This pope is without shame …. and for that matter, brains. What a disgrace.

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by Anura Guruge

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