We Got Our Jaguar — A Burgundy Red XJ8 (From ‘Dave’ at “European-Cars”, Outside Philadelphia, On eBay)

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by Anura Guruge

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A Jaguar has been on the cards since last September — once we got the 1968 Green MGB. Our lease on the KIA Sportage was expiring in May/June 2015 and Devanee and I prevailed that we should get a Jag as the replacement. Initially it was going to be a ‘practical’ AWD X-Type. ‘We’, Devanee & I, looked at quite a few, online, over the winter. We were going to get a British Racing Green (BRG) to match the MGB. But, lets face it the X-Type is not a quintessential Jag.

And then a couple of months ago Deanna let it slip that she would quite FANCY a V-8 Jag. The die was cast. We would get a XJ-8 — because now we had at least a partial vote from Deanna.

I started looking. The KIA goes back May 29. Not many GOOD, ‘low-milage’ Jags for sale in New England — especially NOT New Hampshire. Found a few in Maine and Mass. I waited until we got back from Arizona. Then we were in May and it was time to act.

I checked out various online sites including eBay. I ‘really’ wanted an XJR with the turbos. Could have had one shipped from Houston, Texas BUT getting a car shipped, sight unseen, did not appeal.

Started looking at eBay in earnest. There were a few Jags I liked and they were ALL from ‘European-Cars‘ outside Philadelphia. I had spoken with ‘Dave’, the person listed in all the ads. , preliminarily, about shipping options, before we went to Arizona. A few days after we got back from Canyon de Chelly, and with my latest book published, I felt I had the time to get this done once and for all. I kept on coming back to this 2002 Burgundy XJ8, with ’57K’. Showed it and a few others to Devanee and Deanna. Tesichan didn’t really care one way or another. I knew what Devanee would pick. Deanna is also liked the Burgundy.

I called up Dave on May 8, 2015 — the first Friday after Arizona. We agreed on a price. It was more than double Kelley Blue Book but Kelley really doesn’t have a clue as to what low-milage Jags sell for.

Deanna, with her bad back, would not have been happy driving up from Philadelphia. So the plan, all along, was to go down with the two kids, pick up the Jag and drive it back. The kids had never been to Philadelphia and they have, of late, become avid tourists. Then came the the Brandon Bostian Amtrak 188 crash. We were going to go Thursday, after school, and drive back Friday. Well the best laid plans of mice and men.

The kids and I left at 3:15 am on Saturday morning. Coach to Boston South Station. Amtrak to New York City. Times Square. 6pm Greyhound to Philadelphia. Get there just before 8pm. Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District. All day Sunday and Monday morning to explore. Betsy Ross house, Art Museum, Zoo, Balloon ride, Liberty Bell, horse carriage ride, Rodin exhibit, Chinatown for Dinner, Reading Market for Breakfast, a tour of the Mint AMONG other things. Picked up the Jag, from Dave, at 1pm. Drove back 390 miles. Traffic, in places was horrendous. One spectacular van accident. WOW! We stopped. The car was wonderful. Devanne adores it. Teischan likes it. I am very pleased. No buyer’s remorse at all, at all.

“European-Cars” (also known by at least 2 other names, including “Car Cheer”) is OK. Dave is OK.

You can dismiss most, if NOT ALL, the negative reviews you will find online about them.

I will write separate posts on “European-Cars” & Dave. But, trust me, they are OK. I would buy from Dave again — and there is a pretty good chance that this might happen sooner than you think. SMILE. We are still one car short. Devanee and I both feel that we really must have an Jaguar XJS to drive around in the Summer/Fall. SMILE.

Bottom line. We are very pleased with the XJ8 we got from Dave at “European-Cars”.

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3 responses to “We Got Our Jaguar — A Burgundy Red XJ8 (From ‘Dave’ at “European-Cars”, Outside Philadelphia, On eBay)”

  1. janelleyjames says :

    Wow, that’s a gorgeous jag you got there. Absolutely beautiful.

    • aguruge says :

      What would I do without YOU? My greatest fan! Thanks, Janelle. It is rather nice. I wanted it as soon as I saw it on eBay. That Devanee also liked it, and wanted it, helped. Buying it was quite the experience. All the best. Anura

      • janelleyjames says :

        They are luxurious. Dan had two, he still has one but the electrical is messed up because he lets people drive them. He’s not a materialistic guy and loves to share, the money he spends on these things didn’t even upset him when people destroy his things. I wouldn’t let just anyone drive my nicest most expensive things because I couldn’t trust they wouldn’t take care of them like “I” would.

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