Roderick Russell’s Mesmerizing Hypnosis Show At Sandwich Fair, N.H. On Sunday, October 12, 2014.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Our whole trip to the Sandwich Fair this year (a fair that we go to every year without fail) was all planned around the Roderick Russell show on Sunday. We saw him doing his astounding sword swallowing act two years ago at Sandwich and have been great fans of his ever since — that he had me on stage may have played a part. His show was scheduled to start at 11:20 and we got there just after 11.

We are glad we made a point of going to it. It was quite the show. World class entertainment. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post I am not a stranger to hypnosis though I have steadfastly refused to be hypnotized — for exactly the very same reasons that I never did drugs (though I hung around with some very heavy users). Ever since I was quite young I have kind of known that I like how my brain is and I don’t want anything messing with it (though some will argue that I should quit the wine if I am that concerned). 

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Roderick. We know he is a mentalist too and I knew he would somehow meld the two together. To be honest I was worried for him. Wasn’t sure how a hypnosis show would go down at Sandwich — on a Sunday morning. Sword swallowing is one thing, hypnosis a very different ball game. I need not have worried. Roderick Russell excelled. He exceeded all of my expectations for the entertainment quotient. He is GOOD. Very good and he knows it — which is good.

He had the near packed crowd totally mesmerized and entertained. They will be having him back again. Of that there is no doubt or debate. He sure delivered on what he must have promised. He entertained.

Yes, Deanna volunteered. She has had some experience with hypnosis (though without much luck). She wasn’t, however, on stage for long. She is not a good hypnosis candidate.

So there is one key issue that has to be asked given that I am a professional cynic — and Deanna too has questions today. No doubt, no question this was CLASS entertainment. Better than any comedy act — ever. But was it real?

Only Roderick Russell can really answer that.

That said, IF you want to be entertained, go see Roderick Russell. This is his magical Website.

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I shot 135 images during the show! Some didn’t come off as well as I would have liked. The stage was backlit by some strong sunshine during the entire show. As is my recent wont I put all these images into YouTube and created 6:42 minute photo montage set to music. The images are in chronological order. So they are as I shot them during the 1 hour show. You should be able to get a feel for what was happening. As ever I got some local color too. The chef is no other than Common Man owner Alex Ray. Don’t pay much heed to the older gentleman taking a nap. Maybe Roderick had hypnotized him at a distance.

Click to access and enjoy YouTube video.


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