Dim Sum In China Town, Boston — The Update

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Dim Sum In China Town, BostonAugust 24, 2012.

Me with all 4 kids. The baby is not mine. He is my cousin twice removed. So work out the other four.

We went yesterday, to China Pearl, of course. I realized, to my chagrin and horror, that we hadn’t been to Dim Sum since March. Yes, we had gone to Boston in June, but that was mid-week, and to meet my father who was visiting Boston on a cruise ship. That is when we did the interview about Buddhism.

The 2 older kids were able to make it again this time, making it twice in a row that they had made it to Dim Sum. My 1st cousin’s son, who lives in Boston, and his son were able to make it too. [For the record, he is not my second cousin. I researched it. He is my first cousin once removed and his son, 15 months old, is my cousin twice removed. My kids and my cousin’s son are 2nd cousins. Got that?]

So we were 9 including the baby. I had asked for a table for 10 because I expected my son to bring a friend. That was the only bad part about yesterday’s experience. They gave us a great table. Huge. Plenty of room, but it, along with another of the same size, were at the back of the 1st (main) floor dinning room — on a raised pedestal. That was a bummer. The carts couldn’t come right up to the table. They would stop at the steps. Fortunately my eldest daughter, now 23, who has been going to this restaurant for at least a decade took charge; as befits someone who will have her Master’s in Forensic Psychology in a few months. She even went looking for duck for her brother. I was impressed. Matthew, very young, acquired a taste for Peking duck. Danielle got us two plates of Peking duck and two of Peking pork. It is good to have resourceful kids.

Good time was had by all. I ate a lot, as I always do. The kids and Deanna are more restrained. We walked to the Boston harbor waterfront, by the Aquarium, after that. They now have a very nice bamboo park, with a water course, outside China Town, paralleling I-93. It is supposed to be, if you know your nature, a Panda habitat imitation. Very cute. Very soothing. We walked through it twice; once going, the other leaving. It was a picture perfect day in Boston. lots of crowds. Lot of boats. A wonderful Labor Day Sunday. And yes, the parking was free. We parked in the Financial District, underneath the Bank of America castle.

What a Dim Sum check looks like — AFTER they tally the icons at the end. This was for 8 people. So the $100 is pretty good — though I nor my daughter nor her boyfriend had any cocktails as we sometimes do.

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