The Higher Price Of A Garmin Leather Strap Is Definitely Justifiable Especially With A ‘Metal’ Body.

by Anura Guruge

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Garmin leather strap MARQ Expedition Anura Guruge

Yes, this Garmin leather strap is on my MARQ Expedition.

Yes, it comes with its own leather strap. But, that is a rather special, EXPENSIVE strap.

Original leather strap on the MARQ Expedition.

Though Garmin says that the strap will AGE with grace, I rather not wear in 24×7 and get it wet more than it needs to.

Yes, the MARQ also comes with its own, special — bigger shouldered — silicone strap (in black).

But, I prefer a leather strap on the MARQ.

I tried two CHEAP leather straps from Amazon. Big mistake.

The brown one chafed against the titanium body and also scratched easily.

The black one has a metal fitting that rubs against the body.

So, I learned. The Garmin costs more, BUT you get a much, much, much better leather strap. Yes, I have already showered with it and it dries in minutes.

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by Anura Guruge

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