“Cannon Aerial Tramway”, “Franconia Notch State Park”, New Hampshire — June 11, 2018.

by Anura Guruge

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Flume Gorge New Hampshire Anura Guruge Sony a7 II

Click to access the official Website for the Aerial Tramway.

Teischan and I took this in on Monday afternoon, June 11, 2018, after we had done the ‘The Flume‘. We actually got the combined ‘Discovery Ticket‘ that included both attractions. They are, however, not close together, the ‘Aerial Tramway’ about 5 miles to the north of ‘The Flume’.

It was a BLAST. We lucked out with the weather. Near perfect visibility of around 72 miles (according to the tramway operators). It was spectacular. The vistas were just magnificent.

Though she is a skier this was Teischan’s first time in a ‘big’ cable car. She liked it. As a veteran of Italian alp skiing I have been on bigger cable cars that went to much greater heights. But, this is the first time I have gone up a ski resort in Summer. It was fun. So much so that I will do it again.

Highly recommended — especially if the weather is good. We lucked out in that it was a Monday before the Summer rush. We were told that it can get very busy and crowded. That probably won’t be as much fun.

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by Anura Guruge


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