Malaysian Air MH17: I Can’t Help Think That There Is A KAL 007 Like Plot And That MH370 Was A Failed Attempt!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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I have always readily admitted that I am cynic’s cynic and even refer to myself as a professional cynic. So, please, indulge me when I tell you that I can’t get the notion that MH17 was a ‘sacrificial scapegoat’ just like KAL 007 had been. In my mind, “somebody” (and I will let you work out who that “somebody” is) wanted to see how far “they” (Ukraine forces, Ukraine rebels or even Russian ‘advisors’) could be provoked — how far they could be pushed. Folks that follow this stuff has known for a whole week that a  Soviet “Buk” (SA-11Gadfly”) surface-to-air missile was on the loose. I think “the powers that may” wanted to see if “they” would use it! So, just as with KAL 007, send an “Asian” plane. Of course I could be way, way off base. I hope so. But, the doubt lingers in my mind.

Note that MH370 went ‘poof’, and we still have not seen a single bit of debris, a couple of weeks into the Ukraine crisis. Had the ‘authorities’ BOUGHT MH370 for a similar mission only to lose it, over the NORTH Indian Ocean because of pilot error? So in my scenarios the ‘authorities’ are ‘buying’ these flights from the Malaysians — just like they ‘bought’ KAL 007.

Tell me, with conviction, that I am totally wrong. That would make me very happy because as a frequent flyer the thought of 298 folks just going POOF while serenely flying at 32,000′ bothers me. That could have been me — though I have, thank Buddha, have never flown Malaysian and will NEVER fly Malaysian. I have flown Singapore, Air India, Air Ceylon, Sri Lanka Air, Thai International, El Al etc. etc., not counting European and U.S. careers — but never Malaysian.

There is definitely something not right here.

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