Took The Kids To See “Frozen” Because I Felt Bad That “The Lego Movie” Was Such A Dud.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.legoboo

Anura Guruge

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Though Deanna & I watch ~90 minutes of movies (pre-recorded on the DVR) each night, we don’t go to the cinema that often — and when we do it tends to be in clustered spurts. So, I felt bad that the kids, or more to the point Teischan, got duped because “The Lego Movie” was such a let down. Though she claimed she ‘liked’ it, her real feelings about it came out a couple of days later. I asked her whether she would like to watch it again when it was available on ‘TV’. She immediately said ‘NO’! As any of you who have had kids know, they have an infinite capacity to watch animated classics such as Nemo, Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast etc. etc. ad infinitum. So Teischan’s lack of interest in seeing ‘Lego’ again tells it all. It was a dud. I kind of felt bad. Felt that I had deprived her of getting her cinema treat.

For whatever reason ‘Frozen’ had not registered with ME until I saw the posters for it when we went to see ‘Lego’. Appears that the kids knew it and the songs from it well. Both Teischan and Devanee wanted to see it. Deanna wasn’t that keen but relented. It was the last day of their February, mid-term vacation and I felt that I had earned a ‘break’ after getting the Kindle version of “Pope John XXIII: 101 Facts & Trivia” published on Friday night.

Rather than going to Cinemagic Hooksett again (and that there was a dead body in the woods behind while we were watching ‘Lego’ kind of creeped me out) we decided to go to Portsmouth for a change — we go to Bedford/Manchester so often, I like a change. So we ended up at the new Cinemagic in south Portsmouth — on Route 1. Easy enough to get to. Seems nicer than the one in Hooksett.

Frozen was GOOD. Now that is what a modern animated movie is supposed to look like. They didn’t have it in 3D. So had to see it 2D. Color, detail, texture and lightning were perfect. Really showed how poor the ‘Lego’ movie was. Cute little story. Good songs and music. Kids loved it. Some will say it is a girl’s movie. But isn’t that true with many of the Disney classics? Then by that token, ‘Lego’ was a boy’s movie and that is not good or fair. Right now I have two girls who love Lego.

Well, it was a good 2 hours. A rejuvenated and expanded Disney classic (from the 1930s, I would think), with a title somewhere along the lines of “I Love My Horse”, which was shown as a ‘trailer’, was very, very clever. Showed off today’s cartoon creating technology to a ‘T’. At the end when they showed the credits, for what was probably just a 10 minute clip, I was amazed by the number of people it had taken to make it. Wow. Talk about labor intensive and that with all of the supercomputers  

It was a good two hours. Nice diversion. Then we discovered a really nice, brand new (i.e., open just 9 days), diner in the same plazza. 

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