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It Grieves Me So To See Ian Botham Shamelessly Sporting A HUGE Gut. Oh, Ian!

by Anura Guruge

From this August 6, 2018 YouTube video — BELOW. Most recent example I could find. I have seen him, the last two days, on the England vs. India 2nd Test coverage from Lord’s. That is when I noticed it.

Click image to access MY POST from August 14, 2016.

I have, of course, been watching the engrossing England v India 2018 series with increasing fascination. The Tests have been so amazingly gripping that I have been trying to watch as much ball-by-ball coverage and pre-/post-match commentary as possible in addition to my usual consumption of the 1-hour ‘highlights’. That is how I had come to see full, body shots of Ian. It is NOT a pretty sight. I only saw the above video (from August 6, 2018), which quite clearly shows his overspilling belly, when I went looking for a picture to illustrate my point.

Ian and I are British contemporaries, in reality he 3-years my junior. I saw a LOT of him, some in the flesh (in Somerset (with Viv), in Hampshire and at Lord’s), and tons on TV. I like Ian. What is there NOT to like. He is the cricketer’s cricketer.

That is why I am distressed.

Why Ian? Why?

He knows better. He has a daughter with Type 1 diabetes. We also now know that he suffers from impotence! That sounds like an oxymoron. How can OUR Ian Botham be impotent?

This is NOT right.

Yes, he is not the only famous ex-cricketer lugging around a hefty gut.

But, Ian.

Yes, he was ‘BEEFY’ all his adult life. But, never like this.

Yes, I need desperately to lose 20 – 30 pounds. But, luckily (and it just pure luck) my gut is not as big as his — as yet. So, I too suffer.

Please, Ian …

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by Anura Guruge


India Should As Of Now Just Stick To Playing IPL, Test Cricket Is Way Out Of Their League.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.. From, of course. Where else?

The First Test against England was pretty bad.

But India’s 1st innings in the 2nd Test was something else. Wow. What a joke. And they came with so much swagger.

Murali Vijay. What a clown. Faced 5 balls and missed them all. Yikes. I have had some dreadful innings with a bat, BUT I can’t ever recall anything like that. I would at least put bat to ball.

Yes, of course, given that this is the Indians, this could be a RIGGED match, with billions of dollars being bet. That would be one explanation.

The other is that the Indians have got spoilt by the IPL. Test cricket is way too difficult.

Funny thing is that I do like the Indian team. But, you had to laugh. Otherwise you had no option but to cry.

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by Anura Guruge

Where Does South Africa Find Them? First Aiden Markram & Now Reeza Hendricks.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

From ‘’ at Click to ENLARGE and study here.

Century on ODI Debut — from

Click to ENLARGE.

Only the 14th to do so.
Fastest by a MILE. 89 balls.

First there was Aiden Markram just under a year ago. And now Reeza Hendricks as Markram’s replacement. Never heard of him until today. But, boy was I impressed. 4 off his first ball. He was special.

Ironic that he replaced Aiden Markram. I am GLAD that dropped Markram. He was getting to be an embarrassment! Shame. But, that is cricket. I hope he finds his form again.

In the meantime if Reeza Hendricks can maintain his. Shame he got out, as so many do, right after the milestone. Always makes me wonder.

Well, looking forward to the 4th ODI. He will, of course, play, barring injury.

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by Anura Guruge

Barack Obama’s Inspirational Speech On “Mandela Centenary” In South Africa.

by Anura Guruge

Short, abridged ‘5-minute‘ version from NBC News.

Longer ’90-minute’ version also from NBC News.

This is quite the speech. You really should try and listen to at least a part of it. So, inspirational.

The GREAT Nelson Mandela, whom Obama referred to as a ‘Giant’, would have been both proud and happy with this speech. They liked and respected each other. Can YOU imagine what Nelson would make of Donald Trump?

Though he and I had a few major disagreements (and even some blowouts) over ‘Obamacare‘, I have always liked the man and enjoyed watching him speak. (And, yes, I did campaign for him, like a black, going door-to-door, three times.)

It is so refreshing to see Obama SMILE and look happy when he speaks. Trump looks like he is in urgent need of Extra-Strength ‘Preparation H‘.

Obama has a tremendous sense of humor. Listen to the opening.

The South African audience, ALAS, totally misses one of his BEST punchlines. He talks about it being cold in South Africa and how he is wearing long johns. Then, he says, deadpan: “You know I was born in Hawaii“. They didn’t get it.

Great speech. Tremendous for “Mandela Day”.

Two GREAT men. What an honor and pleasure.

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by Anura Guruge

100 Iconic Image Video, By ‘USA Today’, For The GREAT ‘Nelson Mandela Centenary’ — Tomorrow, July 18, 2018.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the official Website for this momentous Centenary.

Spend 1:40 minutes JUST savoring this. It will do you a power of good.

Today, more than any other day we need to remind ourselves what a GREAT LEADER, A GREAT MAN looks like — and acts like.

Yes, he had flaws, but by golly he was A MAN.

What an inspiration, even today.

Please, please just let this just wash over you. [No, you don’t need to thank me. {Smile}]

Did I tell you that I am a HUGE Nelson Mandela fan?

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by Anura Guruge

Sri Lankan Test Trio, Surprisingly, Admit To Conduct Unbecoming Of Cricket.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. Base article, without annotations, from “”. Comments are mine.

Lawyers in Sri Lanka must have prevailed BECAUSE these three CLOWNS would have insisted that they did nothing wrong — since at least one of them, Dinesh “I CHEAT” Chandimal, has acted over the last few years as if thinks he is God’s bastard son. Ten years ago, when he was breaking into the scene, he was such a nice and personable kid. Now he is an insufferable dork — who never walks and always questions the umpires. He is BAD for cricket.

Well, Dinesh “I CHEAT” Chandimal, will miss the 3rd Test match against the Windies, starting Saturday, June 23, 2018. That is GREAT news. Following this hearing, with them having confessed to their crime, he will miss at least another couple. That is so, so good for cricket.

There is NOW WAY that these three clowns can refute the charge against them, viz., “conduct contrary to the spirit of the game“. We have it all on video. Them refusing to play and ARGUING, in public, with the umpires and match refree. The coach and the unseemingly obese team manager should be banned from International cricket for LIFE. They were a bloody disgrace. I have not been so annoyed with anything to do with cricket as I was with their moronic tactics — holding up play for 2-hours.

The ICC Officials should have called the match off and given it to the Windies claiming that the stupid Sri Lankans forfeited the match.

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by Anura Guruge

So Frigging Mad At Sri Lanka’s Cry-Baby, Unsportsmanlike Test Cricketers: Take The Ball And GO HOME!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. Base image from “”.

That is why the school I attended in London had this very profound saying: “Play the White Man“.

The frigging Sri Lankans, in the 2nd match against the Windies, in St Lucia, were were frigging disgrace. They acted just like brown guys and that irks me because it makes all of us brown guys look bad.

Refusing to PLAY is a heinous crime when it comes to cricket.

I blame the umpires. They should NOT have pandered to these big cry-babies. When they didn’t take the field at the appointed hour the game should have been awarded to the Windies.

They buggers should just take their ball, tampered or otherwise, pack their bloody bags and go back to where they came from.

We do NOT need them.

They are BAD news to cricket.

I hope the ICC ban them for 1,000 years!

Am I mad. Yes. I am frigging mad.

I hate to see MY CRICKET disrespected.

You know this is why there is an expression: “just not cricket”.

The bloody Sri Lankans definitely did NOT play cricket.

Bunch of cry babies.

Another time they acted up like buffoons.

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by Anura Guruge

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