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Mid-August And 2020 Fall Foliage Is Starting To Appear In Central New Hampshire.

by Anura Guruge

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Kind of incongruous in that it has been a NOTICEABLY hot Summer with multiple weeks of non-stop over 80F days. So much so that even I might have to concede ‘Global Warming‘.

But, some nights have been cool, i.e., low 60Fs (if not slightly cooler). That will do it.

I hear the same is happening in Wisconsin.

Could prove to be an interesting Fall.

I will, of course, keep you posted.

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by Anura Guruge


I Warned Of Electronic Voter Machine Hacking & Fraud 4 Years Ago — Yes, In 2012.

by Anura Guruge

With the Wisconsin recount electronic voter machine
hacking and fraud is now BIG news.


Click to access ‘WIRED’ magazine original.


Click to access “ComputerWorld” original.

Well, I warned of this,
talking about exactly what could
happen over 4 years ago!


Click to ENLARGE and read snippet here. Use link below to access November 4, 2012 post.

To access my November 4, 2012 post click here.

2016: Red - Blue Map

2016: Red – Blue Map

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by Anura Guruge

I Spoke With A Lady, Who Works For TDS, Who Still Has 30Kbps DIAL-UP — In Rural Wisconsin (Through TDS).

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I had called up to double confirm (and get on the record) that I had cancelled my DISH account as of June 21, 2013 — given that I pay my DISH bill through TDS.

She was a TDS rep. that worked in the billing department. So once we had the DISH cancellation recorded, and TDS is very good at keeping notes about phone conversations against your account, she started asking me whether there was anything she could do to make my TDS service better. I said I wanted more bandwidth. She checked what I had and said that I am getting the max. available in this area, q.v., 15 Mbps (download).

She then told me that she still uses dial-up. I was floored. She lives in farming country south of Green Bay. She only has two options: satellite internet or dial-up via TDS, Wisconsin TDS’ HQ. Wow. She thinks she gets 30Kbps. I am humbled. In 1997 when I moved to the Lakes Region I could only get ISDN in Meredith — at 64Kbps. I got two ISDN lines and an aggregator so I could have 128Kbps.

I really had no idea that people still had dial-up!

Evocative, Though Not Fully Representative Google Doodle, In The UK, For Master Toymaker Frank Hornby’s 150th Birthday, May 15, 2013.


Anura Guruge

Last Google Doodle post:
Sabrina Brady winner ‘Doodle 4 Google’ — May 23, 2013.
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Click to access this May 15, 2013 U.K. only Google Doodle in the Google archives.

Click to access this May 15, 2013 U.K. only Google Doodle in the Google archives.

Read about the inspired genius Frank Horny in Wikipedia. Just click.

Read about the inspired genius Frank Horny in Wikipedia. Just click.

The undeniable ‘Big Boy’.

Love of all things train-related (and with that model railroads) has been one of my longest abiding lifelong passions – even predating my devotion to cricket and airplanes. I am surrounded by model trains as I write this. I have a badly neglected Z-gauge train set, on a table, right in front of me, to my side I have three small shelves with HO and N-gauge railway engines — including an N-gauge, 4-8-8-4 Union Pacific Big Boy. But since I grew up in Ceylon, during the first decade of independence after 200 years of avuncular British rule, it was British toys that shaped my life and Hornby bestrided that world.

It was Hornby 3-track, ‘dublo‘ [i.e., double-“O”, OO, the UK variant of HO] train sets, Meccano construction sets and Dinky toys. [My mother once reckoned that I had over 500 Dinky Toys between the ages of 2 and 12. I have to confess I destroyed them all!] Frank Hornby invented Hornby Trains, Meccano and Dinky. What a man.

Pocket Erector kits (on eBay).

Pocket Erector kits (on eBay).

I asked this question from a lady during last Saturday’s Meredith community yard-sale since she was selling a ‘Pocket Erector Set‘. The question being: “How come they call ‘Meccano’ sets ‘Erector’ sets in this country, when folks are so sensitive about such words?” She didn’t have an answer. I would be embarrassed to buy a ‘Pocket Erector Set‘ for my son! Have YOU ever bought a ‘Pocket Erector Set‘ for one of your sons. Yes, I actually do have two BIG Erector sets in my study too!

I like the Doodle, but I am disappointed that it only has one, and rather poor at that, image of a Meccano kit and nothing showing Dinky. That is rather poor. Come on Google. Do some Googling before you create these Doodles (or ask me).

Hornby shaped my life. Thank YOU, Mr. Hornby.

I had this engine c. 1959.

I got this Hornby ‘Deltic’ for my 25th birthday, the ‘Deltic’ even today my favorite diesel.

I Take Umbrage To The Implication That ‘Alida Milham’ Of Gilford Looks Like ‘Ray Burton In Drag’! That Is Insulting To ALL.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

It is no secret that we are ardent Democrats (though I was a staunch, to the ‘Right Of Margret Thatcher‘ conservative/republican until my ‘Road to Baghdad‘ epiphany in 2003). You only have to scroll through this blog or check my popes and papacy blog where I rail against the inane Catholic Bishop of Green Bay, Wisconsin, who has stated that those that vote Democrat are going to hell!

We know Alida Milham. Her husband, Peter, has been our lawyer. He was a fellow member at Laconia Rotary. Alida and Peter attended our wedding.

I know Ray Burton. He knows me, but not by name. Irrespective of his orientation, or probably because of it, Ray is a LOVELY man. You cannot take that away from him. Period. For the last 15 years, whether it be Gilford Ol’ Home Day parade, Sandwich Fair or an exclusive ‘Rose Garden‘ tea party in Meredith (organized by the local GOP stalwarts), Ray will come and shake my hand — probably because I stand out, usually being the only non-white for miles. I like Ray. I like his Cadillac too (or is it an Oldsmobile).

So here is the offending post. I am NOT going to give it publicity by stating where it came from. Most of you from around here will figure it out.

Click to ENLARGE … so you can read it. This is WRONG! No need for this kind of base behavior. These two, irrespective of political persuasion, lifestyle choice and looks, are outstanding HUMAN BEINGS.

Alida Milham from 2003 and I think she looks great, as does Peter, the always debonair attorney.

Well I have already said ALL I have to say about
Lisa DeMartino.

If Alida, Lisa and Ray are supposed to be wrong, I don’t want to be RIGHT!

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