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Weebly, To Its Credit, Now Provides FREE SSL Security On ALL Hosted Websites, Irrespective Of Plan.

by Anura Guruge

Click to check out the HTTPS:// on the Website. Pretty cool.

Click to check out the HTTPS:// on the Website. I am happy.

Click image to access the Weebly instructions.

Bravo, Weebly!

This was a good move — especially now that Google & Chrome have started ostracizing Websites that do not support SSL-certificate based security, even IF they are only one-way, push-only, informational sites.

Weebly has had SSL support for quite a while now, albeit just on its premium $25/month Business Plan.

Now, and I think it was as of today, they have made it available, FOR FREE, on ALL of its hosting plans. That is a good deal in that GoDaddy is charging $60/year!

Moreover, it is pretty easy to ENABLE!

But, But, But …

Here is a $64,000 TIP.

Read the Weebly SSL instructions to understand the whole process.

THEN, if your domain name is registered somewhere else, e.g., GoDaddy, Network Solutions etc., GO and change your DNS A-record FIRST.

This is CRUCIAL.

Until the A-record is pointing to the NEW you CANNOT enable SSL.

And the A-record propagation can take an hour.

So do the A-record FIRST. Trust me on this. Then wait 1 – 2 hours.

Then follow the instructions and enable SSL in your SETTINGS.

SSL will be enabled in seconds.

Pretty neat.

The GoDaddy process, in comparison, is a nightmare EVEN once you pay them to help you get it done.

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by Anura Guruge

Old Pictures Of Ceylon — Archived For The Edification Of All.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail . .
by Anura Guruge

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Over the years I would receive great pictures of Ceylon, from the old days, from various people.

It kind of went unsaid that some of them wanted me to share these pictures with the World given that they knew that I had Web presence.

And I actually did that. For the longest time I had an ‘Images from Ceylon’ page on my ‘guruge.com‘ Website. When I redid the Website, in Weebly, I never got around to adding that page back on.

Well this morning, spurred by a post I saw on Facebook, my my old ex-school mate Lalith Ruberu, I decided to rectify this omission.

So I created a permanent (fixed) ‘Ceylon’ page here. See above.


Go check it out.

The OLD Ceylon pictures are not mine.
But their copyright would have long expired.
Don’t come to me claiming copyright unless
you can prove that you legally renewed it — in the U.S.

I know my copyright laws. SMILE.

What the page looks like.

ceylonpage5 ceylonpage4 ceylonpage3 ceylonpage2 ceylonpage1

Weebly’s Auto Renew Could Leave You In The Lurch BIG TIME!

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Click ENLARGE and read.

My e-mail exchange with Weebly on “why no e-mail?”


Last Friday morning, August 7, 2015, while being kept waiting forever at “Bayside Dental” it occurred to me that I had heard NOTHING about the renewal of my Website “guruge.com” — hosted at Weebly — and that it must be due soon …

When I finally got home I logged onto Weebly to see when the renewal was due.

It was due August 7, 2015!

That very DAY!

It was a miracle ….

Don’t know what prompted me to think about it. But I am sure glad I did.

I had had NO e-mails, whatsoever, from Weebly.

I am used to getting hounded, starting 4 months prior to expiration, from the likes of GoDaddy.

This was NOT right.

You can see the Weebly response. To say that it was pathetic would be a disservice to the word ‘pathetic’. IF they knew I couldn’t auto-renew they should have notified me. This was NOT GOOD. I have expressed that, quite clearly, to Weebly.

So be warned. IF you use Weebly, check NOW. Don’t run the risk of having your hosting expire.

I Create A New Website For Teischan, Using Yola, In A Couple Of Hours …

Anura Guruge

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Click to access.

Click to access.

Remember 24-days ago I said I had it with GoDaddy screwing LOYAL existing customers like me?

In that post I also said I was going to look at template-based, cloud-publishing solutions so I can finally, after 12 years, get away from Microsoft FrontPage.

Having looked at Weebly, Wix and Yola I finally settled on Yola because their price was right (though you do get what you pay for).

For $4.17/month I can get 5 Websites — each with its own domain name (given that I already own these domains).

So for LESS THAN HALF what I pay a month to host ONE (1) Website I can publish and host FIVE (5). I am bit slow on the uptick but it only took me a few days to work out that it was a decent deal.

I spent a few minutes here and there, in my 3rd 11 pm to 1 am shift, looking through their tutorials.

Today at 2 pm I paid my monies (though I could have started with a free account) and started to build the above Website.

A few surprises. What I got was their most basic PAID service, bronze. So they kept on trying to get me to upgrade to Silver. That was annoying. Though they claim 24/7 Premium phone support — that appears to be pie in the sky! When you call it says ‘No Phone Support’! Nice.

I had to visit GoDaddy and edit DNS records — not something I enjoy doing since if you screw up you are in big trouble. Then you have to wait for the DNS records to be propagated.

But, by 4 pm I have a PUBLISHED, 3 page Website. It was quick and dirty. But, it was for a 7 year old. I just wanted it up since I first created this Website the NIGHT she was born. So she has had her own, working Website with pictures from the day she was born. I didn’t want to break that and I didn’t. Yes, I deleted the GoDaddy hosting BEFORE I updated the DNS record. I do know my way around. I have been creating Websites and teaching classes on Website design since 2002.

So, Yola?

It is OK. It is the lack of phone support that bugs me — after they claim all over the place that they do.

It is possible that they are in trouble.

Now that I have 4 other Websites available, in this package, I will dash a couple more off over the next few weeks.

GoDaddy Commits The Cardinal Sin Of Screwing Existing Loyal Customers While Trying To Attract New Suckers.


Anura Guruge

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GoDaddy NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY pricing for Web hosting.

GoDaddy NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY pricing for Web hosting.

My historic WOWNH.COM Website that I have had since 1998. Check it out.

My historic WOWNH.COM Website that I have had since 1998. Check it out.

I have been a loyal and lucrative GoDaddy customers for at least 12 years. There were years, when I hosted large numbers of Websites for myself and others, that I paid over $1,500 a year (quite gladly) to GoDaddy.

Even now I am probably paying upwards of $500 a year to GoDaddy.

I have been an ARDENT FAN for a decade. I can’t even count the number of referrals I sent their way.

And ‘yes’ there have been times when GoDaddy has been amazingly good to me — like earlier this year during the papal transfer when my popes-and-papacy blog, hosted on GoDaddy, was getting 150 connection requests per second. Of course I have publicly thanked GoDaddy for their help.

But, something has happened at GoDaddy, to OUR DETRIMENT, over the last 6 months. Yes, I know that there has been change of management at the top. Well, he better get his act together SOON because I am cancelling my products at GoDaddy at quite a rate.

I still have five or six Websites hosted at GoDaddy and yes, every year, I have to renew them.

Yesterday I had to renew ‘wownh.com‘. wownh.com, like guruge.com, has now become basically a ‘placeholder’ site. I don’t do anything on them, mainly because I built them with FrontPage and I can’t be bothered to use FP anymore. Blogging is easier and less time consuming. But, I want to preserve my Web presence since I have had these sites, uninterrupted, for over 12 years.

GoDaddy wants $9/month — $108/year — for hosting these Websites. That is crazy. They offer the EXACT SAME hosting package as I am renewing for half the price to new customers. But, I can’t renew at that price.

Their solution: I can cancel my current hosting, buy a new plan and then re-install the Website.


That is EXACTLY what I am going to do … but not with YOU. Thank YOU.

This will give me the excuse to get away from FP and move to a template-based, in-the-cloud solution.

I have already spent 2 hours (that I really don’t have) looking at, with amazement, at Weebly, Wix & Yola.

I already have an account at Weebly.

I didn’t have the time to port across wownh.com yesterday. So I renewed it for a year — PLUS they owed me $21 that I could apply to the $108. But, that will be the LAST HOSTING that I am going to be paying GoDaddy.

Teischan.com is due for renewal on November 28, 2013. This is the PERFECT Website for me to mess around with learning a new template-based system. It is not ‘mission-critical’ and it is very simple and ‘flat’. So, that is the plan.

Once I master the new system I will recreate all the other sites on that platform — though I get a feeling that I may opt to use both Yola and Wix.

Stay tuned.

I was so mad yesterday that I immediately cancelled my GoDaddy Online File Folder though it was not due for renewal till the end of January 2014! I didn’t even bother to export the 100MB of data I had stored there! Screw it. I have other backups. I LOVE and I do mean LOVE Google Drive. It is so easy and convenient to use through Chrome. No need to logon. It is always there.

This is so sad. I would have stayed with GoDaddy. I like to be a loyal, long-term customer UNLESS I feel that I am being raped.

I hope the new GoDaddy management sees the light sometime soon BEFORE it is too late.

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