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The Rogue ~300′ Asteroid That Came Way Too Close To Earth Yesterday, April 15, 2018!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE and read here. Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_GE3

It could have been a heyday for the Nibiru freaks who are hoping (yet again) for a ‘pie in the skyEarth collision on April 23, 2018.

This was 8 days early.

We (and that I mean the ‘Catalina Sky Survey‘ in Tucson, Arizona) only discovered it 24-hours prior to that! Yes, you read that right. It came straight out of the blue just 24-hours before whizzing by us. I have always claimed that this is the problem we will have with asteroids and comets. What we have to worry about are the ones that sneak up upon us like this one.


It was pretty big. Around the same size as the meteoroid that exploded above Tunguska, Russia in June 1908. If this had hit Earth, or exploded in the atmosphere, it would NOT have wiped us all out. But, it would have caused a huge amount of devastation.

As it says above: “It is the largest known asteroid to ever pass that close to Earth in observational history!

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by Anura Guruge

UN Security Council Resolution On Trump’s Jerusalem — How The Countries Voted.

by Anura Guruge

This was the Thursday, December 21, 2017, United Nation Security Council vote as to whether the UN Member States wanted to unilaterally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel per Trump’s pronouncement last week.

128 countries voted AGAINST such recognition, i.e., AGAINST the U.S.A. These included: United Kingdom (UK), France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Russia, Sweden, India, Japan, China, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, etc.

Only 8 countries voted with the U.S. and 7 of them are not exactly household names!

Canada, Australia and Mexico, to THEIR SHAME, kowtowed to Trump.

So, now you know.

128 Against — 9 For — 35 Abstained.

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by Anura Guruge

Russians Visiting My Blog — Finding A Russian, i.e., Cyrillic, Search String ‘семафор’.

by Anura Guruge

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According to the ‘Flag Counter‘ Stats (on the sidebar) this blog has had 1,743 hits from Russia over the last few years. That, 0.14% of my overall hits, is neither here nor there, so to speak. These ‘Flag Counter’ stats nor the WordPress.com provided stats I am forced to rely on, will, however, give me any clue as to how these Russian hits go here (i.e., what they were looking for) or what posts they looked at. C’est la vie. You have to assume that SOME of my varied topics might be of interest — AND I do have a published book in Russian!

But, today, I was surprised to find an actual cyrillic search string in my stats, viz. семафор. [See above.]

Thanks to the magic of Google, I could obviously get it translated at once.

It means ‘Semaphore’.

And, I do indeed have posts on semaphores though I am sure the Russians were looking for that term in the context of computer programming — and not, as is in my case, railway signals. I feel bad.

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by Anura Guruge

Ivan Pavlov, Of The Salivating Dogs, Was Born This Day 168-Years Ago; September 14, 1849.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and read here. Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_Pavlov

 An interesting & educational YouTube video.

I had to write this post as soon as I learned it was the great man’s birthday — it was Pavlovian!

I am fond of his work so, to be fair, I would have written this even if it wasn’t Pavlovian.

Easy to forget that what he was really researching was DIGESTION in dogs and not conditioning! The above video makes that very clear.

Also note that it is his birthday PER the Julian calendar that was being used in Russia at the time! The Russians used the Julian calendar till 1919 — i.e., post revolution! Wow. Between 1800 and 1900 the difference between the two calendars was 12-days. Hence the September 14/September 26 ‘confusion’.

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by Anura Guruge

Swansea University, My Ol’ Stomping Ground, Discovers That Wild Dogs Vote By Sneezing!

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access BBC coverage from September 6, 2017.

I am SO proud.

This is exactly the kind of stuff I would expect from dear ol’ Swansea.

BRAVO! Kudos. Thank YOU.

You made my day, albeit not got the first time.

In my day, which was 40 years ago, their claim to academic fame was in the area of ‘finite element mechanics‘ — now known as ‘finite element method‘.

Wild dogs sneezing! Wow.

Way to go.

I guess they will NOW have to research whether the Russians try to interfere with this voting with fake sneezing.

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by Anura Guruge

1,200 U.S. Diplomats In Russia vs. 445 Russian Diplomats In USA.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and enjoy.

It took me a while, after I did my last post on the U.S. diplomats being expelled from Russia, to get some meaningful numbers as to the US diplomatic presence in Russia and vice versa.

The U.S.A. has a total of 1,200 ‘diplomats’ (including support staff) in their ‘mission’ in Russia.

Russia on the other hand has 445 ‘diplomats’ in their ‘mission’ to the US.

That is where Putin’s 755 number, for expulsion, comes in.

1,200 – 755 = 445.

He wants to balance the playing field. Kind of makes sense.

The question this BEGS is why don’t the Russians have more ‘diplomats’ in the US IF they permit 2.6x more in their country. It could actually be COST. Diplomats are expensive commodities — and I speak as the son of a career diplomat.

So, I thought this would help.

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by Anura Guruge

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