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The Chances Of Pope Francis RESIGNING Just Went Up — With November 19, 2016 Consistory.

by Anura Guruge

I was anticipating this 4 months ago!

Remember I was the ONLY person who identified ‘Pope Francis’ as a possible pope,
IN PRINT, ahead of his election.

I even got the November 19, 2016 date right.


Click to access my seminal June 26, 2016 post on this very same topic.


Click to access “Reuters” coverage of the forthcoming November 19, 2016, cardinal creating consistory.


I also discussed, in this post, the SIGNIFICANCE of a November cardinal-creating consistory. Click image to access August 22, 2016 post.

Not a given, BUT Pope Francis opting for this November 19, 2016 cardinal creating consistory CERTAINLY increases the likelihood that Pope Francis may consider resigning/retiring/abdicating once he turns turns 80 on December 17, 2016.

He has openly talked about this possibility.

That he is TOPPING up the cardinal electors to the MAXIMUM 120 (legally) permitted is significant.

Let the “NEXT POPE“, papabili, speculation commence.

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by Anura Guruge


Pope Francis Deservedly Is ‘Time’ Person Of The Year — Many Will Applaud, As They Should; U.S. Conservative Catholics Might Be Cringing.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access ‘’ coverage — from the horse’s mouth so to speak.



Vatican gloating over the honor. Click to access the Vatican VIS coverage.

As I always point out these days, at the very top of most posts, I have a unique ‘claim’ on this pope in that, unlike ANYBODY else, I cited him, in print, in my 2011The Next Pope 2011, as one of the Top 10 papabili. So I can truly say this is ‘my pope’.

I do like him. As a papal historian who knows more about papal history that I really should he amuses me. And that is always a bonus.

In reality, so far, he has really been a superficial, all ‘PR’ little of tangible substance, pope. But, that is OK. He is indeed a breath of fresh air and he has, indubitably, made millions very happy.

But, those that understand the vagaries of the worldwide Catholic world and the workings of the Vatican do realize that this pope has often skated on very thin ice.

I happen to see a very devout, very conservative local Catholic (and he might even be a Deacon) every Thursday night. Often, if there is time, he will come up and we will talk pope ‘politics’. But here is the funny and most telling part. If he doesn’t have the time he will walk by me and make a point of ‘rolling his eyes’ — given that he knows that I will understand why he is doing so!

So, I join the billions rejoicing Pope Francis, my pope, as the ‘Time’ Person of the Year.

Damn sight better than if they had picked that bloody reprobate ‘Snowdon’.

But, let us not forget that clerical sex abuse in the Catholic Church is still here …

Let us not forget that the ‘Vatican Bank‘ is still under suspicion of money laundering …

Let us not forget that this Pope makes some amazingly incongruous, hard to reconcile remarks …

Let us not forget that this Pope continually harps on about charity but is, himself, remarkably cheap ….

Don’t Think Pope Francis Is A Marxist, But He Sure Is Very Cheap For Somebody Who Commands Billions In Tangible Assets.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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I like this pope. Plus, unlike ANYBODY else, I cited him, in print, in my 2011The Next Pope 2011, as one of the Top 10 papabili

So, don’t even try and get on your high horse and start accusing me of having a go at the pope etc. Not so. As one of the most prolific papal historians around, all that I am doing is pointing out some hard facts the way they are.


As somebody who is a great believer in charity, I am beyond delighted by this pope’s commitment towards the poor and downtrodden. I can’t be happier.

I am overjoyed that he is trying to eschew the extravagant, lavish, ‘dripping gold’ lifestyle adopted by some popes — especially the last one who was an unashamed dandy.

But, as I pointed out in this 100-day report there is a difference between being a pope for the poor and a ‘poor pope’. This pope is not poor. A modern pope, by definition, is not poor.

A pope has absolute, unfettered, unilateral, uncontested control over billions of liquid and tangible assets.

Compared to a pope, a U.S. President is a powerless, pauper.

The pope has no Congress, judicial branch, re-elections or mid-terms to contend with.

He is not answerable to anyone on Earth!

Then I have also made my point about how charity HAS to begin at the Vatican.

So let us just look at a very public recent example.

The devastating typhoon that crippled the Philippines.

The Philippines is overwhelmingly a Roman Catholic country.

From Wikipedia. Click to access.

From Wikipedia. Click to access.

So now let us look at some of the foreign aid provided to the Philippines post typhoon:

Click to access original.

Click to access original.

So how much do you think the Pope agreed to give?

Same paper. Click to access.

Same paper. Click to access.

 This is what drives me NUTS about this
Jesuit Pope.

$150,000 in aid … to the Philippines … which considers itself the most Catholic of countries?

This pope is cheap!


Here is a Philippine’s Government Website
that is tracking the foreign aid.

Check the Vatican. Same number.

As I have said so many times till I am brown in the face, this pope can raise a billion dollars in a day by selling 400 random items from around the Vatican.

He claims he is not materialistic.

OK. Show me the proof.

Sell some of the unused, unseen, stacked away in basements, Vatican treasures.

That is all.


Didn’t Take Me Long To Jump Straight Back Into The Papabili (Post Francis) & Cardinalabili Fray.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Given that the new pope, Francis (#267), was only elected in March of this year — there will be those that think it is borderline sacrilegious to start thinking about the Next Pope.

But, I was (and probably always will be as f now), ‘Mr. Next Pope’. The Pope Is Dead, Long Live The Pope.

Somebody has to make sure that we always keep an eye on the future — and I accept that responsibility. Always good to have contingency lists. it wasn’t that long ago that we had a pope, much younger than this one, who only lasted 33 days.

I am also back doing cardinalabili lists; i.e., trying to predict future cardinals — though I do this with the help of experts like Louis Epstein and Darien C. Clark. But, over the last 4 years my ‘pope-and-papacy’ blog got famous for its cardinalabili lists. So I we are back in the hunt.

I am NOT going to spend as much time on the pope blog as I have done in the past. I am going to continue focusing on writing and publishing books. But, it would have been a waste to throw away the pope capital I had built up over the last 6 years.

Alton, NH Once Again Becomes ‘Consistory Central’ For The World Now That Another Consistory Is Announced.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

A consistory, if that term is unfamiliar to you, is a formal meetings between the pope (in Rome) and his cardinals, always convened by the pope, to discuss Church matters or to create new cardinals. It comes from the Latin consistorium for ‘sitting together’. This said, the consistories that elicit widespread interest are those for creating new cardinals, these on average occurring about once every 2 years.

If the term ‘consistory’ was new there is a chance that you may also not be 100% au fait as to exactly who constitutes a Catholic cardinal. A Catholic cardinals is a ‘Prince of the Church’, the most senior of the ecclesiastical officials in the Catholic Church, created exclusively by the pope, with special, singular responsibility for electing popes and serving as their advisors – though, only those under the age of 80 can now act as electors. The term is from the Latin for ‘hinge’, cardo – and thus denoted, c. 4th century, clerics upon whom the future of Christianity hinged upon.

On Wednesday of this week, October 24, 2012, the current pope, the 85-year old Benedict XVI (#266), totally unexpectedly announced a cardinal creating consistory on Saturday, November 24, 2012 — his 2nd this year and his 5th in his 7.5 years in office.

Most of you probably don’t realize but I am a fairly dedicated papal historian, who has written 3 books about popes and have been cited by Vatican Radio and Rome Reports.

Most of it is right there, on the Right-hand side sidebar (—>>>) if you would just look.

As the author of 2 books entitled ‘The Next Pope‘ I am expected to be an expert on all matters pertaining to the next papal election — and that means cardinals, cardinal electors and the College of Cardinals.

I have two blogs, ‘popes and papacy‘ and ‘papam‘ (Latin for ‘pope’), the former usually updated daily, that deal with most matters related to popes, papacy, cardinals and the next conclave.

I spend ~45% of my research and writing time working on ‘popes’. I specialize in analysis, demographics, statistics, anecdotes (‘stories) and trivia. The blogs are not conventionally ‘Catholic’ in any sense. That is a part of their appeal.

I encourage speculation about the next pope (papabili) and possible new cardinals (cardinalabili). So whenever there is a consistory in the offing, life gets crazy — to the point that in the rush to get stuff done I even screw up, as I did earlier this morning. C’est la vie. Fallibility has always been my faithful handmaiden.

The ‘Consistory’ fixed page on ‘Popes and Papacy’. Click to enter.

Papam that specializes in the College of Cardinals and papal election issues.

How traffic spikes on ‘Popes and Papacy’ around consistories, i.e., first peak for the February 2012 and now the ramp up for the November 2012. The spike in July was the arrest of the Pope’s butler for Vatileaks. Click to ENLARGE.

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