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RED LETTER DAY IN WORLD HISTORY. The Gregorian Calendar First Used, This Day, 435-Years Ago.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and study here. Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adoption_of_the_Gregorian_calendar

Pope Gregory XIII papal bull ‘Inter gravissimas’ in its original Latin form.

English translation of the key paragraph from Inter gravissimas. From: myweb.ecu.edu

Pretty significant day. The Papal States, France, Poland and Spain adopted the revolutionary Gregorian calendar on Thursday, October 4, 1582 — the NEXT DAY then having become Friday, October 15, 1582. Pretty incredible. 10-days were just expunged. Gone. Poof. If your birthday fell between October 5 to October 14, you were out of luck in 1582. Your birthday vanished.

In reality the adoption of the calendar did not cause much of a stir. Much of the European population, at the time, were not that concerned about daily calendars. They went by the seasons and each day as it unfolded.

But, this was a BIG day. It demarcated history’s very timeline!

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by Anura Guruge

Pope Francis’ Newly Appointed PRO-Secretary Of State, Pietro Parolin, Sidelined With Liver Complications! Also NO Camerlengo.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to read Vatican 'VIS' original from today.

Click to read Vatican ‘VIS’ original from today.

Archbishop Pietro Parolin only became pro, i.e., acting, Secretary of State for the Holy See on October 15, 2013. That was just 10 days ago.

It now appears that he has been in hospital, undergoing surgery, much of that time!

Hepatobiliary‘, stated in the VIS communique above, like ‘hepatitis’, has to do with the liver. So it would appear that he has liver problems. Hhhmmm. Catholics prelates do have a well deserved reputation for being rather partial to expensive liquor (possibly as a reaction for having to maintain a public visage of celibacy).

This is rather awkward for the pope. He has a chunk of his lung missing and now his #2 has major liver problems. Oh, dear. I guess the Vatican vetting process is even worse that that used by John McCain.

Also notice that the VIS communique uses a totally manufactured, new term: ‘Archbishop Secretary of State‘. That is BECAUSE he is not a cardinal — as I pointed out on day one. Nothing wrong. Just something to be aware of.

It also occurred to me that the pope has not appointed a new Camerlengo.

The current Camerlengo, is my favorite, Lord Tarcisio Bertone — who until October 15, 2013 was also the commanding Secretary of State (and I think he did a very good job). On December 2, 2013, Lord Bertone will be 79. He can continue to be Camerlengo till be is 80. So he has another 14 months grace. But, an over-80 Camerlengo is about as useful as an illiterate man in a spelling bee. He can’t enter the conclave — and much of duties are within the conclave! So, keep an eye on that.

It is possible that the Pope might have to replace Parolin. IF so, will be still make cardinal?

Fascinating stuff. Stay tuned.


Until Created Cardinal, Archbishop Pietro Parolin, Will Be PRO-Secretary Of State, Holy See, Not Secretary Of State.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access original Vatican announcement.

Click to access original Vatican announcement.

In their excitement to break the news the media is losing sight of two key points.

First: Appointment is as of October 15, 2013; not immediate.

Second: Only a CARDINAL can be Secretary of State, Holy See. Pietro Parolin is not a cardinal as yet — though now a cardinalate is guaranteed. ‘Pro-‘, in Latin, means ‘acting’. So until he becomes a cardinal his official title is Pro-. This is true for the heads of nearly all of the important curial dicasteries. You have to be a cardinal in order to officially head them. If not, you can still hold the office, but not the title!

That it is ‘Pro-‘ is not a problem. Quite a few Secretaries of State started off as Pro-, including the current Dean of the College, the holder of three Roman titles (churches), Angelo Sodano.

What is funny is that just yesterday I started thinking about cardinalabili and the next consistory now that my work on comets was coming to an end. November has traditionally been popular for consistories. A November consistory would work. But, then again Pope Francis, not that interested in tradition, might take my recommendation and just have a micro-consistory and just create Parolin.

I, a confirmed pedant, especially when it comes to papal history, just wanted to make sure that we all had the facts right.

I am, of course, sorry to see the departure of ‘my man’, My Lord, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, who in my opinion (and I do follow curial politics better than most) was an outstanding Secretary of State. Thank YOU, Lord Bertone for all of your wonderful work, non-stop inspiration and for being a good and decent human being.


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