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Ocean Park, Maine, The Genteel Part Of Old Orchard Beach – Where We Went On Father’s Day.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Ocean Park, Maine, as shown in Google Maps satellite images — ‘X’ marks the spot where we sat. More or less same place as last year. Click to ENLARGE.

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This could, like going whale watching on my birthday in September, could become an annual family tradition — this one to do with Father’s Day.

Last year Deanna wanted to go to the beach, in Maine, for Father’s Day. So we set off for ‘Old Orchard‘ — that being the ‘closest’, acceptable beach to us in ME. However, while driving around, rather serendipitously, we stumbled upon ‘Ocean Park‘. Wow. The non-commercial side of ‘Old Orchard’. Suited us down to a ‘T’. So that is where we camped out for the day though later on in the afternoon, on the way home, we cruised through the commercial heart of ‘Old Orchard’.

We went again this Sunday, Father’s Day.

The weather was nowhere near as nice as it was last year. It was ‘warm’, but very overcast the ocean a very angry gray. Suffice to say the beach was not crowded and most folks were bundled up. Very few people in the water — other than those in wet suits. We weathered it for 90 minutes. That was enough for me. Now that I have lost ~21 pounds I feel the cold!

It was fun. We walked the beach. Collected a load of shells. Ate. Drank.

Ocean Park is neat. A bit like a time warp. Very genteel and proper. Very staid. Very quiet. The kids had ice cream. Decent prices. Two cute shops.

We are hoping to go again next week for Deanna’s birthday.

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