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Fairly Decent Article On ‘PAIN’ In The January 2020 Issue Of ‘National Geographic’.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. January 2020 issue.

Click to ENLARGE.

The 2 most salient points made in the article.

I have covered this same ground in my book.

Click for more details.

Click to ENLARGE.

Just two relevant pages from my book.

This article is worth it JUST for this one CRITICAL message — said twice:

“Pain — in such cases — becomes the disease.”

“Their pain is not a symptom; it is a disease — one caused by a malfunctioning nervous system”.

That malfunctioning of the nervous system is ‘Central Pain Syndrome‘ (CPS) — the topic of my book.

So, I am delighted that this article HIGHLIGHTS this very crucial aspect of chronic pain — where pain itself is the disease.

The other key message in this article is that pain is felt (i.e., perceived), tolerated and handled by each person in a different way.

Some folks deal with pain better than others. Some can modulate their pain.

This is another topic dear to I. I talk about this in my ‘Central Pain’ book as well as in my books about ‘Brain Meditation’. Yes, you can teach yourself to handle pain — and do so better than others.

As is inevitable with all ‘National Geographic‘ articles there is a lot of ‘fluff’, ‘futures’ & ‘gratuitous color’. But, the key messages make up for that.

The author, who appears Indian, pussyfoots, shamelessly, around the opioid issue. Touches upon it multiple times BUT avoids taking the issue to its conclusion. NatG does not want to offend anyone!

The article also is way too generous when it comes to doctors. Again it tries not to offend anyone. So many doctors have NO CLUE when it comes to pain. I really do mean that. They are completely clueless.

But, if you can SKIM through this article. If nothing else you should learn that ‘pain can be THE disease — not just a symptom’.

Happy Holidays.

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by Anura Guruge


‘National Geographic’, May 2019 Issue Has A Lavishly Illustrated Article On ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ For His 500th Anniversary.

by Anura Guruge

The incomparable Leonardo da Vinci died 500-years ago, today — i.e., May 2, 1519.

The ‘National Geographic‘ article is to commemorate this. I haven’t had a chance to but just glance through it — feasting my eyes on the pictures and graphics. As I so often say, only NatG has the resources, expertise and motivation to do these lavish, eye-watering graphic projects.

Just wanted to give you a heads up, in case you too are interested. Enjoy.

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by Anura Guruge


‘National Geographic’, January 2019 Issue Has A Good Article On Donating Your Body To Science.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the NatG article.

Click to access my post from nearly 5-years ago.

Click to access … PLEASE do. Please sign-up.

This is a topic very dear to my heart as you can see from my post from 2013.

It totally baffles me that more people do not think about this. I have never understood WHY people want to be buried, cremated or fed to the vultures. To I, donating your body to science makes so much more sense.

I haven’t as yet read the entire article. Just started. Has some ‘interesting’ photos. Does NOT bother me. What they do to my dead body after I am dead worries me none. Not that I will feel anything or know about it.

I am going to try and contact the folks that they talk about in this article. I have no problems with them slicing and dicing my dead body. Anything that helps.

Please think about this. It is painless. That I can promise you.

Thank YOU.

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by Anura Guruge


Good Article On The Evolution Of The Bible In The December 2018, National Geographic.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access ‘National Geographic’. The December 2018 issue.

rom ‘NatG’ (above). Click to ENLARGE and admire here.

National Geographic typically does do a Christianity related feature for its December issue and over the years, I recall, we have had some good ones. If I go and look and my ‘small’ pile of SAVED NatGs I might even be able to tell you what some of them were. Well, I will be keeping this one too.

To be honest, given that I studied the history of the Bible for a couple of years, I knew most of what I have read so far. But, what makes this special is the peerless NatG graphics, photographs, research and access. The graphics are SUPERB. There is one which is a pictorial summary of what is contained in each book of the Bible — Old and New Testament. Neat.

If you are interested in this topic you really should ‘read’ this. I haven’t tried to read it online. I faithfully subscribe to the printed version every year.

Well, I just wanted to make sure you knew about this.

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by Anura Guruge

Timely Article On ‘Battle For The American West’ In November 2018, National Geographic.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access ‘National Geographic’.

From ‘NatG’ (above). Click to ENLARGE and read here.

Click to access my post.

I just got the November 2018 issue today and only had time to quickly scan through the article and BEAUTIFUL photos.

It is a topic dear to my heart since I have seen, first hand, this year, as to what is happening to TRIBAL LANDS.

The “Bad Ol’ Days” are back again with the Indians, yet again, with their backs to the wall.

My concern was what was happening at Canyon de Chelly.

The NatG article is mainly about Utah and “Bears Ears“.

Please try to read this article. Hence, this post. Thank YOU.

October 2018 ‘National Geographic’.

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by Anura Guruge

National Geographic, October 2018, Goes Over The Top With Classic Topless ‘Tribal’ Pictures.

by Anura Guruge

October 2018 ‘National Geographic’.

‘Threatened by the Outside World’ article — page 42.

Click to ENLARGE.

Classic and classical! Vintage National Geographic tribal topless from the 1950s. Cracked me up. As soon as I saw the article I had a sneaking feeling that National Geographic will include some Tribal Topless. I was right. Very blatant. No attempt to disguise it or make it less obvious. Right in your face.

First topless in National Geographic since the March 2018 issue — and the picture there was from a 1965 issue.

The last proper tribal topless was in the June 2016 issue. I had been concerned that National Geographic will stop the tribal topless now that ultra-conservative ‘Fox News‘ owns 73% of the ‘society’. Guess I need not have worried.

But, then there is also this. In March 2018 National Geographic apologized for its racist coverage of ‘bare chested exotics’ — i.e., tribal topless pictures. What fun. What hypocrisy.

Gallery of the National Geographic topless pictures since 2014.
Chronological order.

October 2018 ‘National Geographic’ with tribal topless pictures galore.

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by Anura Guruge

Daniel Draper, THE BEST Licensed Navajo Guide At ‘Canyon de Chelly’ National Monument.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE. This is his business card. I highlighted the phone number and e-mail to make it easier to read. He checks his e-mail and returns calls.

He is active on Facebook too.

Daniel Draper driving a 6-wheeler in the Canyon.

National Geographic” featured him and his daughters in this video.

Click to ENLARGE and read what “National Geographic” said about him.

His pictures of the Canyon.

Daniel Draper has been a licensed, native Navajo guide at Canyon de Chelly for over 26-years. He, in my opinion, is THE BEST. He is well educated, reflective and has seen the outside world — even traveling to Beijing, China in the 1970s to represent the U.S. in an International youth athletics games. (He was a long distance runner before becoming a professional, rodeo bull wrangler.)

I have visited the Canyon four times and have done four tours (two on horseback). I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Daniel Draper on my last visit, in July, when we did a 4-hour, 6-wheeler tour. The day before I had done a 3-hour tour on horseback. It was like chalk and cheese. Daniel knew so much more and could articulate it clearly.

Both sides of his family are from the Canyon and he grew up there. They still own land inside the Canyon as you can see from the “National Geographic” video.

His knowledge, understanding and experience of the Canyon is beyond reproach. He can take you places, show you things and explain them better to you than anybody else.

He, a photographer himself, specializes in photographic tours — which is how the “National Geographic” video came to be.

If you are visiting this BEAUTIFUL, breathtaking Canyon, my FAVORITE place in the whole world (and I have travelled some), contact Daniel Draper. No other guide comes close. Daniel will ENRICH your visit and allow you to enjoy the Canyon in ways you will cherish for life.

Check his contact info above.

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by Anura Guruge

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