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Lack Of A Silent Shutter On The Sony a6000 Is A Real ‘Show Stopper’.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE and read here. #6 from a 10-point Sony a6000 vs a6300 comparison at “Mirrorless Curation”. See link below.

Click here to access the ‘Mirrorless Curation‘ post.

Never occurred to me that a modern mirrorless, from Sony no less, would not have an electronic silent shutter. Had assumed it was a standard feature …

Well, I found out to my cost, that the Sony a6000, does NOT have a silent mode when I took it to the “Clearlakes Chorale” concert last weekend.

I planned to be at the concert 30 minutes early so as to get our preferred front-row pews. So I was going to set silent mode during the wait — I never having looked for silent mode previously on the a6000.

I couldn’t find it. There was an ‘audio’ option but that didn’t silence the shutter. I went through all the menus multiple times. NADA. I was amazed. Thought I was missing something.

I had, however, taken my trusty Nikon P900 as well and that did have a silent mode. So that was fine. I used the Nikon …

But, the Sony a6500 I plan to get in the next 8 weeks does have silent mode, as does the a6300.

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by Anura Guruge

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