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Fleeing Fujifilm, Full Bore, Into The Capacious Arms Of Nikon.

by Anura Gurugext2notfori

As I explained in detail yesterday, much to MY own “shock, HORROR“, I have decided, unequivocally, that I will NOT be getting a Fuji X-T2 — a camera that I considered to be my dream camera (made specifically for my needs). The real issue, as I explained, are the Fuji lenses. They are expensive and in the main not that good!

Nikon, on the other hand, with their own, as well as Tamron & Sigma, has a HUGE range of lenses and reasonable prices. Hence my decision, at long last, to finally join, wholeheartedly, the Nikon fold.

I have nothing against Nikon. I have owned Nikon 35mm cameras in the past and we have, as a household, managed to lose more than one Nikon Coolpix compact. Plus, ironically, when I in August 2014, after a 30+ year hiatus (during which I was genuinely too busy to indulge in yet another time consuming hobby), decided to get back, with gusto, into photography, I started with a refurbished Nikon L820 (from Buydig.com). I returned that L820 within 72 hours! I couldn’t update the firmware and there was something drastically amiss with the zoom.

But the current plan is to go full bore into the arms of Nikon.

Yes, I had flirted with the idea of getting a Nikon D500. But that might be overkill.

Right now, i.e., July 27 – 28, 2016, my plan is as shown below. Yes, that means going back to 1″ sensors when I do REALLY want to standardize on APS-C. That could change.

Photokina 2016 is less than 2 months away.

Luckily I also have a book, “Brain Meditation“, to publish. I typically do not make MAJOR camera purchases while I am in the throes of publishing a book.

I MIGHT go with a REFURBISHED Nikon DSLR body and a Tamron 18-270mm!

There is, as ever, method to my madness.

Getting a Nikon P900 just for the 2,000mm reach. That will be a toy! My eyes are bad and the 2,000 will let me compensate for that.

But, one thing is for sure.

As of now I am Nikon all the way.

Click to ENLARGE and goggle here.

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by Anura Guruge

Today, July 25, 2015: Canon PowerShot G3X Becomes Available — 80% Chance It Will Be My Next Camera.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail

by Anura Guruge

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When I got an e-mail from Canon on June 19, 2015 informing me of the Canon PowerShot G3X I knew I was going to be facing quite a dilemma. I had more or less convinced myself that I was going to get the new Sony RX10 II. Then the Canon which uses the same OEMed 1″ CMOS 20.2MP sensor from Sony.

My birthday is in September and it had been long assumed by Deanna and Devanee (who already in her mind owns my Canon T3i) that I would treat myself to new camera. I got the refurbished Canon T3i, from Canon, for a bargain $330, for my birthday last year after I was disenchanted with a refurbished Nikon L820 I had treated myself with. The Canon T3i, at that price, was a ‘trial’, to let me get back into the swing of things after nearly 3 decades of not paying much attention to cameras.

I am still drawn to the Sony RX10 II. If nothing else it looks beautiful, what a “$1,000” camera should look like. I do not like the shape of the Canon G3x and I really dislike the external, addon — very ugly — Electronic Viewfinder (EVF), the EVF-DC1. But it has the 600mm equivalent 25x OPTICAL ZOOM. That really appeals to me.

Given that I wanted ‘superzoom’ I then looked at the Nikon P900 with its obscene 2,000mm equivalent 83x Optical Zoom. I would buy the Nikon in a heartbeat IF it had a 1″ CMOS sensor. It does NOT. I do not care what anybody says, and Deanna swears by the picture quality of her Olympus SZ-16 with an EVEN SMALLER sensor. But, I, given that I do have a degree in computer technology, know that you can’t beat the laws of physics. Sensor size will come around to bite you at some point. To me 1″ has to be the bare essential.

So here is my comparison.

Canon G3X comparison Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and study. Check sensor size.

I even downloaded the user guide.
From what I see Canon no longer includes a user guide in the box!
That is a bit naughty.


Click to ENLARGE and study.

I liked this review. I read it twice to help me make up my mind.


Click to access the review.

I am going to wait a few more weeks BEFORE I buy a camera. I am right now 80% sure it will be the Canon PowerShot G3X because of its 1″ sensor and 25X zoom. But I am going to do some serious research into the digital zoom on the Sony. Yes, digital zoom is not the same as optical. BUT if the image quality is superior in the 200mm range, and the Sony has a MUCH FASTER f/2.8 lens, I might still go with the Sony. What a dilema.

Any thoughts?

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