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We Went Apple Picking At ‘AppleView Orchard’ Pittsfield, NH — Colombus Day Monday, October 8, 2012.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

  by Anura Guruge

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Dennis Straight, Co-Owner of ‘AppleView’, a full-time pharmacist in Vermont and all around nice guy. He is there most weekends. Seek him out and talk to him. Lots of information. Lots of fun.

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Appleview Orchard Website.

It was a very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours on a very typical Colombus Day Monday. Temperature in the low 60s was just right. It was cloudy, but not gloomy. Though we had lots of rain last night the ground was quite firm, so not mud to contend with. That is always a bonus.

The apples are getting picked, though there is a lot on the ground. I know that that gets picked up and used, but it distresses me. The apples, in general, were good.

The fritters, when hot, are divine. Make sure they are hot. If they are not, insist that you want freshly fried ones. They can palm off the cold ones to those that don’t read this blog.

We had, has we invariably do, bought 1/2 peck of apples at the Sandwich Fair (on Saturday). This year, the ‘Apple Tent’ (or at least the only one we know off, which is by the ‘Craft Buidling’), only had Jonamac apples: a cross between a Jonathan and McIntosh. The ‘kid’ who was selling them said they were combined the taste and sweetness of the McIntosh with the crispness of the Johnathan. Boy, was he right! So, I wanted more.

AppleView didn’t have any Jonamac but they had ‘Empire‘, a cross between McIntosh and Red Delicious. I tried one. They were good. They only had 6 Empire trees available for picking and there wasn’t much left. But, we managed to pick enough.

We bought 3 big bags of apples, 2 medium size pumpkins, a very small apple pie, a small ice cream and 12 apple fritters. Came to about $52. That is OK — I think. It was fun. The folks, especially Dennis, his wife (who works for UNH) and the Farm Manager (who always get the plumb job of driving a hay ride), are delightful. We had a good time. Teischan did her ‘I want to be difficult for the sake of being difficult’ act and got sent to the car sans ice cream. But, that is Teischan.

About Apple View Orchard
(per Dennis Straight)

Owners: Dennis (pharmacist) and Mary (UNH) Straight, who have owned it for the last 5 years. Prior to the 1980s it was a potato field.

Size: Main farm is 12 acres and they just got an additional 10 acres one mile up the road. So, 22 acres in total. In the 12 acre main farm they have 3,000 apple trees in 20 different varieties, some of them new ‘exotics’ they are experimenting with over the last couple of years.

They are growing other fruit trees, peaches, pears and cherries in the new 10 acres. They also have 3,000 strawberry plants.

Hannaford and Shaw’s supermarkets sell their apples.


Apple Picking At ‘AppleView Orchard’ Pittsfield, NH – The Best Apple Fritters In The Universe!

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

  by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. This was last year at AppleView Orchard.

Click to ENLARGE. Apple fritters with ice cream on the porch. Seating can get a bit tight.

Click image to access the Appleview Orchard Website.

Going apple picking is now yet another of our annual rituals, though we only started doing this ‘without fail’ in fall after we moved to Alton in 2007. Prior to that we had gone once to the big, very famous farm in Loudon, with views all the way to Boston, whose name I can no longer recall; Google tells me that there are 3 farms in Loudon, but since there is no mention of the views all the way to Bean Town I cannot work out which one we actually went to. They were OK.

Deanna found AppleView. It is very close to us, which makes it even better. In 2007 we actually had the chance to buy the house next to it, but I refused to get out of the car and take a look at it, when a Realtor drove us to it, because it was $30K more than my set price at the time. As it happened, a few days later we bought this house for $40K above my original set price. So every time we go to the orchard and take the free hay ride, we go past that house and I wonder whether I did the right thing.

The Fritters at AppleView are divine. There is no other word for it. I could eat them till I explode, so I set myself a budget. When I have spent that on fritters, usually in three batches — once as soon as we get there and then twice at the end — I stop. If nothing else go there for the fritters, but they only have them on weekends. They are fine without the ice cream, but the ice cream definitely rounds it out.

Nice people. Nice farm. Decent apples. Decent pricing. Compelling store. Compelling views. Free hay rides with an entertaining and educational commentary by the Orchard Manager.

I met and had a long chat with the owner two years ago. He is a pharmacist who owns a pharmacy in Vermont. The apples are an (expensive) hobby. But, per his estimates they are planning to turn a profit soon.

We recommend AppleView, and if you somehow missed it — we think the apple fritters are out of this world.

P.S., They also have some good cheeses.

Ice Cream On Friday At Alton Central School (ACS), NH.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Let me first state my concern, as I see it, and then work backwards from there.

From what I can see (and get told) there are kids at ACS who for whatever reason do not have access to the 50 cents required to get these Friday afternoon ice creams thus creating what I consider to be an unnecessary and uncalled for ‘have and have nots‘ scenario — furthermore doing this in the last session of the school week so that the ‘have nots’ have the whole weekend to cogitate about it.

Ice creams for nearly all kids is a very visceral, emotive thing especially if they are not getting it while others around them are. To them it is a punishment, a major deprivation.

What I am hoping to do is to find a mechanism whereby we do not create this ‘have and have nots’ situation each Friday.

Yes, I know, very well to my cost, that life is not fair and equitable, and to Deanna’s constant chagrin I tell the kids about this on a regular basis because in my opinion they might as well come to terms with this as soon as possible. But, this does not mean that I want all kids to learn, at an early age, that life is not fair and for them to learn that bitter lesson through not being able to buy ice cream.

So how did this issue come to ahead. I gave Teischan a dollar bill last week (after I talked her doctor into making her have a blood test for allergies) to buy ice cream. Deanna had told her on Friday morning to use the dollar bill, get the 50 cents change and save that for next week. One of her kids in her class, that we do know (and know her parents quite well), according to Teischan badgered and pestered her to have the 50 cents so that she could also get an ice cream. I am delighted that Teischan gave her the 50 cents. That is my daughter. [That is upset her, we put down to her being 6.]

My issue is WHAT would have happened if Teischan did not have 50 cents to give to this 6 year old child?

I see a couple of ways we can try to fix this.

What I do not know is whether this ice cream is covered by the subsidized/free school lunch program. I also know that we do have a program to collect money for those kids that do get ‘subsidized/free’ school lunches to tide them over the weekends when they don’t get a school meal. Basically we need some kind of program to make sure that all kids at ACS that want ice cream and are permitted to have ice cream, it sans health issues, can have the ice cream WITHOUT the 50 cents being an issue.

I know the PTSA raises all sorts of money for various activities. Didn’t they spend $3,000 on some new equipment for the play ground?

Option 1: The PTSA should find a way to eliminate the 50 cent issue. Yes, I understand the issues and the logistics but they are not insurmountable.

Option 2: SCRAP the ice cream on Friday program. While I appreciate that it is a nice way to wrap up the week, the program we have does not reward all. For health reasons alone ice cream may not be the ideal treat. I am not sure that having ice cream on Friday in any way improves the academic standards at ACS. If the staff at ACS genuinely believe that the kids have to be given something sweet on Friday lets shoot for yogurt or fruits or both. Maybe cheaper. I bet if you substituted some other means of fun, live entertainment or a PIXAR 4 minute video, the kids may not miss the ice cream.

Yes, IF I had the money I would pay for the kids to have ice cream on Friday. I am sure if the Principal feels that oral gratification is the best reward for the kids at ACS we can find some sort of sponsorship deal in Town.

All I am asking is that, as with the seating in Grade 1, that we look at this issue.

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