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Teischan (11) Embellishes Her Painted Hamster Cage Table.

by Anura Guruge

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Teischan has a problem common to many artists. She is not sure when one of her works is done. She — and we — thought the table was done by Sunday night. Appears it was not the case. Yesterday, after school, she had the inspiration to add these ‘black’ trees (or I think that that is what they are). I must confess they do add some je ne sais quoi.

In the late 1970s, while working for IBM, I was extremely fortunate in getting to spend some time with the GREAT British painter, conservationist and rail enthusiast David Shepard. One night over some drinks, in a pub, he told me his secret as to when he knew when one of his masterpieces of done. He would look at it, over his shoulder, using a mirror. If it looked right in the mirror he knew it was done.

No, no. Not a Teischan creation, BUT one of David’s most commercially successful paintings.

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by Anura Guruge


The ‘United Nations’ (UN), Came To Be This Day, 72-Years Ago; October 24, 2017.

by Anura Guruge

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I have spoken from THAT podium,
in front of that green granite that Trump detests.

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As I mentioned in this post from 12-days ago, I grew up an UNESCO brat — with UNESCO a UN agency. So, I am NO stranger to the United Nations.

I have (honest injun) stood at that famous podium, in the UN General Assembly Hall, in front of the green granite, and spoken. It was 1977 or 1978. I was in New York with IBM. My adoptive father’s cousin worked at the United Nations — in the library. These were the INNOCENT DAYS before security concerned ruined so much. I think I walked into the UN HQ building, to meet mu ‘cousin’, without encountering any security. He took me for a tour. The General Assembly Hall was empty. He just walked in. Told me to go up to the podium so that I can tell folks — years later (like now) — that I have stood on that podium. Those were the days, my friends … Life was so much simpler.

Whether you ‘like’ the UN or not, it has done a fair amount for the World and humanity.

It was set up 52-days after the END of WW II to prevent WW III. In that it has been successful — for now. That said we have had TOO MANY WARS in that period, and I do blame the UN to an extent.

Yes, it is NOT anywhere close to efficient as it should be and there is a lot of ‘mismanagement’ and downright corruption. But, that (in this case) goes very much with the territory.

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by Anura Guruge

Lord Mountbatten, The Last Viceroy Of India, Was Tragically Assassinated This Day 38-Years Ago; August 27, 1979.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and read here. Wikipedia:,_1st_Earl_Mountbatten_of_Burma

Romsey Abbey, Hants, where he is buried. One of my favorite Abbeys. Very intimate and serene.

“Broadlands” the family Country House in Romsey, Hants. Used to visit it often. One of my adoptive mother’s favorite destinations in England.

This was CLOSE TO HOME in many respects. Romsey, Hants. — where he would be buried and the location of their Country Home — was but 4 miles from where I used to work at IBM.

I also liked and respected Mountbatten. He was quite the guy and a good one at that.

Suffice to say I was NOT a fan of the IRA. This was a sad day.

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by Anura Guruge

I Left Ceylon This Day — 50-Years Ago; August 27, 1967.

by Anura Guruge

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Those of you who have been kindly (and patiently) following this blog for years may recall that every August 27 I do do a post on the significance of this day in my life.

Wow. 50-year anniversary. As I get older the percentage of my life I spent in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) shrinks.

I am not sure what I thought 50-years ago when I left Ceylon. I am not sure I had given any thought to whether I would come back. That I have gone back so little tells its own story. Plus, as I emphasized in the graphic above I do NOT think of Ceylon/Sri Lanka as ‘Home’! Home, to I, is very definitely Britain. I would still very much like to go back …

Left from Katunayake Airport which in 1967 was pretty small — just one, ‘one-room’ building. Quite a few people came to see us off. It was night. I think the flight left around 9pm. We left on a Pan Am 707. My first time in a jet — though I had flown quite a bit on DC-3s. I had always liked the 707 and it is still one of my favorite planes today.

Wow. 50-years & 43-years, to the day, I walked into IBM!

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by Anura Guruge

Struggling IBM Should End-Game Mainframes & Milk Existing Revenue Stream For 10 Years!

by Anura Guruge

IBM stock price Year-to-Date (YTD) — from MarketWatch. Click to ENLARGE and puzzle over.

Click to access MarketWatch article from July 19, 2017.

Last week’s IBM results was the 21st consecutive quarter of declining revenue! That is plainer English is 5.25 years of declining revenues in a row! That is bloody stupid. And all of that since Gin-and-Tonic Ginni Rometty took over as Chairman. Forget political correctness, she has to go. But, that aside.

It is time to stop being sentimental and emotional about IBM mainframes — and this from one who loves IBM mainframes and made a living thanks to those big, blue iron. But, you have to be realistic. Mainframes, FINALLY, after 53-years are on their deathbed BUT will keep going, without any sustenance, for another 10-year, MINIMUM.

That is the beauty of the LEGACY business. The legacy will continue even once the ‘legacy-maker’ is dead.

Developing new mainframes and mainframe features is an extremely costly business. IBM should stop ALL mainframe development efforts forthwith.

IBM has a rich and very profitable revenue stream of mainframe leases, mainframe maintenance and mainframe software maintenance. That revenue will continue as long as IBM keeps the mainframe running — via just maintenance.

Remember when Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 etc. are end-gamed. But people, including I, keep on using those operating systems. Well, it is much better when it comes to mainframes.

IBM can end-game mainframes tomorrow and mainframes revenues will continue to pour in for at least 10 years. But, IBM can save many millions, maybe even a billion, on development costs.

So, mark my words.

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by Anura Guruge

Donald Trump’s Vicious Vendetta Against ‘Washington Post’ Could Harm Amazon With Antitrust.

by Anura Guruge

Trump’s 3am tweet on Saturday, July 22, 2017 — cutely linking Amazon & Washington Post.

From July 17, 2017 ‘Marketwatch’. Click image to access original.

President Donald Trump DETESTS, really, totally and utterly detests Amazon on three counts — two interrelated. These being:

  1. During his candidacy for President, Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder & Chairman/CEO, was vocal in his opposition for Trump — and like so many he never, for a nanosecond, thought Trump would win.
  2. Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post in 2013 — and it is one of the newspapers that has been a constant thorn in Trump’s derriere continually breaking damaging and embarrassing stories about the star-crossed Trump administration & family.
  3. Trump, with his simplistic way of thinking, figures that Amazon is ‘unamerican’ in that it has hurt other American businesses and in his mind, does not pay enough tax (though we know what Trump thinks about paying his own personal taxes).

In the July 22, 2017 early-morning Tweet he, in print, tied together Amazon and the Washington Post — though they, legally, only have Jeff Bezos as a common factor, neither Amazon or WP having a financial stake in the other.

Among the powerful arsenal of unilateral powers that Trump wields is that of being able to get the Department of Justice (DoJ) to open an antitrust investigation into Amazon. Amazon shares will drop 20% on that news — which will not in itself be disastrous since AMZN is up 37% YTD and 186% over the last three years. Antitrust will not kill Amazon. It will just slow its progress. I started working for IBM (albeit in the UK) in 1974 when it was in the midst of its long drawn out antitrust travails. It was a pain. Just had to double, triple guess all decision and document everything. Amazon will prevail but it will get ‘winged’.

Trump is vindictive as we know and Amazon is an easy target. So this bothers me.

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by Anura Guruge

Arthur Ashe, The Incomparable, Won Wimbledon, This Day 42 Years Ago — I Remember It Well.

by Anura Guruge

Arthur Ashe, one of my abiding heroes,
is still the ONLY black man to have won the
Wimbledon men’s title.

Click to access BBC original from 2 years ago.

Click to ENLARGE and read here. Wikipedia link:

I still remember that momentous day in vivid detail.

I was living in a picturesque cottage in Owslebury, Hampshire, that I was renting from a Major in the British Army. See below — though that lane has changed a ‘bit’ in the last 42 years!

It was my first Summer there having moved in Owslebury in September 1974 when I started working for IBM.

It was a sunny, warm Saturday. My in-laws were up for the weekend. The Major was extremely nice but was very particular that we maintained his ‘pride and joy’ in tip-top shape. So that Saturday all of us were busy getting the frontage to the road under control. So we labored in the sun while listening to the live commentary on the BBC.

I was so delighted when Arthur won. I cried. We watched the BBC TV coverage that night on my new Sony color TV.

I miss Arthur Ashe. He was A MAN — a great man. What a shame we lost him so young.

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by Anura Guruge

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