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Just In Case YOU Have Forgotten What ‘Presidential’ Sounds Like — Here Is A Crash Course.

by Anura Guruge

Just make some notes. He is NOT angry. He is at peace with himself and the world. There is no bitterness. There is humility.

No, Obama and I were not always on the same page. Yes, it is v. true that I campaigned like a black for him, thrice — NH primary, 2008 & 2012. I went door-to-door to over 400 houses. I made phone calls. I drove folks around. I bought Chinese take out to keep the rest of the folks going. But, he and I had major issues when it came to healthcare and healthcare.gov. I was mad at him.

But, I will have him, any day of the week, to what we have now.

Irrespective of your politics or the color of your skin watch this video for a few minutes.

Be honest to self. We have lost SOMETHING — haven’t we?


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by Anura Guruge


Ajit ‘Bloody’ Pai, Who Killed Net Neutrality, Was Appointed To The FCC By Barack Obama, In 2012!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and ENJOY.

Wow. WOw. WOW!

I had no idea. I would never have guessed. I just assumed that he, like Nikki ‘Necklace’ Haley, was an Trump appointee.

Obama. How could you have?

You got many things right, BUT Bloody Pai and healthcare.gov will haunt you forever and a day.

Healthcare.gov, that still sucks, was pretty inexcusable.

But, Bloody Pai is worse.

On, Mitch McConnell’s recommendation! Barack WTF were you inhaling that day? This has to be the epitome of stupid. McConnell’s recommendation! The man who vowed to stop you from having a second term. You must have got some good stuff delivered to the WH.

Indians. {Smile}

As folks that know me will attest, I get offended when folks ‘accuse’ me of being Indian. We will leave it at that.

Ah, Barack. How could you. And YOUR Net Neutrality.

I am holding this against you.

I am crushed.

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by Anura Guruge

I Second (& Third) Jimmy Kimmel Re. Senator John McCain Being A Hero — Again & AGAIN.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. Jimmy & Joan Kimmel on Twitter a few minutes ago.

I used to be HUGE fan of John McCain — and now I am BACK to being a HUGE fan.

He was a hero and of that there could never be any doubt. That the DOTARD got away with questioning Senator McCain’s hero status and still got elected President — to I, says a LOT about the American psyche.

I had the honor of meeting Senator McCain — 17 years ago, during his 2000 Presidential bid. My son, Matthew, 7-years old at the time, taking my lead, was also a big McCain fan. One Monday morning in February 2000 McCain was scheduled to speak at the Gilford Fire Station. I lived in Gilford at the time. I kept Matthew home that day so we could go see McCain.

We went early in the morning — and it was COLD. There might have been 80 people there, Matthew by far the youngest. He got himself right up to the front and watched McCain — TRANSFIXED.

And now for the NEAT part.

When he finished speaking the FIRST thing McCain did was come up to Matthew and KNEEL DOWN! Yes, he knelt down and talked with Matthew and gave him his autograph. It was total silence in the room. Everybody just watched. I was SO proud and happy.

Then came Elián González the then 7-year old Cuban boy. Elián was the same age as Matthew, and like Elián dad, I too was divorced and only had joint-custody of Matthew. This is where John McCain and I could NOT see eye to eye. As far as I was concerned — and it is still the case — a FATHER’s rights are paramount. Nothing can get in the way of that. IF the father wanted Elián back in Cuba — that had to be THE LAW. So, that was when I ceased to be as fond of John McCain.

But, I will NOW forgive him.

Bravo, Senator McCain. YOU are the MAN. The ETERNAL hero.

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by Anura Guruge

Healthcare.gov (Obamacare/ACA): Kudos Upon Kudos For The Amazing Call Center Reps.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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As with most things in my life, of late, my fervent hope that I would be able go through this year WITHOUT having to deal with the dreaded healthcare.gov came to naught. My plan to rely on the automatic re-enrollment, even IF it cost me more, just to avoid the aggravation of dealing with healthcare.gov unravelled, in a hurry, when I found out that I had no choice but to put the two kids on my insurance.

So with utmost trepidation I logged onto healthcare.gov. The system was all primed to handle my re-enrollment.

To be fair the system is at least 1,000 times better than it was in 2012 — and quite a bit better than it was last year.

It is actually getting pretty slick!

95% of the data was preloaded and updating it was a snap. Yes, there is still some infuriating ‘questions loops’ you have to answer BUT it is not too bad.

After saying all of that, in the end, it still SCREWED UP BIG TIME. It ended up saying that my eligibility was different to that of the kids, both minors — and here is the real kicker, they claimed I had ‘better’ eligibility than the kids! That obviously is wrong.

obamacare2016So I had to call the Call Center. 15 minute wait.

Then I got ‘Wendy’ (and I think as with most call centers they use arbitrary aliases).

The healthcare.gov Call Center Reps., from the getgo in 2012, have been SUPERB. Outstanding. Brilliant. Exemplary.

Wendy was magical. She is a genuine veteran. She has been there since the very start in 2012. She knew her marbles.

As soon as I started explaining the problem — and I did NOT have to finish — she knew what had to be fixed.

She fixed it. That is something very nice about the system: the reps can go in there and change values, on your application, without you having to do it.

I then begged her to stay on the line till I enrolled. She did. They really are trained to spend as much time the caller wants. Amazing.

Yes, I could have done the rest on my own BUT it was so much quicker and easier with Wendy.

She advised me to get a ‘Silver’ plan rather than ‘Bronze’. And to be FAIR I no longer care about the cost! ‘They’, THE GOVERNMENT, is going to tax me one way or the other. So might as well get a Silver Plan and pay less taxes rather than get a Bronze and pay more taxes.

Yes, the system, still has problems with document submission. Though I uploaded the documents I am not taking any chances. I am mailing them in too — today.

So that is my healthcare.gov story for 2015.

Healthcare.gov (Obamacare/ACA) Does Have An Automatic Re-Enrollment & That Is What I Am Doing.

Choices .Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Starting in October I started getting letters and ‘packets’ from my current health insurance provider, Anthem, saying that I could be — and would be — automatically re-enrolled in the same plan as I now have IF I opt not to login to (bloody) healtcare.gov and chose another plan.

I thought they were joking. I was sure that it would not be that easy.

Last week I got another letter, from Anthem, stating what my revised new premium would be, as of January 2016, IF I stayed on the current plan and opted to re-enroll.

It was still up 19%.

But I am going to take it. I really can’t stomach the aggravation of dealing, yet again, with healthcare.gov.

As I found out this year, to my COST, it doesn’t really matter what you do on healthcare.gov. The day of reckoning is when you do your Federal taxes! So why bother. Just pay what you have to pay and then be PREPARED to pay MORE as a tax penalty in April. So screw it. I am NOT going to bother messing around with healtcare.gov. That alone would be good for my health.

So a heads up. Public Service Announcement. IF you have health insurance this year, i.e., 2015, you can keep that for 2016 — most likely with a higher premium — without bothering with healthcare.gov.

I Signed Up For 2015 Insurance On Healthcare.gov, aka, Obamacare [i.e., ACA], Website Without Too Much Grief.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Given all the cruel and unusual grief I suffered last year trying to sign up for 2014 coverage, and the amount of harassment I have endured this year with ‘the system’ incessantly demanding documents from me, I was dreading having to sign up for 2015 insurance. Not only is it the law (and I can’t afford to cough the penalty) my precarious health dictates that I have at least catastrophic coverage to keep the family from the ‘Poor House’ the next time I fall ill.

I had kind of worked out a strategy to hopefully minimize any system load related grief. I was going to sign up on the late afternoon of Wednesday, November 26, when everybody else would be busy trying to get where they were going for Thanksgiving. I had assumed that the day before Turkey would be a quiet day for healthcare.gov. I am sure the same will be true over the whole 4-day Thanksgiving period but I didn’t want to tackle it on a holiday or when Internet traffic would be at a peak on Black Friday.

2015healthcaregov1But as with all my plans I didn’t stick to it. Over the last 2 weeks as the very observant among you may have noticed I have switched my schedule around. I no longer pots or doing anything serious on this blog during the day. Instead I work on the book. That way I can devote some quality writing time to the book. Today, for a change, I made some good progress on the book. 30% done. I was ready to start a new section. It was just past 4 pm. Occurred to me that IF I try and get my Obamacare taken care of today, I will have tomorrow free to work on the book. So I gingerly logged onto healthcare.gov around 4:10 pm. Being who I am, I had made sure that my logon worked on November 15th itself — i.e., the very day the system opened for 2015 enrollment. Actually, being who I am, I checked it a few times! Remember I am the one that has contingency plans for contingency plans.

Logon worked fine. Quick. No problems. Like night and day compared to the nightmare of last year. The process wasn’t too bad. Yes, I did NOT have to enter much data. Just verify and confirm information from last year. But they do insist on a tedious Q&A process. But, it was OK. I was done within about 45 minutes.

My premium went up 12%. I could have got a lower premium with one of the new carriers but from what I could see their network really had no doctors. So wasn’t much use having insurance with them if they don’t have any ‘in-network’ doctors.

I am SURE there is a GLITCH with dental insurance. As was also the case last year, though dental is OPTIONAL, it doesn’t appear to let you SKIP dental! I was going to skip it this year. But after 2 attempts to say NO and move on I decided that it must be fate. I had to have the damn insurance. So I got it. It had gone up 16%.

Yes, being the PRO I am with this system I UPLOADED the documents I had to submit. Got all the GREEN submitted and completed boxes. BUT, of NO! I already created a fat envelope with copies of the documents. Going to send it certified mail tomorrow. Not doing the same dance as last year.

But now will begin the tango with Anthem and Delta. But at least I have stuff already in place with them.

I will, of course, keep you posted.

Happy Turkey.

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