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Last Day Of Our 9-Year Old Golden, ‘Maya’, ‘My Girl’.

by Anura Guruge

9:40am THIS morning. Prior to her last walk. She walked her ‘new normal’ 1-mile. She was happy. Off leash.

An atypical lunch before the arrival of the vet. Macaroni Cheese. One of her favorites. She was happy.

My favorite recent picture. I took this LAST night around 10pm. She is sleeping by my feet while I watch late night TV. Her nightly routine. She was SO peaceful. IF you look carefully you can see the HUGE tumor on her flank & another on her left paw.

TODAY — prior to …

Maya was euthanized, at home, around 1:20pm today.

[Since we discovered that vets will come to your home, we have opted for this. It is SO MUCH less distressing for them. They are at home. They have not been carted to the vets. It is well worth the additional cost.]

She had very severe cancer, with a HUGE tumor on her flank & numerous others all over her body. We did not want her to suffer. She was fine till the end and was chasing squirrels 3-hours before. But, this was the right time.

She would have been 10 in May.

I have had quite a few dogs but I spent more time with Maya than with any of the others. Timing. She came into my life as I was ‘retiring’ (or at least NOT working for money) & ramping up the amount of time I spent running/walking. She loved to walk & even a month ago she would go for 4-mile walks with I.

She was ‘my girl’. I tended to call her ‘girl’ or ‘my girl’ more than ‘Maya’. She knew she was ‘girl’. She responded to that. I also happen to call my 14-year old, my youngest, ‘girl’. Sometimes my daughter will inquire, which one are you talking to! Often they would both come when I called out ‘girl’.

She was happy. A very happy dog & there was no reason for not to be. She was spoilt.

We still have Braxton, our Harrier. So, I have a dog & we went for our evening walk. Yes, we will get another dog ‘soon’. But, it is unlikely to be another golden.

Her last birthday. Her 9th. May 2020.




‘Grant’, By ‘Ron Chernow’, Narrated By ‘Mark Bramhall’, As An ‘Audible’ Audiobook Is A 48-Hour Tour de Force.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. Visit: audible.com & LISTEN to a BIT of it for FREE.

Beyond brilliant. Beyond enchantment. This was 48-hours of sheer joy!

Loved it. My 2nd AUDIBLE — as part of my initial FREE, 2-month membership.

Yes, I am a U.S. Grant BUFF, so much so that I named one of my Goldens after him. And yes, I have made a pilgrimage to his tomb in New York.

The writing was divine. I just lapped it up. The narration was exquisite. I can’t even imagine how somebody can do it so superbly.

You have to listen to it.

I am NOT sure whether I would have enjoyed this book as much IF I read it! That, coming from I, is quite an admission.

I listened to it during my 5-mile (10,000 step) morning walk. That walk, the first part delayed in that I walk 2-dogs, takes me close to 2-hours. So, I have spent the last MONTH listening to this book. It was well worth it. SUPERB.

Just loved it. This book has me hooked on Audible! Smile.

Well, I think you can see that I am very favorably impressed with this book & Amazon’s Audible. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge


Maya’s 9th Birthday, Celebrated At McDonald’s, Per Custom, May 15, 2019, Pandemic — Or No Pandemic.

by Anura Guruge

Click pictures to ENLARGE.

Attribution WILL be enforced.

Maya has been to the McDonald’s at Alton Circle, for burgers (and of late ice cream), for her birthday, for the last 8-years. This year, with the pandemic, I had thought about making burgers at home — since I stopped getting takeout. But, at the last minute I decided to relent. We would just get burgers for the dogs. Nothing for us — and we skipped the ice cream too. We also didn’t picnic in the McDonald’s parking lot. An empty Hannaford lot was next door and that would give us more separation.

It all worked out. Didn’t like the takeout experience. BIGGEST concern — my CREDIT CARD! I had to hand it over & it came back — unsanitized. Yikes.

Well, the dogs didn’t care. They liked it, and that is all that matters.

We have been celebrating the dogs’ birthdays for 15-years or more; even when we lived in Gilford and just had Ulysses (our big Golden boy). In those days, in Gilford, it used to be an ice cream cake from ‘Hannaford’ (or whatever it used to be called in those days). Ulysses, who had grown up under my care, like all my dogs, liked his chocolate — and BEFORE you even ipen your mouth to say anything he lived a very good, active life, with very little wrong with him, until he was past 13. For a big dogs, that is quite brilliant.

Once we move to Alton in 2007 the tradition became that of taking the dogs to McDonald’s at ‘the circle’ for cheeseburgers on their birthday.

Teischan, a great lover of birthdays (albeit, her’s her all time favorite), does a great job of keeping track of the dogs’ birthdays. I have been told, near daily, for the last 2-weeks, that it was going to be Maya’s 8th birthday and that we are going to McDonald’s. Suffice to say I have pictures of such birthdays going back years. A trademark of all these pictures are the dogs LICKING their chops in anticipation! It is classic. They know what is coming. Just search on ‘Maya birthday’ or ‘Braxton birthday’.

Year’s Past




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by Anura Guruge

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus: ‘Auto Pause’ Messed Up My GPS + Glonass Distance By About 0.25 Mile!

by Anura Guruge

Click image to ENLARGE.

Compare with map below. Same route.

Today for the first time I had ‘Auto Pause’ enabled on my Garmin Fenix 5 Plus. I went for one of my usual runs — with my two dogs (Golden & Harrier) who do like to stop OFTEN. So, yes, auto pause was kicking in and off — quite often.

This is a run I do, on average twice a week, and have done so for nearly a year. I have run it while wearing: Garmin Vivoactive 3, Fitbit Ionic, Garmin Fenix 5, Garmin Fenix 5 Plus & Polar Vantage V. So, I know what the distances are and do so across multiple watches. I also do this run most of the times with the dogs.

Thus, the only change today was ‘auto pause’. I get to the driveway of my friends’ — and you can see the little squille (top right) when I detoured to see them on a prior run. The GPS reading should have been around 1.6 miles. Today, it was not. Close to 1.5. That was wrong. I ran to my usual 1.75 point. It read 1.6! I ran further. This was further than I have ever run on this route before. I got to 1.65 miles. I gave up. Turned around. I knew I had done 1.75+ miles.

Came home. Didn’t make any detours. Straight back and you can see that. When I got home it read 3.53 miles!


I had turned around 1.65 miles. 1.65 x 2 is 3.3 NOT 3.53.

So, obviously GPS was catching up on the way back.

NOT AMUSED. Turned auto pause off. Screw that for a game of checkers.

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by Anura Guruge

My Red Wine Is Doing Me A Power Of Good Per U.K. “Daily Mail” Study.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the U.K. “Daily Mail” story.

Annotated Graphic.

Click to ENLARGE and ADMIRE.

Per this study I am GOLDEN — but I knew that all along. So, there really wasn’t anything new here as far as I was concerned. But, I am glad, Affirmation is always nice.


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by Anura Guruge

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