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I Know That Bulls, In Bullfights, Feel Extreme Pain, But Do They Cry?

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and read here. Link to U.K. “Daily Mail” link below.

Link to U.K. “Daily Mail” original article … with images.

Click to ENLARGE. From the “Daily Mail” article.

I wouldn’t have used those exact words, BUT I am with him. Click image to access original article.

I happened to see this coverage yesterday — replete with the Ricky Gervais reaction. Yes, it made me very sad and sick.

But, I was also curious as to whether bulls actually cry tears of pain and sorrow. If they did, I would be even more distressed. I guess we can’t know for sure, for sure.

They do have eye secretion to lubricate their eyes and help them flush out dust and dirt. But, there is no conclusive evidence that bulls (or other mammals) actually cry because of pain or emotions.

All that said BLOODY bullfighting!

Yes, yes, yes, I understand the historic and cultural significance. But, the Romans had gladiatorial circuses too — and we don’t have them now.

When I think about it it amazes me that bullfighting has not been banned as yet.

The EU of all people. Cruelty to animals.

This is not right.

We have to put an end to bullfighting. Period. End of discussion.

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by Anura Guruge

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