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“Friendly’s” Restaurant In Laconia (N.H.) Not The Only “Friendly’s” Closing — Quite The Rout.

by Anura Guruge

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Learnt about the LaconiaFriendly’s” closing from the “Daily Sun”. Was quite surprised. Always appeared to do a decent business. We had eaten there earlier this year.

I have no problems with “Friendly’s“. I actually quite like their menu. For 5 – 6 years “Friendly’s” was Teischan’s unconditional favorite. Only place she wanted to eat. Only place she wanted to have her birthdays. I know we had at least 3 birthdays for her at “Friendly’s”. Then, suddenly, this year she decided that “Friendly’s” was not hygenic enough for her! She is beyond fussy. If she sees a dirty glass … that is it. Kiss of death. She will not eat there again. So, we haven’t been to “Friendly’s” in 4 to 5 months. But, I am sure that it is not the lack of our patronage that is causing them to close down all these restaurants.

I read that they now only have one “Friendly’s” in Maine … one in Cape Cod. Those, to I, appear to be prime markets to “Friendly’s”.

Shame. Good place for kids. Decent food. Reasonable prices.

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by Anura Guruge

I Have Become Totally & Hopelessly Hooked On “Ketchup Sriracha” Style.

by Anura Guruge

Target has it for under $3.00.

I happened to be passing the Walmart clearance shelves (in their food department) when my eyes caught this. I like Sriracha. I used to always order the Sriracha Burger at Friendly’s. Walmart had it marked down to $1.50 or maybe it was 92 cents. I just took it for the heck of it.

I tried a bit when I got home. It lit up my world. It is good. Really good.

Yes, of course, I like spicy food. Spicy food bothers me none. So, I am a natural for this.

I have been eating it on all sorts since.

Delighted to see that I can buy more, at a reasonable price, from Target.

You really should try it. It will spice up your world.

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by Anura Guruge

Flowers Of Concord, New Hampshire — June 13, 2018.

by Anura Guruge

NO post-processing whatsoever.

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Attribution WILL be enforced.

We were in Concord, NH, the evening of Wednesday, June 13, 2018 to attend the “Summer of Love” concert at the “Capitol Center for the Arts“. Teischan, as is her regular wont, wanted to eat at Friendly’s rather than anywhere else (mainly because she likes the ice cream). So, we went to the Friendly’s at South Main Street. All these pictures were taken around Friendly’s — within the block! I did not venture far.

P.S., The concert was fantastic. I will post more pictures of that tomorrow.

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by Anura Guruge

Wendy’s, Concord (NH) Was Streaming News & Stock Market Quotes From 6-Days AGO!

by Anura Guruge

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Very strange. Inexplicable, weird and kind of disconcerting.

We were in Concord today and Teischan, given a choice of what and where to eat, quite surprisingly chose Wendy’s — even though we had suggested her usual favorite, Friendly’s.

They have changed the menu and I am not sure whether it is for the best (and I do happen to own Wendy’s shares).

They, as is their practice, had two large TVs. It was streaming news and stock market happenings including stock prices. I had not checked any stock in a few hours but seeing Google down $15 did not seem right. I didn’t get too excited to begin with. I then saw some references to the trade war with China! That seemed wrong. I had heard, in the morning, that we had declared a truce on that. Ahhh!

Then I happened to notice the day and time. May 15. It was May 21. The time was also wrong.

Tried to explain this to an oriental manager. He was not too conversant with the English.

Strange ….

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by Anura Guruge

Taking Selfies My Way — Part XXV, Steeplegate Mall, Concord, NH — March 22, 2018.

by Anura Guruge

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It was somebody’s birthday yesterday, March 22nd, and we ended up going to Steeplegate Mall, Concord twice in the day. Once in the morning to get her ears pierced and then a few hours later so that she and two of her friends could gallivant before dinner at Friendly’s.

Took these selfies on the 2nd visit. Plenty of time for me to just drag my heels — and they have a lot of mirrors in those stores. So …

No, I did not buy those shades, BUT maybe I should go and get them. They are very me.

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by Anura Guruge

YouTube Video Of “Friendly’s” Birthday Song Accompanying A Ice Cream Cake.

by Anura Guruge

Well, guess whose birthday it was yesterday. She turned 12. She has established that going to “Friendly’s” is THE ritual for her birthday. So, that is what we did — this being the one in Concord (N.H.) on Loudon Road. We go to both in Concord, more or less in equal measures depending one where we are in Concord. It is always a good experience. They have got the formula nailed — though, surprisingly, they do NOT carry birthday candles (and unlike last year we forgot to take some).

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This year, at her pleading for nearly 9-months, a new ritual was added — thanks to a great-uncle who died way, way, way before she was born. He was my ‘larger-than-life‘ (though he was diminutive), fire-walking, personal physician to the presidents  ‘Doctor Uncle‘. He had maintained that it was “OK” to miss school on your birthday. I do NOT think my adoptive parents ever let that apply to I, but his 4 sons were allowed to stay at home on their birthday. My ‘Doctor Uncle’ was a BIG influence on I and in many ways I share his personality. So, I was willing to accede on the grounds that if my “Doctor Uncle” said it was “OK”, it had to be “OK” since he was quite the guy.

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by Anura Guruge

Incredibly Impressive “Youth Art” Display At Concord’s “Steeplegate Mall” (New Hampshire).

by Anura Guruge

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Attribution WILL be enforced.

This “Concord School District — Youth Art Month” exhibition at the Steeplegate Mall seems to be, of late, an annual event — in March.

We were at the Mall, on March 22nd too as it happened, last year and I was impressed with what I saw as attested to by this post. [March 22 is Teischan’s birthday, and last year and this year she wanted to take her friends to the Mall prior to going to dinner at Friendly’s. Hence, being at the Mall, two years running on March 22.]

Incredible work. What amazing talent. I was so impressed and so pleased. I wish I could have stayed longer and taken more — and better — snaps. But, the kids were hungry. So, I had to dash off a few quick pictures. I have NOT done this exhibition adequate justice. SORRY.

I tip my hat to the kids, the teachers and all that rallied around to make this exhibition a reality and a SUCCESS. The one BRIGHT SPOT is an increasingly forlorn and empty mall.

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by Anura Guruge

BIG Thumbs Up For Friendly’s On Loudon Road, Concord, NH. Always A Fun Place.


Anura Guruge

7thbirthdayinvite Related post:
>> ‘Krazy Kids’,
>>Concord … —
>>March 24, 2013.

So, after ‘Krazy Kids‘ it was, per what was promised on the invitation, off to “Friendly’s” on Loudon Road, Concord, NH.

We started going to Friendly’s, mainly the one on Loudon Road, around Christmas 2011. Deanna is not a great fan of buffetsfriendleysso the ‘Red Apple’, which had been the perennial choice prior to that, was falling out of favor. The two kids will live on ice cream so Friendly’s with their reasonably priced menu options for kids seemed the obvious choice — especially since we invariably go up and down Loudon Road whenever we are in Concord — which is quite often.

Friendly’s hooked me in, in the nicest possible way, with the gift card promotions they were having at the time. You could get a $25 gift card for $20 — and I think they had a few other promotions. But I ended up with a bunch of discounted gift cards — and I would buy another each time I used one, provided it was $20 for a $25. If I had gift cards we would obviously go there so that I could use them. Very clever.

We like the menu. You can actually get some healthy choices.

The folks are always very nice. It is always a fun, uplifting, cheery place. I like that.

Teischan did not want an ice cream cake! Yes, she can be strange like that. Instead she wanted a chocolate cake baked by Deanna.

Deanna called up to find out whether it would be an issue if we brought our own cake. They said ‘No’. I was impressed.

Of the two kids that came to ‘Krazy Kids’ one got picked up at there, by her father, as she was going to Boston for the night.

So we were down to one guest.

Friendly’s was very welcoming. No problem with the cake. They even offered plates through Deanna had brought her own.

They did the Friendly’s Birthday Chant — which was very good. They provided balloons.

I had a salad. Everybody else had ice cream and cake.

It was very reasonable. I was happy.

Thank you. Nice job. We will be back soon.

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