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I Take Back All The Bad Things I Called Jeff Flake Over The Last 48-Hours.

by Anura Guruge

Well, well, well.

I saw the elevator incident, this morning, LIVE. You should have heard what I was calling him. Those that know me know that I rarely, if ever, swear. I weaned myself off it, cold-turkey, when I was 21 because I would hardly speak a sentence without a swear word in it. Just because I don’t swear doesn’t mean I don’t know how to, or have a colourful repertoire.

I am glad that Jeff Flake, FINALLY, did the right thing.

To BUTCHER Mark Twain: “Always do the right thing if you are Senator. This will gratify MILLIONS and astonish the rest“.

Jeff Flake, TODAY, at the 11th hour, you did good. You can, again, hold your head up high. John McCain would be proud of YOU. Not sure what he will make of his buddy Lindsey ‘Bloody’ Graham.

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by Anura Guruge

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