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Contact Info (i.e., e-mail) For Anura Guruge (anu@wownh.com).

by Anura Guruge

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This afternoon a LIBRARIAN, yes, a librarian told me that she could NOT find my e-mail online!

Sacré bloody bleu!


Google my name.

But, yes, it is TRUE that my e-mail is NOT that obvious. So, I am trying to fix that.

No, I am NOT worried about publicizing my e-mail.

I have had this e-mail, unchanged for over 22-years. Most people have it. Plus, I have some rather effective spam filters and e-mail blockers.

Plus, I am on Facebook & Twitter.

So, again. Anura Guruge e-mail: anu@wownh.com.


My latest Business Card (front & back — enlarged)

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by Anura Guruge

I Got An AliveCor ‘KardiMobile’ So I Can Get ECGs WITHOUT An Apple Watch Series 4.

by Anura Guruge

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I got it yesterday, Saturday, and only managed to try it out at 1:54am the next day. Yes, nearly 2am on Sunday. This is normal for I — and as you can see from 60bpm heart rate I do good at night.

AliveCor insists that the first ECG has to be APPROVED by a Board Certified cardiologists BEFORE you can see it. Seems like an unreasonable imposition to I. But, no way you can get around it. They say that the turn-around will be within 24-hours.

Mine was approved when I checked my e-mail at ~9am in the morning. So, that was pretty good. Looks like I will live through at least this coming week.

Don’t know it is right or accurate. The heart rate was spot on SINCE I had my Garmin Fenix 5 on — and also checked my blood pressure with a cuff. Both of them also said 60 bpm, which is fairly average for I if I am sitting down doing nothing. So, at least that part is correct.

The ‘Kardi’ APP is kind of obnoxious. Won’t let you take screenshots BUT you can e-mail your ECG. So, I just e-mail myself each ECG. They arrive as PDF. Once I have the PDF I can do whatever.

I don’t see the need for the $10/month PREMIUM option. Just e-mail the ECGs to yourself.

It does NOT require Bluetooth or PAIRING. It works via an ultrasound signal picked up by our phones microphone. So, that is easy enough.

Yes, you can let others use it. I already did. No problem.

I am NOT attaching it to my phone. That is stupid. I am storing it in the rather nice box it came in. That works. That is the blue packaging you see in the pictures.

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by Anura Guruge

“Victorian Slum House”, A New Reality Show That Just Started On PBS (From BBC 2), Looks Interesting.

by Anura Guruge

Link to the PBS homepage for this show.

YouTube trailer.


I, somehow, missed the trailers for this on PBS — despite watching at least one PBS show, e.g., “Home Fires“, every week.

Just heard about it when I got an e-mail from PBS — saying that it is available online.

First episode was screened May 2, 2017. So, I should be able to find a repeat — ‘on air’. I will look when I am next in front of my big TV.Hom

Looks interesting. Maybe it is too depressing to watch for long. But, certainly worth a look to begin with.

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by Anura Guruge

“Dartmouth College Library” Has An Outstanding, Extremely Handy ‘Ask A Librarian’ Service.

by Anura Guruge


Click image to access the outstanding, ever so helpful “Dartmouth College Library” ‘Ask a Librarian’ service.

When you live in the sticks as I do (or for that matter in most parts of New Hampshire) it is not that easy getting to a LARGE, academic library.

And there are some things that you still cannot access online. {SMILE}

This morning I needed something ‘eyeballed’ at a library and going to my ever so friendly local library would not have helped.

I was hoping I might be able to send in an e-mail inquiry. So, I started with Dartmouth — because I have nothing but utmost respect for them.

Wow. Better than e-mail. Online Chat.

And WOW again. Were they helpful. Online …. bang, bang, bang …

Looked it up for me, both in print and with one of their SUBSCRIPTION services. I was thrilled and amazed. What service.

I have the answer.

One thing that AMUSED me. Dartmouth does not have a copy of the original, first edition, 1928 “Oxford English Dictionary“. They only have the 2002 edition. No doubt, at some stage, somebody threw away the 1928 edition as obsolete. Shame. 

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by Anura Guruge

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