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COVID-19 ‘PCR Test’ In New Hampshire — ‘Huggins Hospital’, Wolfeboro, DELIVERS.

by Anura Guruge

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My results on the Portal.

I needed to get tested TWICE for COVID in the last 2-weeks, since I was getting cataract surgery on both my eyes — 12-days apart.

The surgery was done (quite brilliantly) in Boston at ‘OCB‘. Since I was out-of-state, per MA State mandates I needed a COVID test before each surgery.

First surgery was the day before Thanksgiving & ‘they’ were content with a 15-minute RAPID TEST. I was able to get that done, quite efficiently, with minimal wait, at my local ‘ClearChoiceMD‘ in Alton. I was happy — though they charged me $75 on the spot (though I have Medicare (Advantage) Insurance).

My second surgery, on my right eye, was this Monday — post the Thanksgiving SPIKE in infections. They wanted a ‘PCR Test’.

ClearChoiceMD only does the 15-minute rapid test. No PCR.

Called the ‘Huggins Hospital‘ COVID Hotline. They were OUTSTANDING.

They understood. They appreciated that it was for PRE-OP.

They PROMISED me results within ’24-hours’ & they delivered, albeit, in ’28-hours’ (rather than 24). But, that was still GOOD. Brilliant. I was so happy & relieved.

I called Thursday around mid-day. They gave me a 11am appointment, in Wolfeboro, the next day, i.e., Friday. My surgery in Boston was at 1:45pm on Monday.

They promised me the results on Saturday — via their Portal.

There was no line or waiting for the 11am TESTING. It was drive-through. Very slick. I was out & on my way by 11:08am. 8-minutes.

I had the test results around 1pm on Saturday (ahead of the BIG storm). I was so relieved. They even faxed it to OCB.

They delivered as they promised.

They knew — & MARKED THE TEST — PRE-OP.

So, now YOU know. IF you need a PCR Test, quickly, call Huggins.

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by Anura Guruge

I Got A RAPID COVID-19 Test Today, In 40-Minutes, From ‘ClearChoiceMD’.

by Anura Guruge

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As I explained yesterday, I was given 18-hours to get a COVID test so that I could get my cataract surgery on my left eye, tomorrow, in Boston, by ‘OCB‘.

It was NOT easy finding a place.

Finally I was told by ‘ClearChoiceMD’ to be there at 8am.

I got up at 5am & was standing outside, in the bloody cold (26F), at 7:40am.

I was the 1st in line. They opened the doors at 8am.

Couple of screw-ups with the registration. They are having computer issues.

But, after that it was QUICK … QUICK … QUICK.

I was OUT of there, with my negative results, at 8:40. 1-hour in total. I can deal with that.

I was happy. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge

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