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‘Laconia Multicultural Festival’ 2015 — Neha Parikh’s Classical Indian Dancers, Part I.

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by Anura Guruge

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The charismatic Neha Parikh and her very talented and engaging students, from her dance academy in Nashua, New Hampshire, have been a popular mainstay at the ‘Laconia Multicultural Day for as long as I can remember — and we have been to 13 of the 14 ‘Days’. The Classical Indian Dancing always has the audience mesmerized — particularly the children (including our two). Often I like to look around to see the transfixed expressions on the faces of the kids. Good classic Indian dancing, such as this, is indeed a treat to all senses; sinuous, sensual, precise, expressive, colorful and compelling. Lets face it. The dances have been perfected over a few thousand years!

It is neat to see how many of the performers have matured and developed over the years. I would say that many are now at their peak. It was an honor to see them perform at Laconia yesterday. They make me so proud — and I am not even Indian (and never have been)! I feel proud for the parents and for Neha Parikh. This is such a wonderful way to showcase Asian culture in Central New Hampshire — where there aren’t that many Indians. The ‘Mason-Dixon’ line appears to be Manchester, possibly Concord. North of there we get Bhutanese, Nepali not to mention Chinese, but the number of Indians dry up (though there is one Indian family in Alton). So, this is good. Great cultural diplomacy.

I took a ton of pictures, as did Deanna (on her Olympus) and Devanee who has now taken possession of my ‘old’ Canon T3i. I will, for your edification, try to post as many as I can, in batches. ENJOY.

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